1.Junior Scientist 2020-2023 selected students List
2. You are requested to remit the course fee for one year on or before 20th August 2020.
3. Failed to remit the fees in time will be considered as cancelled and the students from the waiting list will be replaced for your seat
4. Please bring a passport size photo and size of the uniform of the student along with the couse fees (with in 20th Aug)
5. Students who have been selected for this course will be required to submit their name, parish and course name to Navadarshan whatapp 9495402030 before paying the fees to ensure your participation.
Name parish mark %  
Hanok N.T aluva 88 Selected
Jeswin Daly aluva 85.6 Selected
Neha maria  Naveen aluva 92 Selected
Elroy James araattuvazhy 92 Selected
Evan James araattuvazhy 86 Selected
Cresilda Antony chalickavattom 80 Selected
Abbia Rose D silva chathiath 92.4 Selected
Ken Gary Lopez chathiath 83.6 Selected
Aaron Joseph cheranellore (j) 80.2 Selected
AINA PHILIP cheranellore (j) 85.6 Selected
Angel Rose T P cheranellore (j) 88 Selected
Catherine Maria cheranellore (j) 85.2 Selected
Clinton Dennis cheranellore (j) 88.4 Selected
Lawrence Antony cheranellore (j) 95.2 Selected
Manu Telipse cheranellore (j) 87.6 Selected
Abin T J cheranellore (o) 87.6 Selected
Mary liya cheranellore (o) 86 Selected
Abiya P S chittoor 81.2 Selected
Amala Alex chittoor 84.4 Selected
Ammla Antony chittoor 88.8 Selected
Amrita Mary Antony chittoor 82.4 Selected
Christo Thomas christnagar 81.6 Selected
Febin Biju christnagar 94.8 Selected
Anagha Joseph edappally north 90.2 Selected
Geo M Kinattingal edappally north 86.8 Selected
Sam Sabeesh Thuruthel edappally north 88.8 Selected
Sanjes Christopher edathala 86.4 Selected
joel sabu edavanakad 80 Selected
Christina Joby elamakkara 83.2 Selected
Hamilin Rose elamakkara 82.8 Selected
Rishwin Antony elamakkara 87.2 Selected
Aby Thomas elamkulam 83.2 Selected
Alphin Francis elamkulam 92.4 Selected
Chris J Augustine elamkulam 80.8 Selected
Mary Celina elamkulam 94 Selected
Rosphil Maria elamkulam 96.4 Selected
Aldrin K robin ellor-christking 90 Selected
Adheen Dominic eloor 87.2 Selected
Amlin Jose eloor 82.4 Selected
Lena Tansan eloor 85.2 Selected
Rohit Biju gandhinagar 86 Selected
Atria Catherine Gomez infant jesus 80 Selected
Andrea Keny kakkanad 88 Selected
Ashlee Grace K.W. kakkanad 85.2 Selected
Christina Maria kalamassery px 91 Selected
Christy Xavier kaloor 80.4 Selected
Jeron Francis kaloor 83.2 Selected
Mishwal Rose Milton kaloor (a) 88.4 Selected
Hursh S Antony Kaloor A 82 Selected
Anviya Great karthedom 80.4 Selected
Femi Rose Gomaz karthedom 82 Selected
Andria Bridget Alfred kongorpilly 88.4 Selected
Alan John Kunnath koonammavu 82.8 Selected
Amal John Kunnath koonammavu 81.6 Selected
Anna Jose paul koonammavu 98.8 Selected
Ebel K J koonammavu 83.2 Selected
Mary Irene kothad 89.4 Selected
Edvins M D kurisinkal 86 Selected
Sreya Mariya V J kurisinkal 87.6 Selected
Alvin Unni  V R kuttikattukara 90 Selected
Mariya Tissa kuttikattukara 88 Selected
Ceyon Johnson mamangalam 82 Selected
Rini Yesudas K mamangalam 89.4 Selected
KRISTIN P. S manakkapady 82.4 Selected
Raimon Antony manakkapady 82.4 Selected
Alan V L manjummel 82.4 Selected
Ann grace manjummel 81.6 Selected
Joseph Sebastian manjummel 90 Selected
Nayana Lawrence manjummel 88.4 Selected
Sayana Mary manjummel 85.2 Selected
Altia Lilliann moothedom 85.2 Selected
Filly Jennifer Francis moothedom 86.4 Selected
Sanlee V J muppathadom 82.4 Selected
John Paul Francis nedumbassery 81.6 Selected
Roan Xavier K R nedumbassery 86 Selected
Aison Joseph Thomas Nettoor 83.6 Selected
Mary Juliet K R nettoor 88.4 Selected
Stenilda Vaz nettoor-holy c 82.4 Selected
Grace Fernandez ochanthuruth 91.8 Selected
Jennifer Clarissa ochanthuruth 86.4 Selected
Levina Mariya ochanthuruth 89.2 Selected
Roseniya K R ochanthuruth 90.8 Selected
Mishal Wilson D W padamughal 84.4 Selected
AARON JOSEPH palarivattom 84.2 Selected
Abel Mendez palarivattom 82.8 Selected
Alan N B palarivattom 83.2 Selected
Anna Lilly C A palarivattom 86 Selected
Antony Savio palarivattom 86 Selected
Antony Shelgy palarivattom 80 Selected
Bennett Jacob palarivattom 86 Selected
Damian M S palarivattom 86.4 Selected
Dhanus P Ties palarivattom 88 Selected
Gifin P Gigi palarivattom 89.2 Selected
Gifna P Gigi palarivattom 82.1 Selected
Glen T C palarivattom 84 Selected
Jeslin Jaison palarivattom 81.6 Selected
Joseph Sabas Eliyasa palarivattom 86.8 Selected
LIYA MARY JOY palarivattom 84 Selected
Naijil Sunil palarivattom 85.6 Selected
Rinet Victor palarivattom 88 Selected
Albin binoy panangad 86.4 Selected
Alfiya p stanly panangad 90 Selected
Mishal P A panangad 83.2 Selected
Rohan Jose panangad 90.8 Selected
Artzia Rose panayikulam 88 Selected
Abraham Savio Augustine perumanoor 87 Selected
Faren perumanoor 86.4 Selected
Ajna Olivia perumpilly 82 Selected
Alen Daniel PERUMPILLY 88.4 Selected
Anna K S perumpilly 82 Selected
Eby Manuel Mendez PERUMPILLY 84.8 Selected
Elna Shaibu perumpilly 86.4 Selected
Abinav Antony C R pizhala 82.4 Selected
Liya Rose M R pizhala 88.8 Selected
Adithya Das ponel 88 Selected
Anna Lliana Sequiera ponel 87.6 Selected
Caroline Teresa Baiju ponel 84.4 Selected
Jerin Peter ponel 94.4 Selected
Maria Theresa Joby ponel 94.6 Selected
Prathyash P S ponel 84.4 Selected
Akshat george pottakuzhy 91.6 Selected
Alan A David pottakuzhy 81.2 Selected
Ann Raissa pottakuzhy 89.6 Selected
Jeswin Rose Antony pottakuzhy 86.8 Selected
Praveeja Maree Therese pottakuzhy 85.2 Selected
Bernard Nevin Netto puthuvaippu 84 Selected
Joel Logi P thevakal 80.8 Selected
Sancia C S Thevara 84.4 Selected
Freddy Raphael thomaspuram 85.6 Selected
Sephania Mathew thomaspuram 80.8 Selected
Anagha Maria Joseph thripunithura 82 Selected
Ashlin Robert
87.6 Selected
Lidhiya Robert
80 Selected
Aiswarya Augnes E.J thykoodam 82 Selected
Enosh Varghese thykoodam 80 Selected
Navin Mathew P J thykoodam 83.2 Selected
Riyan K Fredy thykoodam 87.6 Selected
Eva Maria Sebastian udayamperur 90 Selected
Ann renia c j unichira 84 Selected
Rohan David unichira 89.6 Selected
Adish Joseph vadel 93.2 Selected
Brino Benny Vadel 80 Selected
Chrisvin Joseph vadel 86 Selected
Elsa Sterfiya vadel 92 Selected
Emmanuel vadel 90.4 Selected
Sanguine Simon vadel 86.4 Selected
Abhijith Biju vaduthala 94.2 Selected
Abhinav P J vaduthala 90 Selected
Daniel Joe vaduthala 81.2 Selected
Klein Maria Mendez vaduthala 82 Selected
Maria Siju vaduthala 93 Selected
meghna Suraj vaduthala 88 Selected
Catherin Mary Rebeiro vaduthala-donbosco 90.8 Selected
Ann Mariya Angel varapuzha 85.2 Selected
ciya elisha rexon varapuzha 81.6 Selected
Mary Anila C J varapuzha 86 Selected
Alice Caroline D couth vennala 80.8 Selected
Waiting List students . We will  contact you later according to the seat available 
kevin nelson chennur 78.8 Waiting List
Ahan J Padamadan chathiath 77.6 Waiting List
Antonio joshua vinu cheranellore (j) 77.6 Waiting List
Delesha Nixon cheranellore (j) 77.6 Waiting List
Anjala jolly christnagar 77.6 Waiting List
Sanjay. P. Johnson edavanakad 77.6 Waiting List
Sephaniya Shiju edavanakad 73.6 Waiting List
Joe Paul V P elamkulam 77.6 Waiting List
Grace Maria Disney Kakkanad 77.2 Waiting List
Alwin Antony karthedom 78 Waiting List
Hanna Maria karthedom 78 Waiting List
Ashil Wright kurisinkal 78.4 Waiting List
LIYA TERESA ANTONY kuttikattukara 78.4 Waiting List
Jelna Maria moothedom 74 Waiting List
Ashish Joseph palarivattom 75.6 Waiting List
Alna P J perumpilly 76 Waiting List
Hridhya Rose ponel 76 Waiting List
Lena Rose pottakuzhy 78.4 Waiting List
Jewel Mary Biju puthencruz 75.6 Waiting List
Anjaleena Antony Sobin thykoodam 77.2 Waiting List
Mary Sandra thykoodam 75.2 Waiting List
NOEL ANTONY unichira 77.2 Waiting List
Liya Mary vaduthala 75.6 Waiting List
Asteilla Ajesh varapuzha 78 Waiting List
Gracelin Treesa Fernadez varapuzha 76.8 Waiting List