Education Forun Name BanK Account Cert Course Guardain Gender Course Phone Phone Secondry NES ID
aluva Aleena M J yes yes Joseph Varghese Female Degree 7012115705 9745373427 N026030ALUA
aluva Ansitta Tomy yes yes Tomy V T Female Degree 7558969635 9846319489 N026059ALUA
aluva Ashily M J yes yes Joseph Varghese Female B.Tech / BE 7012115705 9388341230 N026012ALUA
aluva  Carmel Jeniffer Augustine Clement yes yes  Augustine Clement Female B.Sc Nursing 9846592822 N026035ALUA
aluva David Johnson R yes yes Johnson David R Male Degree 9961292253 9447032153 N026034ALUA
aluva Helen Maria Benjamin yes yes  Benjamin P V Female B.Tech / BE 9400166501 09496565519 N026172ALUA
aluva Hinal Shaijan yes yes Bindu Shaijan Female B.Pharm 9847114714 N026045ALUA
aluva Shreyus Siju M S yes yes Sijumon M C Male B.Tech / BE 9946705479 8606307837 N026033ALUA
ambalamughal Ajin Varghese yes yes Varghese C T Male B.Tech / BE 9495272824 8301975642 N025964AMBL
ambalamughal Alan Xavier yes yes Xavier P P Male Degree 9946309540 9633923546 N020862AMBL
ambalamughal Alisha Nelson yes yes V J Nelson Female BAMS 9446547530 9495025226 N000931AMBL
ambalamughal Ann Maria Antony V yes No C C Antony V D Female B.Sc Nursing 9446030480 8113906951 N022909AMBL
ambalamughal Asheeta Nelson yes yes V J Nelson Female L.L.B 9446547530 9495025226 N000932AMBL
ambalamughal Athul Augustine yes yes Siji  Augustine Male B.Tech / BE 9847503723 8606565324 N000949AMBL
ambalamughal Daniya Sebastian yes yes Sebastian George Female Degree 7736132768 7736779957 N006139AMBL
ambalamughal Ebin Dileep yes yes Dileep M A Male Diploma 9526368301 9447363592 N002792AMBL
ambalamughal Elvis Cabral yes No C C Nixon Cabral Male B.Tech / BE 9605069727 8606564600 N002518AMBL
ambalamughal Jasmine Shabu yes No C C Shabu P T Female Degree 9249995446 8590493654 N000944AMBL
ambalamughal Jithu Xavier yes No C C V O Xavier Male Diploma 8129423888 9995147499 N026974AMBL
ambalamughal Joeal K J yes yes Joseph K G Male I.T.I/I.T.C 7994138588 9633445422 N022906AMBL
ambalamughal Joicy K J yes No C C Joseph K G Female PG 9633445422 9746059996 N022907AMBL
ambalamughal Linsha Francis yes yes P T Francis Female Degree 7356490322 9961470535 N000941AMBL
ambalamughal Linta Martin yes yes A X Martin Female M B A 9447047925 9074104203 N017677AMBL
ambalamughal Minu James yes yes James T V Female Degree 9946315138 9847487459 N004973AMBL
ambalamughal Patrick Prakash yes yes Jainamma Peter Male B.Tech / BE 8129920068 9847314856 N000950AMBL
ambalamughal Prince Titus yes yes Sheeba Titus Male Diploma 9744563933 7510387493 N022495AMBL
ambalamughal Priya Maria yes No C C Jainamma Peter Female Degree 7025510544 9847314856 N000951AMBL
ambalamughal Reon Rafi Anil yes yes Anil K R Male B.Tech / BE 7736232591 9048394922 N000938AMBL
ambalamughal Rose Mary E S yes yes Sento E A Female Degree 9747243857 9746822846 N004974AMBL
ambalamughal Shaija Francis yes No C C P T Francis Female Degree 8129339651 9961470535 N000940AMBL
ambalamughal Thomas  Austen L yes yes F Liston Male Degree 9446826755 9446826755 N024306AMBL
araattuvazhy Abna Anil yes yes Chinnamma Joseph Female Degree 9567941860 9746492343 N015029ARAY
araattuvazhy Allan Sabu yes No C C Sabu P D Male Degree 9447603592 8848182659 N017131ARAY
araattuvazhy Anagha E C yes yes Sheeba Cleetus Female B.Tech / BE 6235465723 9847502167 N024599ARAY
araattuvazhy Aneena Rose yes yes Ambrose P R Female Degree 8943607540 9072030752 N019641ARAY
araattuvazhy Anet Maria yes yes Johnson M R Female Degree 9744424133 8156862603 N015187ARAY
araattuvazhy Anitta C D yes yes Reena Female B.Sc Nursing 7593984203 8891781092 N014092ARAY
araattuvazhy Ann Mariya P B yes yes Mini Benny Female Degree 8137875952 8891781026 N013074ARAY
araattuvazhy Anna Christintha T T yes yes T P Thankachan Female B.Tech / BE 9497398564 9446739564 N017939ARAY
araattuvazhy Ashwin Antony yes yes Antony Male B.Tech / BE 8590905613 9895944664 N013040ARAY
araattuvazhy Dhilna Lilya yes yes Devassy P T Female Degree 7558067831 9961394236 N019644ARAY
araattuvazhy Cresenta Johnson yes yes Johnson M A Female PG 9744136229 9567919995 N023029ARAY
araattuvazhy Miyamin George yes yes Linda George Female BDS 9497089884 9495589884 N015063ARAY
araattuvazhy Nitty T B yes yes Baby Thalonivelliyak Female Degree 7994147911 9947055948 N013062ARAY
araattuvazhy Mary Aneeta No Bank account yes Sherly P A Female Degree 6238025328 N025944ARAY
araattuvazhy Riya Rose K.V yes yes Varghese K A Female Degree 6282464173 9446252278 N013418ARAY
araattuvazhy Sandra Sunil V yes yes Mary Sunil Female PG 8547579334 8330068340 N013068ARAY
araattuvazhy Seeliya Philomina yes yes Francis K R Female PG 9072733452 8157041202 N022957ARAY
araattuvazhy Shuwah Jinnan yes yes Jinnal Paul Male B.Tech / BE 9946418022 9656168022 N014093ARAY
athany- Kakanad Aneeta Daison yes yes Daison Varghese Female Degree 7994481161 9497671919 N017310ATHY
athany- Kakanad Ann Mary Siby yes yes Siby George Female Degree 7907767302 9074679508 N026482ATHY
athany- Kakanad Benn Joel Shynu yes yes Shynu P G Male B.Tech / BE 8089233628 9847540316 N023301ATHY
bolghatty Aakash A S yes yes Sherine Antony A A Male Degree 9846323552 9745219674 N026912BOLY
bolghatty Agna Vivera yes yes James Vivera Female Degree 9188690032 9497278830 N003922BOLY
bolghatty Albin Joel Paiva yes yes James Justin Paiva Male Degree 7907328840 N028468BOLY
bolghatty Aleeda Rosario yes yes Joseph Rosario Female Diploma 9645157299 8592857299 N032353BOLY
bolghatty Aleena Mary D’couth yes yes Adeline D’couth Female Degree 9846393133 7736820148 N030306BOLY
bolghatty Aleena Tarchan yes yes V P Tarchan Female PG 8129462990 7356533636 N011647BOLY
bolghatty Alinta Tarchan yes yes V P Tarchan Female C A Articleship 9746807355 8129462990 N011646BOLY
bolghatty Anaswhar Joseph yes No C C Majo George Male B.Tech / BE 9249330146 9567663847 N003424BOLY
bolghatty Aneena K Xavier yes No C C K A Xavier Female PG 8281441861 9495930686 N020850BOLY
bolghatty Ann Rose K G yes yes K J George Female Degree 9037384394 N003433BOLY
bolghatty Antony Joseph N G yes yes N J Gregory Male Diploma 9400198436 9744496957 N003944BOLY
bolghatty Billion Rojer yes yes Johny K J Male Degree 8281992357 9544527187 N014051BOLY
bolghatty Caris Antony K E yes yes Edward Innocent K A Male B.Tech / BE 9846016082 9846729593 N003466BOLY
bolghatty Caron Xavier K E yes yes Edward Innocent K A Male B.Tech / BE 9846016082 9846729593 N003467BOLY
bolghatty Dania Dominic yes yes Dominic N J Female Degree 9447200544 9544084411 N020890BOLY
bolghatty Dini Judson D Silva yes yes Mary Judson Female B.Tech / BE 9207787763 8891893060 N004853BOLY
bolghatty Emil Kitho N C yes yes Canute N J Male B.Tech / BE 9400281360 9349469062 N004387BOLY
bolghatty Jeena Elizabeth Semendhy yes No C C Joseph Semendhy Female Degree 8301945379 9495425379 N003425BOLY
bolghatty Jibitha Johnson yes yes Bindu Johnson Female M B A 7356404606 9895235714 N007031THEA
bolghatty Jobina Mary N G yes yes N J Gregory Female B.Ed 9447475676 9744496957 N003945BOLY
bolghatty Jovitta Murial D’souza yes No C C John D’souza Female Degree 9895201845 9495466540 N023200BOLY
bolghatty Juliet Riya yes yes Thedevus K S Female Civil Service Coaching 9497137302 0484 2750156 N003911BOLY
bolghatty Liyanta Izabel yes yes P V Peter Female PG 9383433964 N024102BOLY
bolghatty Mary Lidiya yes yes  Jacob K.V Female Degree 9249911634 9895064217 N027099CHAH
bolghatty Naina Mary Steffy yes yes Mary Milton Female Degree 7994389830 9446914849 N015190BOLY
bolghatty Mary Sandra Shibu yes yes Mary Christeena Female Degree 8891016728 7356865748 N026613BOLY
bolghatty Mary Tessy Correya yes yes Antony Jackson Correya Female PG 9562246495 9562246495 N003940BOLY
bolghatty Nimishitha George yes yes George P J Female PG 9846212151 8589022151 N023404BOLY
bolghatty Riya George yes yes George K L Female Degree 8593961527 9846161527 N023403BOLY
bolghatty Sajjan Joseph yes yes Christudas P Male B.Ed 9645692597 N003949BOLY
bolghatty Sandesh Biju yes yes Biju George Male Degree 8893558979 9446763979 N004754BOLY
bolghatty Sandriya Sara T J yes yes T J Jude Female Degree 8138987026 9567186573 N029556BOLY
bolghatty Saniya Rojan yes yes Antony Rojan N B Female PG 7736729461 N003463BOLY
bolghatty Shima Antony yes No C C Antony T M Female B.Ed 9446450680 9446060680 N004407BOLY
bolghatty Shiya Antony yes yes Antony T M Female Degree 9495470680 9446060680 N004408BOLY
bolghatty Sinoy Sebastian yes yes Sebastian Luiz Male Degree 9539458665 8907370043 N017957BOLY
bolghatty Sisira Rojan yes yes Antony Rojan N B Female PG 7994968942 N003462BOLY
bolghatty Soniya Tom K yes yes K M Tomy Female PG 8089437997 8089437885 N004390BOLY
bolghatty Soorya Antony yes yes Antony K A Female Degree 9895430461 9895479581 N027431BOLY
bolghatty Susan Sandra Joseph yes yes Joseph K C Female Degree 7025759591 9846905437 N027587BOLY
bolghatty Teena Juliet yes No C C Philomina Lini Female Degree 9495050015 0484 2750015 N019529BOLY
bolghatty Thomas Tixon D’silva yes yes Francis Talus D’silva Male Degree 9497544050 N003910BOLY
bolghatty Thomas Tonaryn Jude yes No C C George Milton Male B.Tech / BE 9746787646 9446914849 N015189BOLY
bolghatty Vimal George yes yes Saju K A Male Diploma 8089124713 8129090943 N005985BOLY
bolghatty Vimal Mathew yes yes Mathew Valiyatinthar Male Degree 9495839470 9995996718 N032265BOLY
cathedral Adrian Johnson Purakkatt yes yes Jessy Johnson Male Degree 9744962964 8921948557 N021570CATL
cathedral Akhila Biju yes yes Biju C Varghese Female B.Tech / BE 8606088151 9447798151 N011326CATL
cathedral Albert A P yes yes Soni Paul Male Degree 6282804945 8301039507 N010767CATL
cathedral Aleena George yes yes Emilda P X Female Degree 9496072905 9847754167 N010903CATL
cathedral Anagha Raju yes yes Raju V A(Petter Raju) Female Degree 9895948924 9567185685 N010774CATL
cathedral Andrea George yes yes George Pulikkal Female PG 9349349201 9349349202 N010917CATL
cathedral Angel A P yes yes Soni Paul Female PG 9539939507 8301039507 N010766CATL
cathedral Angel Maria I B yes yes Babu Benedict I.R Female Degree 9895552016 9497794070 N011322CATL
cathedral Anjana Mathew yes yes Mathew A J Female M C A 8848949964 9349497879 N010756CATL
cathedral Anju Shaji(Celine) yes yes Mary (Shaiji Shaji) Female Degree 9947353137 9496210618 N011118CATL
cathedral Ann mila George yes yes George Pulikkal Female Degree 9349349201 9349349202 N010918CATL
cathedral Anna Sithara Sabu yes yes Sabu Antony Female Degree 7736283087 9526616574 N010908CATL
cathedral Joel Antony V yes yes Antony V Jacob Male Degree 8089156356 9446069316 N010940CATL
cathedral Aswin Juby yes yes Juby George E.J. Male B.Tech / BE 9388615715 N028786CATL
cathedral Augstine Jithin Mart yes yes Martin Francis Male M B A 08891914169 09447360727 N010791CATL
cathedral Treasa  Benciya Y yes yes Yesudas T Female Diploma 9207672519 9633747175 N011344CATL
cathedral Dinu Johnson yes yes Johnson (John) Male B.Tech / BE 9496162678 N010941CATL
cathedral Dominic Savio yes yes Josephine A Papaly Male Degree 9895053229 9645514907 N010788CATL
cathedral George M T yes yes Margret K G Male BPT 9495273658 9074086539 N011341CATL
cathedral Immanuel Raphel I B yes No C C Babu Benedict I.R Male I.T.I/I.T.C 9567086279 9497794070 N011323CATL
cathedral Jiji Joseph yes yes K G Joseph Female Degree 9656097341 N012795CATL
cathedral Joel Sebastian yes yes Sebastian P J Male Diploma 8129439174 9846150154 N011124CATL
cathedral Lejoy Antony M J yes yes Lissy Joseph Male Degree 8943409715 9995637956 N017762CATL
cathedral Mary Navya yes yes Shiny Devassy Female Degree 9961600210 9745306867 N011101CATL
cathedral Merin Albin yes yes Leena Albin Female B.Sc Nursing 9633615871 9633145011 N017460CATL
cathedral Milin Treasa P E yes yes Elias Kurian P G Female Degree 9496340787 7994615917 N011578CATL
cathedral Milna Margret P E yes yes Elias Kurian P G Female B.Tech / BE 7994615917 9496340787 N011577CATL
cathedral Neha Margret yes yes Aloysius Joseph P G Female Degree 9447510908 N011576CATL
cathedral Siyan Maria Shaji No Bank account yes Shaji Mathew K A Female Degree 9995684477 9847723935 N011114CATL
cathedral Ronel Dominic yes yes Dominic Savio V J Male Degree 7559046625 9447841207 N025604CATL
cathedral Rose Maria I B yes yes Babu Benedict I.R Female Degree 7736014611 9497794070 N011321CATL
cathedral Sanjana Margarat Joseph yes yes Naisa Joseph Female PG 9746618043 N010919CATL
cathedral Silppa   Alex yes yes Alex K G Female B.Sc Nursing 8593081540 9746799468 N010759CATL
cathedral Sneha Santhosh yes yes Santhosh George Female Degree 9388812916 8075879443 N027319CATL
cathedral Sona Mary Thomas yes yes Thomas P G Female Degree 9995466430 N010789CATL
cathedral Treasa Merlin E M yes yes Martin Thomas Female PG 9847781456 7356629602 N011126CATL
cathedral Vishal Pauly Vijay yes yes Vijay  John  Jerson Male Degree 8606912686 9446564246 N010922CATL
chalickavattom Abin Michael yes yes Michael A X Male Degree 9847645077 9645381043 N007342CHAM
chalickavattom Albin K P yes yes Peyoosan K A Male B.Tech / BE 9496575588 9847581200 N014600CHAM
chalickavattom Aleena Jose yes yes Maria Jose Female Degree 6282137494 8086500566 N003992CHAM
chalickavattom Ann Maria Philomina yes yes Joshy K R Female Degree 9947699866 9061026545 N028961CHAM
chalickavattom Ashna Aldrin yes No C C M X Aldrin Female Degree 9846533550 7356858210 N016222CHAM
chalickavattom Gilna P X yes yes Xavier Joseph Female Degree 9947680553 9947165191 N016219CHAM
chalickavattom Hemi Reetha M L yes yes Leyo M X Female Degree 8590219499 9605086233 N015861CHAM
chalickavattom Jesney Raphel yes yes Laiju Raphel Female B.Ed 9526563932 9656929738 N012941CHAM
chalickavattom Joel P J yes yes Joshy P X Male Degree 9544574467 9778141947 N004434CHAM
chalickavattom Joel Ponseka yes yes Cleetus Ponseka Male B.Tech / BE 9847093462 9349441743 N003042CHAM
chalickavattom Joseph Christy yes yes Thomas K F Male Degree 9496105224 9496576044 N003979CHAM
chalickavattom Roshna Royson yes No C C Varghese M.X. Female Degree 9446206555 9400042165 N009831CHAM
chalickavattom Maria Joshy yes yes Smitha Joshy Female Degree 8129993657 N030375CHAM
chalickavattom Mary Jaisy Antony yes No C C Jemma Antony Female PG 9061088316 9605708388 N003034CHAM
chalickavattom Megha Martin yes yes Martin M A Female Degree 7012239704 9656118365 N027447CHAM
chalickavattom Mary Jinu yes yes Jose K V Female PG 7736152883 9895545682 N007339CHAM
chalickavattom Nifi Tresa yes yes Nelson P J Female B Arch 9495315131 N020542CHAM
chalickavattom Rithul Robert yes yes Treesa Robert Male Degree 9746349366 8078537801 N009781CHAM
chalickavattom Riya Jiji P yes yes RIYA JIJI P Female Degree 8943457135 9895957135 N004425CHAM
chalickavattom Salmon Antony yes yes Antony Varghese A P Male B.Tech / BE 8281883777 9446473000 N005727CHAM
chalickavattom Sandra Maria yes yes Mereena Soloman Female Degree 9847365706 9567702497 N004831CHAM
chalickavattom Sandra M V yes yes M F Vakko Female B.Tech / BE 9495109464 9497789384 N021314CHAM
chalickavattom Savia Anju Joy yes yes Joy V X Female Degree 9447356590 9995649344 N004841CHAM
chalickavattom Shibin V J yes yes Sheela Job Male B.Tech / BE 9539259177 8592859177 N015649CHAM
chalickavattom Sneha Biju yes yes John Biju Female Degree 8075545077 9895156919 N003032CHAM
chalickavattom Telvin George yes No C C George N C Male Hotel Management 3 Year 9188440693 7558899442 N003046CHAM
chalickavattom Treesa N M yes yes Martin John N J Female Degree 9349740636 N028277CHAM
charianthuruth Antony Jefrin Dias yes No C C Mary Avlet (Jilly) Male PG 9061575661 9072451683 N000266CHAR
charianthuruth Apsara Michael yes yes Kunjumol Michael Female Diploma 9447840422 8606564522 N000493CHAR
charianthuruth Ashik Titus (Appu) yes yes Joseph Titus Male B.Tech / BE 9496918224 9809234069 N013026CHAR
charianthuruth George Powel Telvin yes yes Jomy Telvin Male Degree 9072173690 7034936702 N000278CHAR
charianthuruth Mary Sinda V G yes yes George V J Female Degree 9495997349 8086468192 N031028CHAR
charianthuruth Nimisha Shaji yes yes James C R Female B.Tech / BE 8547038801 N009522CHAR
charianthuruth Susan Santhosh yes yes Tency K J Female General Nursing 8547112634 N000274CHAR
chathiath Abin Joseph yes yes P A Joseph Male Degree 7994533413 9495218575 N010504CHAH
chathiath Adlin Rodriguez yes yes Bilsy Rodriguez Female Degree 9495495146 9.19498E+11 N023520CHAH
chathiath Aiswarya V Jaiji yes yes Jaiji V G Female B.Sc Nursing 9037557227 9946883706 N014313CHAH
chathiath Aiwa Josfine yes yes Elizabeth Densil Female B Arch 9061110890 9539842541 N013113CHAH
chathiath Albinia Nichale Fons yes yes James Vaz Female Degree 9562942344 N010374CHAH
chathiath Aldrin Thomas yes yes K J Thomas Male Degree 8848999502 9388147153 N010399CHAH
chathiath Aleena John yes yes John V V Female Degree 9633382873 9633382873 N027542CHAH
chathiath Aleena Shelly yes yes Shelly P J Female B.Sc Nursing 9847034356 8547254934 N011274CHAH
chathiath Alryk Jude Ben Fonse yes yes James Vaz Male PG 8547145605 9562942344 N010372CHAH
chathiath Alvin Correya yes yes Avril Correya Male Degree 8113804676 9447896421 N011009CHAH
chathiath Alvina Joselin D’couth yes yes Justin D’couth Female Degree 9847882465 9847933105 N010508CHAH
chathiath Amal Antony yes yes Antony C V Male Degree 7736535908 9447761334 N010384CHAH
chathiath Amanda Melissa Luiz yes yes Antony Luiz Female Degree 9746608323 N010306CHAH
chathiath Aneeta Johnson yes yes Jancy Johnson Female Degree 9496600556 9567816221 N024932CHAH
chathiath Aneetta Poduthoor yes yes Benny Poduthoor Female Degree 8590988593 9037940161 N022092CHAH
chathiath Angel Shalet Lopez yes yes Trees Shirly Lopez Female Degree 8943265306 9745471109 N010625CHAH
chathiath Anjaly Joseph V yes yes Ligi Joseph Female Degree 9645520888 9846091936 N017871CHAH
chathiath Anju Jose yes No C C Gigi Jose Female M.Tech 8547757307 9961495614 N018054CHAH
chathiath Ann Agnes V P yes yes Tresa Sherin P J Female B.Tech / BE 9847159994 9847295823 N027098CHAH
chathiath Ann Aleena Lopez yes yes Andrew Desmond Lopez Female Degree 9447327545 N010740CHAH
chathiath Ann Leeviya Joseph yes yes V A Joseph Female B.Sc Nursing 9496933251 9496213251 N010313CHAH
chathiath Ann Mary James yes yes Pauly James Female Degree 8129240592 9496660340 N011460CHAH
chathiath Anna Damian yes yes Damian K G Female Degree 9746337941 9746752235 N012539CHAH
chathiath Ansal Benhur yes yes George Benhurin Male Degree 8089859113 9995720783 N010507CHAH
chathiath Antony Varun Francis yes yes M R Francis Male B.Tech / BE 9846051528 09048958049 N025872CHAH
chathiath Anu Francis yes yes Zeritta Francis Female Degree 8943453906 8943403906 N011185CHAH
chathiath Ashmi Jackson yes yes Jackson M J Female Degree 9249510003 9249293701 N010414CHAH
chathiath Augustine Samuel T J yes yes Jojvin T A Male B Arch 9947554391 9847040391 N023034CHAH
chathiath Averil Rozario yes yes Judy Rozario Female Degree 9746598710 8848925696 N020510CHAH
chathiath Carmel Hain Joseph yes yes  Joseph P P Female M B A 8281084540 N012169CHAH
chathiath Carmel Priya yes No C C Michel Antony Female PG 9995991719 N024170CHAH
chathiath Caroline Chrysa D’Rozario yes yes Angel D Rozario Female Degree 9496246701 9778180248 N029379CHAH
chathiath Cerin Moses yes yes Benson Moses K G Female Degree 9847172885 7994068508 N010630CHAH
chathiath Christin Furtel yes yes Sherin Furtel Male Degree 8129231842 9995520823 N010613CHAH
chathiath Christy Glen yes yes K M John Loid Heston Male B.Tech / BE 9447603142 N010398CHAH
chathiath Deepak Joseph V yes yes Ligi Joseph Male Integrated Courses 9645520888 9846091936 N017872CHAH
chathiath Dixeena Lopez yes yes Jose Ereet Lopez Female Ph.D 9447521024 7356216893 N010332CHAH
chathiath Dixeena Varghese yes yes K J Varghese Female Degree 9995778243 9562703092 N010299CHAH
chathiath Emiliya Merin yes yes Anil Joseph Female PG 9895498290 9387478517 N010616CHAH
chathiath Erin Rachel Diaz yes yes Shelda Diaz Female Degree 9495425995 9497034187 N029892CHAH
chathiath Evan Francis Lopez yes yes Edwin Alex Lopez Male B F Tech 9446404959 9446488819 N026521CHAH
chathiath Femina Treasa yes yes Rosily Geemol Female Degree 7025118904 7736741189 N021167CHAH
chathiath Fexy Henry T H yes yes Joseph Henry T S Female Degree 6282233297 9746712942 N011275CHAH
chathiath George Amil yes yes Joseph Biju M G Male M C A 9388419533 9387770808 N014606CHAH
chathiath George Jude V J yes yes Maggy Benny Male B.Tech / BE 9447302555 9847312845 N025020CHAH
chathiath Jerald Xavier yes yes Mary Gigi Male Degree 9895654591 8547980126 N020653CHAH
chathiath Jisna Maria yes yes George P J Female B.Tech / BE 7025608485 8129294826 N011520CHAH
chathiath Joel George yes yes Shaly M A Male Degree 6282159426 8281831820 N010389CHAH
chathiath Joel Nickson yes yes Nickson Sebastian Male B.Tech / BE 9446997141 9495596920 N025205CHAH
chathiath Joel T J yes yes Jackson T M Male B of Design 8589904990 6282584852 N011011CHAH
chathiath John Joseph yes yes Joseph T V Male Diploma 9895464479 N021385CHAH
chathiath Juan Mary Shaiju yes yes Jacob Shaiju Female Degree 9562071950 9747346715 N013917CHAH
chathiath Jubil T J yes yes Jackson T M Female Integrated Courses 8589904990 7736218674 N011010CHAH
chathiath Kavya Leenus yes yes Leenus Rus M J Female Degree 9846060849 8089560849 N026519CHAH
chathiath Ken John Rodrigues yes yes Terence Rodrigues Male Degree 8848930695 9497794085 N011461CHAH
chathiath Mahesh V Jaiji yes yes Jaiji V G Male Degree 9037557227 9946883706 N014314CHAH
chathiath MARIA PHILNA ARUJA yes yes RENPHY ARUJA Female B.Tech / BE 9496789857 9846422360 N017826CHAH
chathiath Maria Sisa yes yes Annie Joseph Female Degree 9645315338 N015762CHAH
chathiath Mary Anna Aruja yes yes Renphy Aruja Female Degree 9496789857 9846422360 N017825CHAH
chathiath Mary Emy K E yes yes Rosily Geemol Female PG 7510612721 7736741189 N021166CHAH
chathiath Mary Jyothsna yes yes Patrecia T A Female Degree 9746050162 9349261081 N000476PALM
chathiath Binil Benny yes yes Peter C A Male Diploma 9633693475 9746453972 N011458CHAH
chathiath Mereetta Poduthoor yes yes Benny Poduthoor Female PG 9037940161 7994093632 N018317CHAH
chathiath Merin Dona yes No C C T L Joseph Female B.Ed 9037449491 9744509974 N020511CHAH
chathiath Michelle Paul yes yes Anie Mary Paul Female Integrated Courses 7736272357 9846249552 N010387CHAH
chathiath Midhun Mathew yes yes Mathew K S Male Degree 7012591459 9446000137 N010301CHAH
chathiath Tinu Mary P B No Bank account yes Bernard Nelson Female Degree 9526035120 7510209157 N026948CHAH
chathiath Reny Maria yes yes Rosily Geemol Female Degree 7736741189 7025118904 N021165CHAH
chathiath Ribin Thomas yes yes Shiju P C Male Degree 9809909136 9809909135 N031483CHAH
chathiath Romaan William Schmidt yes yes Anna Solly Schmidt Male Degree 9846361677 8943302656 N030247CHAH
chathiath Rose Lima Joseph yes yes Joseph T V Female Degree 7356472001 N021383CHAH
chathiath Ryan Fernandez yes yes Benita Fernandez Male Degree 9895211223 97452335533 N010409CHAH
chathiath Salvin Joseph yes yes Xavier Basil Male Degree 9745368279 9747562822 N021304CHAH
chathiath Shifin George yes No C C Mary Sheeja M J Male B.Tech / BE 7994613019 9388036509 N011457CHAH
chathiath Shima Mathew yes yes Mathew C M Female Degree 9447213967 9446648218 N011175CHAH
chathiath Silvaniya Mariya Elizabeth yes yes Elizabeth Mathew Female B.Tech / BE 8891828064 9995060165 N012175CHAH
chathiath Soumya T J yes yes Joseph T S Female B.Tech / BE 9496119610 8301949610 N025260CHAH
chathiath Tanya Joshua yes yes Joshua Anderson E A Female B.Tech / BE 9895241200 9495412009 N025387CHAH
chennur Abiya Grace M.B. yes No C C Leo Benny Male BDS 9037328850 N018412CHER
chennur Aneeta Mary yes yes Jerome M T Female B.Tech / BE 9747200456 9847084456 N005149MURM
chennur Angel Rose T yes yes T F Dennis Female Degree 6238671841 9048189935 N018569CHER
chennur Anjose T yes yes T F Dennis Male B.Tech / BE 9207646822 9048189935 N018568CHER
chennur Ann Martin yes yes Martin K A Female PG 8075958395 9446440017 N018437CHER
chennur Athul K T yes yes Thomas Valentine K S Male B.Tech / BE 9447493400 9495605090 N018472CHER
chennur Bineeta Mary yes yes Jerome M T Female B.Tech / BE 9747200456 9847084456 N005152MURM
chennur Dixon Xavier yes yes Jarly Xavier Male Diploma 8606566681 9745064806 N018526CHER
chennur Esahak Joseph yes yes Joseph M J Male Diploma 9544101244 9526587144 N018514CHER
chennur Fify Firmin yes yes Firmin T Joseph Female Degree 9744040591 9072391780 N018465CHER
chennur Giya Martin yes yes T J Martin Female B.Sc Nursing 7012484688 9847459825 N018492CHER
chennur Helena Agnes K J yes No C C Jude Xavier K J Female B.Sc Nursing 9562616558 7559820931 N018565CHER
chennur Kevin Varghese yes yes Varghese Lowrance K Male Degree 9995155632 9895641431 N004884CHEJ
chennur Kripa Maria yes No C C K G Paul Female BDS 7559011871 7034194399 N024291CHER
chennur Lekha A F yes yes Francis Xavier Female PG 9961503126 7558964259 N018557CHER
chennur Maanaz  Antony yes yes Antony K Xavier Male B.Tech / BE 9207873849 9048066088 N018532CHER
chennur Mariya Meenu Thomas yes yes Thomson K J Female Degree 9747481019 N018430CHER
chennur Maria Sonamol yes yes Benedict (Benny K.V) Female B.Pharm 8086960498 9946366675 N018463CHER
chennur Mary Rose Mole yes yes Antony Babu Female Degree 7736240254 9605668659 N018504CHER
chennur Mary Shinu Thomas yes yes Thomson K J Female Degree 9747481019 9061199352 N018431CHER
chennur Mila Antony yes No C C Antony M X Female Degree 8593869005 9048000107 N018600CHER
chennur Nekha George yes yes Jacqulin George Female Degree 6235955718 62389668235 N018447CHER
chennur Alwin Francis T F No Bank account No C C Felix Boban T F Male Diploma 7025342096 N018487CHER
chennur Roopa Joseph yes yes A V Joseph Female Degree 7994992168 9744172147 N024713CHER
chennur Sandra Julian yes yes Luke Julian Female Degree 8943070095 9142037476 N018580CHER
chennur Staniya Maria yes yes K M Varghese Female Degree 9847964110 7034815891 N028583CHER
chennur Steniya Maria yes yes K M Varghese Female Degree 9847964110 7510584110 N028584CHER
chennur Sweety Peragrin yes yes Reena Peragrin Female B.Tech / BE 9847417816 9744425278 N018685CHER
chennur Tom Martin yes yes Martin K A Male Degree 9447400431 9446440017 N018438CHER
chennur Varna Victor yes No C C Victor Manuel T M Female PG 8289860448 9495376836 N018788CHER
cheppanam Aleena Selin yes No C C C G Varghese(viji) Female PG 9562747903 9947827868 N013704CHEM
cheppanam Aloshya Mary yes yes K V Sebastian Female M.Sc Nursing 7057402015 7025702109 N013687CHEM
cheppanam Amrutha Merin Byju yes yes Byju Antony Female CA 9656006492 0984 795 8751 N022980CHEM
cheppanam Dalvinjo K S yes yes Stephen K J Male Degree 9207648182 9895522693 N013696CHEM
cheppanam Shilpa Thresia M A yes yes Antony Abraham Female Integrated Courses 8078395876 9895467699 N014040CHEM
cheppanam Swetha Philomina M A yes yes Antony Abraham Female Degree 9188661937 9895467699 N014041CHEM
cheranellore (j) Aamin Biju yes yes Antony Biju Female B.Tech / BE 6282506270 9745620027 N001893CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Abin Joseph yes yes P S Joseph (Shaji) Male B.Tech / BE 9349284736 9496485493 N002281CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Aldrin Thomas yes yes Thomas V K Male I.T.I/I.T.C 8848694561 9249129476 N020495CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Aleena Simon yes yes Mercy Simon Female Degree 6282210432 9847796614 N022564CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Alen Xavier yes yes Xavier K X Male Diploma 8547500847 8848301756 N002302CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Allen Joseph Correya yes yes Linet Correya Male B.Tech / BE 8848599544 9497332830 N001974CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Alosious Sunny yes yes Simi Sunny Male Integrated Courses 7510262468 9544537210 N001890CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Amal Xavier yes yes A X Joseph Male L.L.B 8113947136 8075431768 N015690CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Ameesha Antony Shaji (Sajan) yes yes Antony Shaji (Sajan) Female Degree 7356187823 9567482879 N013641CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Anal George yes yes Shiny Geoge Male Diploma 9567133105 N026638CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Angel Augustine yes yes P J Augustine Female PG Diploma 9447032594 9495992594 N003235CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Anjana Rose yes yes Mary Sinderla Female Degree 9746020552 N001931CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Ann Theresa Sandra yes yes P A Bernard Female Integrated Courses 8075306692 9446744863 N001759CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Anna Celine V S yes yes Elizabeth Sunny Female B Arch 09447479687 9995738588 N030411CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Anet Jomol Joseph yes yes Joseph V P Female M B A 9895680769 8129758691 N001757CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Arsha Sebastian yes yes Sebastian P V Female Degree 9745326051 8075702032 N013181CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Ashique A Manual yes yes Paul Manual Male Degree 7012623360 9995532253 N011072CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Ashli A S yes yes Katreena Janet Female Degree 7306695854 9526425627 N029002CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Ashly Correya yes yes Linet Correya Male Degree 6238848837 9497332830 N001973CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Ashna Thomas yes yes Thomas V K Female B.Ed 9249129476 7736190608 N020494CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Cimna Eliswa yes yes Thomas M J Female Degree 9744550276 7293422575 N002315CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Daisal Antony yes yes Joseph Francis M C Male B.Tech / BE 6282657142 9847731988 N002292CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Danila Nixon yes yes Sheela Nixon Female BDS 9061963529 9072868665 N001956CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Dennies Glody yes yes Antony Habin Male Degree 9526291635 N002609CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Dona Mary M D yes yes David M A Female Degree 9947467270 8848102030 N025960CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Elna Philamin yes yes T B Vincent Female Diploma 9497019138 7025853376 N002290CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Elsa Mary V J yes yes Jacob V V Female Degree 7994224554 9497547301 N001897CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Elvis Joseph yes yes P J Augustine Male PG Diploma 9447032594 9495992594 N003234CHEJ
cheranellore (j) P J Flemin yes yes Annet Joseph Male B.Tech / BE 6282476183 9846169836 N002590CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Immanuel Ishal Rober yes yes Robert Joseph Male B.Tech / BE 8129771753 9947616154 N017187CHRR
cheranellore (j) Jewel Antony yes yes Antony Nixon M J Male Degree 9995638837 9746478413 N001921CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Kenneth Martin yes yes C G Martin Male Degree 9947718920 9846452769 N002303CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Levin George yes yes T M Joseph Male Degree 8848073639 9446390577 N002619CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Maria Rani Boban yes yes Boban K G Female Degree 8589801967 8157849227 N003487POTY
cheranellore (j) Mary Aleena M A yes yes Augustin Johnson Female Degree 9400480624 9746036258 N023593CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Mary Usha yes No C C P P Joseph Female B.Sc Nursing 9544328946 8891110053 N002594CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Merin Sneha C T yes yes C J Thomas Female PG 9037914899 9846993545 N001887CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Mishma Maria yes yes M R James Female Degree 7994886547 9567779357 N018149CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Teena Antony yes yes Antony V V Female Degree 9495337061 8590396104 N002633CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Riya Joseph yes yes Joseph V V Female Degree 9447113507 6282012242 N002632CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Aleetta Dennis No Bank account yes Joseph Dennis P A Female Degree 9995309130 9995307166 N002318CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Robin Paul yes yes Paul P G Male Degree 7012330714 9847815239 N001905CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Roshan Xavier yes yes Milton X Vinod Male Degree 8086603678 9037924945 N002289CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Samson Joseph yes yes P S Joseph (Shaji) Male BDS 9349284736 N002282CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Sana Jose yes yes Peter Jose Female B Arch 9895957548 9567566205 N002331CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Selastian V H yes No C C Antony Habin Male Degree 8921366973 8893691809 N002610CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Sneha George yes yes George P A Female Degree 9447437655 9995776716 N013177CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Tenixa  Jacob yes yes M J Jacob Female Degree 8921571599 9846175480 N004885CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Treesa Femi yes yes  Francis T J Female Degree 8089216938 9995494576 N026641CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Varsha George yes yes George Joseph M Female B.Tech / BE 8304076497 8281567980 N004867CHEJ
cheranellore (j) Zeus Joseph yes No C C Sheena P T Male Diploma 9645234088 6282364426 N013636CHEJ
cheranellore (o) Aleena Joy yes yes Joy N C Female Diploma 9061131989 7736651989 N007764CHEO
cheranellore (o) Aljin Paul yes yes Paul V A Male Diploma 9947490641 8848173414 N014465CHEO
cheranellore (o) Amala V J yes yes Shyja Rapheal Female Degree 9961471810 9744961810 N029133CHEO
cheranellore (o) Anant M S yes yes Sabu M C Male B.Tech / BE 9447603122 8330887775 N008128CHEO
cheranellore (o) Antony Revin Lopez yes yes William Russel Lopez Male Diploma 9895052221 8547296917 N008114CHEO
cheranellore (o) Asiwin Alex yes yes  Augustine Benchamin Male B.Tech / BE 8921583488 9495194582 N008135CHEO
cheranellore (o) Bibiya Paul yes yes Sunitha Paul Female Degree 8136873815 8136896625 N007751CHEO
cheranellore (o) Jasmine Elseena yes yes Grace C J Female B.Tech / BE 9447792070 9446385070 N021824MAMM
cheranellore (o) Joseph Jeswin M J yes No C C Joby M J Male Degree 9995864447 N007757CHEO
cheranellore (o) Maria Ancy V J yes yes Shyja Rapheal Female Integrated Courses 9961471810 9744961810 N018398CHEO
cheranellore (o) Maris Minna Mathew yes yes Mathew Xavier T Female Degree 9354668352 9633810397 N007759CHEO
cheranellore (o) Mary Varsha yes yes Varghese V G Female Degree 7558882120 9567807725 N008124CHEO
cheranellore (o) Navya Rony yes No C C Rony B A Female Degree 9744343563 9847936563 N023778CHEO
cheranellore (o) Nimmy Paul yes yes Mary Juliet Female M B A 9747901720 9995279334 N011266CHEO
cheranellore (o) Niya Joseph yes yes Joseph Shelly Female PG 9947482954 9645708644 N018395CHEO
cheranellore (o) Niya Paul yes yes Mary Juliet Female Degree 8136952122 9995279334 N011267CHEO
cheranellore (o) Riya Paul yes yes Mary Paul Female Degree 9746124862 9895480602 N027473CHEO
cheranellore (o) Riya T S yes yes Shijo Joseph Female Degree 6238060308 9567032115 N017867CHEO
cheranellore (o) Safal Sony yes yes Stella Lysi T G Male Degree 9249824016 9895676844 N022882CHEO
cheranellore (o) Sruthy Shiji yes yes Shiji Thomas Female Degree 8921630523 9895571898 N029494CHEO
chittoor Aaron Alex yes No C C Seena M T Male B.Tech / BE 9496178849 N019139CHIR
chittoor Abel D’coutha yes yes Teresa Mary D’coutha Male B.Sc Nursing 9746194053 N008992CHIR
chittoor Abraham George K J yes yes K G Jinil Male Degree 9388805304 N024302CHIR
chittoor Agina Charles yes yes Charles E D Female Degree 9072203352 9048090598 N021496CHIR
chittoor Akash Josy yes yes C A Josy Male Degree 8893792210 N020491CHIR
chittoor Akshay Peter yes yes Peter P F Male Degree 9048277842 N007145CHIR
chittoor Alan Tony yes No C C  Tony T P Male Degree 9349525783 N019311CHIR
chittoor Aleena Babu yes yes Babu E X Female B.Tech / BE 9895333747 9496779580 N019312CHIR
chittoor Alina Thresia yes yes Brijit T A Female Degree 8113063927 N006192CHIR
chittoor Allan Renold K J yes yes K A Jerome Male Degree 9633920752 N008723CHIR
chittoor Alwin Shaji K yes yes Mathew Shaji K J Male Degree 8129117371 9495100723 N019832CHIR
chittoor Amala K Josy yes No C C K J Josy Female PG 9061979020 9497459112 N018303CHIR
chittoor Ann Mary yes yes Antony Santhosh Female Degree 9895646869 9497347965 N019419CHIR
chittoor Ann Merine yes No C C Antony P J Female Degree 9946671763 N019659CHIR
chittoor Ann Shilpa P A yes No C C Antony P D Female PG 9544265778 N010279CHIR
chittoor Anshul Joe Joseph yes No C C Jomon V A Male B.Tech / BE 9895399997 9496178773 N009573CHIR
chittoor Anston Manuel yes yes Simon C M Male B.Tech / BE 08089348734 7012668117 N020104CHIR
chittoor Anuja N George yes No C C George N J Female MBBS 8891482467 N024116CHIR
chittoor Arun K Josy yes yes K J Josy Male M B A 9061974839 9497459112 N018304CHIR
chittoor Ashna Peter yes No C C Mary P D Female B.Sc Nursing 8281311447 N012423CHIR
chittoor Athulya Johnson yes yes V A Johnson Female Degree 8129188686 9037500391 N019660CHIR
chittoor Benitta George yes yes V J George Female Degree 9446208077 9020187995 N008091CHIR
chittoor Celine Aleesha yes yes James K J Male General Nursing 8890100542 7736399438 N022741CHIR
chittoor Christy Bosco yes yes Bosco K G Male Degree 6282433275 9349428467 N015094CHIR
chittoor Denil yes No C C Binu Josy Male Degree 8139041418 N020042CHIR
chittoor Dona Carmel C T yes yes Teddy C A Female Degree 7356645890 8547010234 N021582CHIR
chittoor Elvin George yes No C C George K O Male B.Tech / BE 9446865855 N009788CHIR
chittoor Febin Antony yes No C C Antony K O Male Degree 9446023880 N023537CHIR
chittoor Harshil Jomon yes yes Jomon V A Male Diploma 9895399997 9496178773 N009575CHIR
chittoor Jesbel Maria Jacob yes yes Moly Jojo Female Degree 8547033081 9142542554 N007138CHIR
chittoor Jesna Joseph yes yes Joseph K L Female Degree 8590337066 N020392CHIR
chittoor Jinson George yes yes George K O Male B.Tech / BE 9446865855 N009787CHIR
chittoor Juliet Rosna yes yes Jaimon V R Female B Arch 9207582317 8848288876 N007154CHIR
chittoor Likhith Theodore yes yes Theodore Male MD 8547131323 9074022264 N012264CHIR
chittoor Mary Keseya Baby yes yes Baby George Female Degree 9947373639 9645724398 N019310CHIR
chittoor Melvina yes No C C Jose Alex K I Female B.Tech / BE 9846601066 N019875VADA
chittoor Ancil Joy yes yes Mary Latha K M Male B.Tech / BE 9400775261 9447815261 N024792CHIR
chittoor Etna Paul yes yes Paul George Female Degree 9847731033 9567035873 N019413CHIR
chittoor Navya Victoria Yujin yes yes Thomas Yujin A J Female B.Tech / BE 9446534280 9446534290 N023077CHIR
chittoor Nimisha Jenson yes yes Suja Jenson Female B.Sc Nursing 8547064626 8129681414 N028366CHIR
chittoor Nivin Alex yes yes  Alex K O Male M B A 9539741634 9539254026 N006716CHIR
chittoor Rahul George yes yes George A D Male M C A 7012088283 9645315010 N014576CHIR
chittoor Reshma K A yes yes Alex K R Female Degree 9747927982 N024174CHIR
chittoor Richard Joseph Roy yes yes Teena Roy Male Degree 7736596115 N007158CHIR
chittoor Roja Peter yes No C C  Peter P D Female Pharm.D 8547930104 N010473CHIR
chittoor Saigal K George yes yes George K A Male Degree 9605220457 N007682CHIR
chittoor Sansia Gonsalves yes yes Lancy Gonsalves Female Degree 7736315675 9895156634 N024585CHIR
chittoor Anna Sneha yes yes Bonifus N Joseph Female Degree 7736297585 8714229674 N023536CHIR
chittoor Sona Shiju yes No C C Shiju C P Female Degree 9633068396 N019143CHIR
chittoor Varsha K A yes yes Alex K R Female Degree 8089946704 7736818975 N024173CHIR
chittoor Varsha Wilson yes yes Wilson A R Female Degree 9645892214 9446743584 N009444CHIR
chittoor Wiwin Joseph yes yes Rose Anila Iwin Male B Arch 9446088994 8547910108 N013668CHIR
choornikkara Dalesha Jiji George yes yes Jiji George V J Female B Arch 9349977173 N011162CHOA
choornikkara Adril Mary D’cruz yes yes John Britto D’cruz Female Degree 8606352489 8606375932 N011155CHOA
choornikkara Angel Maria yes yes Annie Nelson Female CA 8111960628 07293317492 N011028CHOA
choornikkara Ashley Abrao yes yes Mini Alexander Abrao Female Degree 9895858790 8606810265 N020693CHOA
choornikkara Ashmin P James yes yes James P K Female PG 9633349634 7736616456 N011405CHOA
choornikkara Ashwin Antony yes yes Laisy Antony Male Degree 7560972213 9895348144 N011416CHOA
choornikkara Ashwin yes yes Joseph V J Male Degree 8139037158 9995318712 N028784CHOA
choornikkara Avishka Vincent yes yes Vincent Shaji K J Female Degree 7306067652 8129790466 N014349CHOA
choornikkara Christy Sajan yes yes Laly Sajan Male Diploma 9895652522 9995389259 N018930CHOA
choornikkara Dhanya Joshy yes yes K P Joshy Female PG 9995136070 9995136070 N011158CHOA
choornikkara Dominic Ronmon yes yes T F Avarachan Male I.T.I/I.T.C 8075714352 N011626CHOA
choornikkara Don V D yes yes Dominic V G Male Degree 8138847963 9961470058 N013723CHOA
choornikkara Fiona Xavier yes yes Xavier V V Female Degree 7012694902 9895601185 N011042CHOA
choornikkara George Victor yes yes Victor M G Male Degree 9567491212 9895573291 N003675KUTA
choornikkara Joms Jolly yes yes Kamilas K G Male Degree 9744940568 7736270622 N031037CHOA
choornikkara Mariya Thomas yes yes Thomas T F Female L.L.B 8301034284 9995776770 N012060CHOA
choornikkara Navya Basil yes yes Basil P M Female PG 9846701355 9400930192 N013603CHOA
choornikkara Rosmy Elizabath P W yes yes Molly Williams Female PG 8921186859 9645094977 N011406CHOA
choornikkara Sandra Nelson yes yes Jeena Nelson Female Degree 7025872867 N011628CHOA
choornikkara Sheba Jose yes yes C T Jose Female B.Tech / BE 9846770414 8589070414 N011411CHOA
choornikkara Shone George yes yes Shyla George Male Degree 9747101254 8943559432 N011142CHOA
choornikkara Sona Nelson yes yes Jeena Nelson Female Degree 8137998207 N011629CHOA
choornikkara Staniya Sabu yes yes Sini Sabu Female Degree 9496025717 7559874437 N011033CHOA
choornikkara Vandhana Robins yes yes Lissy Robins Female Integrated Courses 9048689402 8139030503 N020696CHOA
chowara Robin Bino yes yes Bino Martin George Male BFA 9846040835 8289940835 N015641CHRA
chowara Rosemary Bino yes yes Bino Martin George Female PG 9846040835 9188340835 N015642CHRA
christnagar Abitha Paul yes yes C J Paul Female B.Sc Nursing 6238282058 N016488CHRR
christnagar Abitha Sebastian yes yes Sebastian K T Female Pharm.D 7025236207 N016496CHRR
christnagar Agnal Sebastian yes yes Sebastian K T Male Diploma 7025236207 N016497CHRR
christnagar Aju Benny yes yes Shiji Benny Male Degree 9207138710 7306272001 N024587CHRR
christnagar Aksana Joju yes yes Joju C R Female Degree 9495206386 8281446794 N027860CHRR
christnagar Aleena Joseph yes yes Joseph K R Female B.Sc Nursing 8304963060 9497702007 N029024CHRR
christnagar Amal Anil yes No C C Seema  Anil Male Diploma 9562415162 N028380CHRR
christnagar Amal P P yes yes Peious P A Male Diploma 7994154293 N016814CHRR
christnagar Amala Stanly yes yes Valsa Stanly Female Degree 6235134492 9605373810 N016310CHRR
christnagar Andria Tellus yes yes Tellus M A Female Degree 9744280083 8.59292E+11 N023068CHRR
christnagar Ann Jeena Peter yes yes Mary JiJI  Peter Female D.Ed 9847746579 9656746579 N020373CHRR
christnagar Antony Chrispin yes yes T J Antony Male Degree 7559880047 7560985720 N009649THED
christnagar Ashil Antony yes No C C Antony K O Male Degree 9562915187 9995815187 N029147CHRR
christnagar Ashlin Mathews yes yes T A Mathews Male B.Tech / BE 7736433765 6235169942 N030470CHRR
christnagar Ashmi Sebastian yes yes C P Sebastian Female BVSc 7907229560 9526809729 N016301CHRR
christnagar Ashna N Jose yes yes Jose N V Female Degree 08281470465 9446741465 N030024CHRR
christnagar Athin Sebastian yes yes C P Sebastian Male Diploma 9847517489 8075578166 N016300CHRR
christnagar Blossom Bose yes yes Bose T S Female Degree 9847514150 9947004476 N021453CHRR
christnagar Christeena A A yes yes Alosyius Loy A.C Female Degree 8301907589 9061306117 N016299CHRR
christnagar Christy Antony yes yes T J Antony Female PG 7510207975 7560985720 N009648THED
christnagar Leonardo A Cili yes yes Cili Paul Male I.T.I/I.T.C 9895499996 8592948538 N028382CHRR
christnagar Emmanuvel Jose yes yes Jose P.C Male Hotel Management 3 Year 7736742404 8606819898 N032133CHRR
christnagar Farish Benny yes yes Shibi Benny Male B.Sc Nursing 8921134520 8281791832 N016482CHRR
christnagar Izakhila V B yes yes Antony Babu Female BVSc 8089193575 8943349060 N016321CHRR
christnagar Jison Joshy yes yes Jincy Joshy Male I.T.I/I.T.C 9562566345 7025977458 N028654CHRR
christnagar Joffin George yes No C C George T A Male Degree 9605818824 N027829CHRR
christnagar Lance Lalan yes yes Beena Lalan Male Degree 7034605510 8301835301 N027851CHRR
christnagar Maria Christy yes yes Pious K T Female Degree 9847101351 7594880467 N028831CHRR
christnagar Maria Dennis yes yes Dennis K S Female B.Pharm 9072938214 9562599164 N029954CHRR
christnagar Nevin Benny yes No C C Shiji Benny Male I.T.I/I.T.C 9526816475 7902608427 N024586CHRR
christnagar Niya Benny yes yes Benny Pappachan Female Ph.D 9847229109 9547516777 N016332CHRR
christnagar Noyal Benny yes yes Benny Pappachan Male M.Tech 9061544223 9847516777 N016334CHRR
christnagar Saniya T S yes No C C Sabu T F Female B.Sc Nursing 9495470814 7510814354 N027855CHRR
christnagar Sona T S yes yes Sindhu Shibu Female B.Sc Nursing 9526956621 N024794CHRR
christnagar Spiya Kochuthresa yes yes K A George Female L.L.B 7902399427 9947329488 N016314CHRR
christnagar Stepheena P P yes yes Peious P A Female PG 7560831690 9142399590 N016815CHRR
christnagar Tania K H yes yes K J Hendry Female Degree 9495603047 9947299818 N016820CHRR
christnagar Teena Glanson yes No C C Glanson M J Female Degree 9747481036 8590859914 N027574CHRR
christnagar Teenu Mathews yes yes T A Mathews Female B.Sc Nursing 7736433765 6235169942 N016502CHRR
christnagar Tini Sebastian yes yes Sebastian P P Female B.Ed 9072706913 9961134655 N019408MUTM
christnagar Twinkle Rose Lalan yes yes Beena Lalan Female Degree 7034605510 8301835301 N027850CHRR
edappally north Mary Christy yes yes Augustine K V Female Degree 8848655572 8089580390 N029773EDAY
edappally north Adhin Antony yes yes Antony P C Male Degree 97467 38426 9746738427 N005033EDAY
edappally north Aleena Carmel S yes yes Sebastian Female Integrated Courses 9495427378 N004352EDAY
edappally north Aleena T A yes yes Allesh T S Female General Nursing 9995713105 9388814159 N006681EDAY
edappally north Alna James yes yes Jemma James Female MBBS 9567718120 9495600079 N020557EDAY
edappally north N S Alston Peter yes yes N P Shibu George Male B.Tech / BE 9447700450 9447750450 N004726EDAY
edappally north Alwin Antony K F yes yes Francies K X Male Diploma 9746145702 9747110027 N005609EDAY
edappally north Amal Jenson yes yes Antony Jenson Male Degree 8921477465 9946939812 N005036EDAY
edappally north Anaida Merin Theodor yes yes Melbin Theodore Female Degree 9037897916 N007665EDAY
edappally north Andria Walter yes yes Jini Walter Female Degree 9287565200 8590062974 N003595EDAY
edappally north Ann Celi yes yes  George Antony Female Degree 7902314906 7356940706 N008095EDAY
edappally north Anooja K J yes yes Brigit Cyril Female PG 8330054067 9495527507 N013198EDAY
edappally north Ashor Joseph M A yes yes Aloshys M J Male Degree 9746213136 9847178810 N006081EDAY
edappally north Athullia Emmanuel yes yes Emanual Thadevuse Female M.Tech 9497801455 9446535398 N013927EDAY
edappally north Augustine Adlin yes yes Asha Darly Male Degree 9995352785 9544743550 N004348EDAY
edappally north Celine Jomol yes yes V J Joseph Female PG 9846204427 8301992427 N005833EDAY
edappally north Cinoy Antony yes yes  Antony K S Male Diploma 9846115456 9846115456 N013423EDAY
edappally north Deena Shajan yes No C C Dolly Shajan Female PG 9048389318 8089702710 N010002EDAY
edappally north Dhilan yes No C C Daphne Severnce Male Degree 8089452856 7510131423 N010753EDAY
edappally north Emmanuel Paul yes No C C Joseph Paul Male Diploma 9995524127 N003597EDAY
edappally north Jinoy Antony yes yes K S Antony Male Degree 8075403360 8075403360 N013424EDAY
edappally north Gishmi T S yes yes Shaji T G Female Degree 9846632241 9995467346 N003580EDAY
edappally north Joel Varghese yes yes K X Varghese Male I.T.I/I.T.C 8921879180 9747409843 N003587EDAY
edappally north Joyel Varghese yes yes Augustine K V Male Degree 8089580390 8848655572 N029772EDAY
edappally north Ledgerin Joseph yes yes Shaly Joseph Female Degree 9846983346 7736563879 N005612EDAY
edappally north Maria Jyothika yes yes V J Joseph Female Degree 9745211626 9846204427 N005832EDAY
edappally north Antony Felix yes yes Jacob P P Male B.Tech / BE 9747094754 9249352952 N003578EDAY
edappally north Anu Shon yes yes Maria Daphy Female B.Tech / BE 9037299166 9074048439 N005032EDAY
edappally north Nekha Ambrose yes yes Lekha Ambrose Female Degree 9072112407 9747033345 N004345EDAY
edappally north Niji Xavier yes yes V J Xavier Female PG 7356940757 8848460077 N004728EDAY
edappally north Nithin Jacob yes yes  Sebastian K J Male B.Tech / BE 9074569722 9496060015 N014581EDAY
edappally north Nikitha Maria D’Cruz No Bank account yes Juna D’Cruz Female Degree 9846940302 9207469284 N004725EDAY
edappally north Richa Sunil No Bank account No C C Sunil P A Female MBBS 9633412723 N004369EDAY
edappally north Philomin Christeena yes yes Lisie Bridget N J Female PG 9048388420 N018066EDAY
edappally north Sandra K Sojan yes yes K D Sojan Female Degree 9895972011 8075971792 N003599EDAY
edappally north Siddharth B yes yes Dela P J Male Degree 9496366810 94460696505 N030302EDAY
edappally north Sneha Celiena yes yes V J Xavier Female Degree 9037114147 8848460077 N004729EDAY
edathala Aileen Thankachan yes yes K J Thankachan Female BDS 9446947871 9447510093 N016767EDAA
edathala Alan Simon yes No C C Sheeba Simon Male Degree 7592817505 N016875EDAA
edathala Albin Benny yes No C C Benny Manuel Male Degree 9946135805 9946135805 N016571EDAA
edathala Ancil Antony yes yes Giji Antony Female Degree 9961739366 9961739366 N016967EDAA
edathala Aneetta James yes yes Jessy James Female B.Sc Nursing 9645599417 9946223418 N028095EDAA
edathala Anitta Shaibu yes yes Priya Shaibu Female Degree 9562066329 9544716836 N016742EDAA
edathala Ann Marydas yes yes T A Marydas Female BHMS 9846093339 9562873309 N016758EDAA
edathala Anna Simon yes yes Sheeba Simon Female Degree 7592817505 7594877505 N016874EDAA
edathala Anupama Biju yes yes Silvi Biju Female Degree 7558825146 7994573591 N019002EDAA
edathala Athul George Shaji yes yes Shaji George Male I.T.I/I.T.C 7356882692 9447194038 N016755EDAA
edathala Denymol Benny yes yes Benny Xavier T C Female Integrated Courses 9526408118 9847088114 N016521EDAA
edathala Dibin Babu yes yes Babu George Male B.Tech / BE 9.19496E+11 8848761917 N016757EDAA
edathala Ebin Benny yes yes Benny Manuel Male Degree 9946135805 N016570EDAA
edathala Hilgis P S yes yes Shaji P A Female PG 7559913778 9567831678 N016965EDAA
edathala Maria Delcarmel yes No C C Peter N R Female PG 9778027172 9447165149 N016585EDAA
edathala Maria Denita Teresa yes yes Peter N R Female B.Tech / BE 8921205447 9447165149 N016586EDAA
edathala Aleena Maria yes yes Jose Jeslin Female Degree 9447228174 0484 2838610 N016720EDAA
edathala Merina D’soosa yes yes Milton D’soosa Female Degree 8301013897 9744136482 N016905EDAA
edathala Maria Rakhi yes yes Rajan K K Female Degree 7356962644 8129403918 N025820EDAA
edathala Roshan Mathew yes yes Daisy Mathew Male Diploma 8137926458 9349531017 N016508EDAA
edathala Rosmia James yes yes G James Female Degree 9846087120 7591937121 N016986EDAA
edathala Sheltan Mathew yes yes Mary Mathew Male Degree 6238924613 9567537026 N017090EDAA
edathala Silai Gilson yes No C C Gilson A S Female B.Sc Nursing 9388729266 7909139284 N016751EDAA
edathala Sneha D’sooza yes yes Nelson D’sooza Female Integrated Courses 7907686771 9400386415 N017114EDAA
edathala Sonia Sebastian yes yes Sebastian P J Female Degree 8139046947 9388526821 N017174EDAA
edathala Sruthi Sebastian yes yes Sebastian Joseph Female Degree 8136801196 N016903EDAA
edathala Thejal Devassy Shaji yes yes Shaji George Male Degree 9656968467 9495994038 N016756EDAA
edavanakad Abhai Antony yes yes Joby K A Male Degree 8156822359 N009174EDAD
edavanakad Alphy K Joseph yes yes K A Joseph Female Degree 9847661750 8137857474 N010208EDAD
edavanakad Ambrose John yes yes Roshmy Joseph Male Degree 9947800257 N024694EDAD
edavanakad Amingold M J yes yes Johnson M C Male BDS 9995030178 N010184EDAD
edavanakad Anagha Ambi yes yes Ambi K A Female Degree 8590429550 N024699EDAD
edavanakad Aneetta Ambrose yes yes Sheeba Ambrose Female Degree 9207436199 9562135475 N010171EDAD
edavanakad Ann Mary M J yes yes Suja Johnson Female Degree 9605094327 7356056853 N009179EDAD
edavanakad Anna Niya yes yes Joseph Female General Nursing 7012142740 N032143EDAD
edavanakad Antony V R yes yes Rajan V X (Allesh V X) Male B.Pharm 8157061747 9846535647 N011746EDAD
edavanakad Celine Ruth yes yes Pius P A Female Ph.D 9495763206 7561025623 N009146EDAD
edavanakad Mariya Daniya K S yes yes K V Sabu Female Degree 7736635382 N008833EDAD
edavanakad Ebin Joseph A J yes yes Johnson A K Female Degree 9846958306 N008846EDAD
edavanakad Gibson M S yes yes Sebastian M A Male Degree 9745995187 N009181EDAD
edavanakad Jencemol yes yes Jolly Jerom Female PG 8129922094 97474 23288 N008859EDAD
edavanakad Jerena K J yes yes James K V Female Degree 9745656857 N008879EDAD
edavanakad Jimna K J yes yes James K V Female Degree 6238256356 N008878EDAD
edavanakad Jincy Jerom yes yes Jolly Jerom Female Degree 9656901146 9747423288 N008858EDAD
edavanakad Livin Jackson yes yes Mini Jackson Male B.Tech / BE 07025907210 9446079665 N025106EDAD
edavanakad Maria Densal yes yes Densal V A Female B.Tech / BE 8086548697 N009176EDAD
edavanakad Mariya Martina yes yes Mary Martin Female PG 8089424062 N010177EDAD
edavanakad Mary Ancy yes yes Ambrose T R Female B.Sc Nursing 8113073407 9946749938 N009195EDAD
edavanakad Mary Jifna Antony yes yes Antony M J Female BHMS 8547585942 8606391825 N010214EDAD
edavanakad Merin Joyce M R yes yes Raphael Female Degree 7594801255 9995071255 N027151EDAD
edavanakad Sneha Shibu No Bank account yes Shibu C C Female Degree 9447144570 N014850EDAD
edavanakad Sam Emmanual No Bank account yes Rosa Sibi Male Degree 7736284579 N009143EDAD
edavanakad Noel Alex yes yes Sibi Alex Male I.T.I/I.T.C 9946678498 N008862EDAD
edavanakad Reeshma Biju yes yes Biju K A Female Degree 7356077563 N011749EDAD
edavanakad Ridhul Joshi yes yes K A Joshi Male B.Tech / BE 8157028349 N027142EDAD
edavanakad Riya Biju yes yes Biju K A Female PG 9746338729 N011748EDAD
edavanakad Riya Elizebeth yes yes Jolly Ambrose Female B.Ed 9072307609 7593036974 N019064EDAD
edavanakad Sandra Mariya yes yes Jessy Devassykutty Female PG 8139890449 N008875EDAD
edavanakad Shalet Sojan yes yes K A Sojan Female Degree 7510848102 9605745365 N010218EDAD
edavanakad Shaniya Sojan yes yes K A Sojan Female B.Tech / BE 9746627439 9605745365 N010217EDAD
edavanakad Lilly Shifna yes yes Bernard K O Female Degree 7593956214 N013659EDAD
edavanakad Sneha Ambi yes yes Bindhu Ambi Female B.Sc Nursing 9645429443 9072729586 N008815EDAD
edavanakad Sonet Kurien A.J. yes yes Johnson A K Male Degree 9846958306 N008845EDAD
edayakunnam Joyal M J yes yes James M V Male B.Tech / BE 9074815936 7293245739 N014728EDAM
edayakunnam Lloyed Pereira yes yes  Mary Linet Pereira Male Degree 09605860604 9895409658 N021926EDAM
edayakunnam Mariya Jomy yes yes Joseph K R Female B.Tech / BE 8848242527 9744520734 N014738EDAM
edayakunnam Mary Siya Sajan yes yes Thomas Sajan Female Degree 9895619600 9995494374 N014260EDAM
edayakunnam Skifo Babu yes yes K C Babu Male B.Tech / BE 6235559855 9037413027 N014231EDAM
edayar Alex Sebastian yes yes Smitha Sebastian Male B.Tech / BE 9207469143 9061364225 N018713EDAR
edayar Amal B Joseph yes No C C Shiny Babu Male Degree 7510105850 9746235932 N018758EDAR
edayar Amal Stephen yes yes S P Stephen Male Integrated Courses 8089706188 7293378866 N018696EDAR
edayar Anns Maria Babu yes yes Shiny Babu Female PG Diploma 8547676932 9746235932 N018759EDAR
edayar Jeethu Shabu yes yes Sheeba Shabu Female B.Tech / BE 9847901418 8086846353 N018717EDAR
edayar Madona Johnson yes yes Johnson T O Female Degree 9895927544 9526192247 N018732EDAR
edayar Maria Irene yes yes C V Shaji Female B.Tech / BE 9995526129 9567512205 N018728EDAR
edayar Pooja Raneesh yes yes Reshma Renish Female B.Sc Nursing 9447057936 9037493893 N018716EDAR
edayar Sandra C F yes yes Filan C P Female Degree 9048761377 9645812362 N018720EDAR
edayar Sharon Filan yes yes Filan C P Male Degree 9645812362 7356166969 N018719EDAR
edayar Shilpa Joshi yes yes oshy T A Female B.Sc Nursing 7306026056 7736059041 N018742EDAR
elamakkara Akhil Tony P yes yes Sheela Tony Male Degree 7902863348 N007218ELAA
elamakkara Akila Xavier yes yes Mrs Bindu Xavier Female B.Pharm 9567845077 N007284ELAA
elamakkara Alvin Joseph yes yes Joseph M P Male Degree 9633629645 9995374148 N007215ELAA
elamakkara Amil Rose George yes yes George Duglas K J Female Degree 9497140038 9037124335 N007556ELAA
elamakkara Anagha Xavier yes yes Mrs Bindu Xavier Female B.Pharm 9567845077 N007286ELAA
elamakkara Ancy Mol Stanley yes yes V M Stanly Female B.Tech / BE 8848755891 N007232ELAA
elamakkara Anet Augustine yes yes Jaya Augustine Female PG 9995402108 9744618537 N007275ELAA
elamakkara Benjamin Sebastian yes No C C A J Sebastian Male I.T.I/I.T.C 9.194E+11 9746830589 N007853ELAA
elamakkara Beyon Sebastian yes No C C A J Sebastian Male Degree 8547609400 9746830589 N007854ELAA
elamakkara Bilna P J yes yes Annie Joseph Female M C A 9847605940 N018215ELAA
elamakkara Davis Richard Peter yes yes Thadevus M P Male B.Tech / BE 9447593297 9497283092 N007287ELAA
elamakkara Don George yes yes Jaferson N G Male Diploma 9895529777 8137031818 N018869ELAA
elamakkara Helan Jacob yes No C C Delsy Jacob Female General Nursing 8547137645 N007285ELAA
elamakkara Ivor Antony yes yes Johnson M A Male Degree 9746234541 9446866206 N007291ELAA
elamakkara Joshna Jolly yes yes Jolly T M Female Degree 9.77801E+11 N007230ELAA
elamakkara Leah Cilil Avin yes yes Avin M Leo Female Degree 8547886683 9495996682 N007552ELAA
elamakkara Mary Jenshy A J yes yes Joseph Franklin Female PG 9037630466 N007531ELAA
elamakkara Mary Mereeta T P yes yes Paul T A Female Degree 9995181641 N030821ELAA
elamakkara Nebin Jaocb yes No C C Jacob B V Male General Nursing 9746664513 N015851ELAA
elamakkara Nikitta Philomina yes yes Anna Soney A A Female Degree 9847985081 7592985081 N007542ELAA
elamakkara Rintu Treesa A F yes yes Francis Romio A X Female PG 9746451882 N018834ELAA
elamakkara Ripsy Rocha yes yes Antony Rocha Female PG 9188426522 N007198ELAA
elamakkara Sandra Babu yes yes Sandra Babu Female Degree 9037959635 8075543704 N007276ELAA
elamakkara Sen Sagasius yes yes Beena Sagasius Male Diploma 9744719355 N007200ELAA
elamakkara Sharon Abraham yes yes Antony A A Male B.Tech / BE 7356070405 9747433936 N007267ELAA
elamakkara Sheyana Rocha yes yes  Jose Mary Poduthas Female Degree 9946605134 N007536ELAA
elamakkara Sneha Antony yes yes Antony Patric P G Female Degree 9567293982 N007208ELAA
elamakkara Tenin Fernandez yes yes Mary Tillies Fernandez Male B.Tech / BE 9995119171 9995470611 N007211ELAA
elamakkara Tifna Fernandez yes yes Mary Tillies Fernandez Female Degree 9995119171 9995470611 N007210ELAA
elamakkara Vinaya Rose A A yes yes Antony Williams A X Female Degree 7736078477 N007246ELAA
elamakkara Wilfred Antony A A yes yes Antony Williams A X Male PG 7736078477 N007245ELAA
elamkulam Akhil Martin yes yes  Martin Male Degree 9744784374 9744265099 N000907ELAM
elamkulam Alshan Martin yes No C C Martin P A Male B.Tech / BE 8606521903 9745319103 N013754ELAM
elamkulam Aneeta P S yes yes Maggi Sebastian Female B.Tech / BE 9809404930 9446608405 N031975ELAM
elamkulam Anna Sony yes yes Augustine P D Female B Arch 8547512463 8921861900 N008414ELAM
elamkulam Dhanya James yes yes V A James Female B.Tech / BE 9446515873 9447725873 N000614ELAM
elamkulam Edwin Joshy yes yes Princy Joshy Male B.Tech / BE 7306271511 8921124063 N000382ELAM
elamkulam Glorita Maria yes yes Molly Jude Female BHMS 8547550708 9447475463 N015640ELAM
elamkulam Lins Maria yes yes Mary Benny Female Degree 8089471801 8078791142 N000608ELAM
elamkulam Sandra yes yes Raphael C C Female B.Sc Nursing 6282362262 9746495206 N013753ELAM
elamkunnapuzha Abel A J yes yes Joseph A G Male Degree 7012680464 N008977ELAZ
elamkunnapuzha Ancy C R yes yes C J Raphael Female Degree 7025338477 9847552332 N029900ELAZ
elamkunnapuzha Ann Mary Neena yes No C C Antony C J Female B.Sc Nursing 9249858412 9495729830 N007333ELAZ
elamkunnapuzha Annan Antony D’Silva yes yes Antony D’Silva Male B.Tech / BE 9961061385 9447233268 N027777ELAZ
elamkunnapuzha Antony Kevin D’silva yes yes Peter D’silva Male Degree 9188470533 9961449840 N007334ELAZ
elamkunnapuzha Brian S R yes yes Raphel Male Degree 9895025780 9895025780 N008063ELAZ
elamkunnapuzha Deepak Jose P M yes yes P P Marydas Male Diploma 9567032507 9946690828 N008062ELAZ
elamkunnapuzha Deol Prinson yes yes Reena Prinson Male Degree 9895028482 9633177850 N013940ELAZ
elamkunnapuzha Faniya Joseph yes yes Joseph M C Female B.Tech / BE 9961800231 6235428884 N022141ELAZ
elamkunnapuzha Femiya Martin yes yes Mercy Martin Female Degree 9495123920 N008048ELAZ
elamkunnapuzha Maria Stephy Jenson yes No C C Jenson Rapheal Female B.Sc Nursing 8281700590 9567135958 N022144ELAZ
elamkunnapuzha Neha Paul yes yes Famila Paul Female Degree 9744421199 7510885698 N022138ELAZ
elamkunnapuzha Sandra P A yes yes Ambrose P X Female Degree 8156853457 9562219787 N023714ELAZ
elamkunnapuzha Shani K S yes yes Shelly K A Female PG 9495290097 9562839009 N008050ELAZ
elamkunnapuzha Telvin Martin yes yes Martin A S Male Degree 9446803554 9142593392 N007329ELAZ
elamkunnapuzha(r) Amlin Mendez yes yes Jerom Emilian Mendez Female Degree 9847733477 7034884069 N010716CHAV
elamkunnapuzha(r) Mariya Janiya Poduth yes yes Joseph Poduthas Female Degree 9567074258 8113014258 N029620ELAR
elamkunnapuzha(r) Renya Alby yes No C C Alby T A Female Degree 7356407341 8086133941 N029868ELAR
elamkunnapuzha(r) Seethal Thomas yes yes Thomas I A Female Degree 9605274193 9544817701 N014821PERY
elamkunnapuzha(r) Tony D’cunha yes yes Mary Siquera Male Degree 9207504006 9447046396 N014692PERY
ellor-christking Ancy George yes yes George T A Female Degree 974088677 9847419920 N022356ELOR
ellor-christking Diya Monica V C yes yes Charly V V Female Diploma 9846074794 9539288829 N004308ELOR
eloor Ajith David yes yes P D David Male Degree 8281989576 8281348576 N020362ELOR
eloor Albin Chacko yes yes A A Chacko Male B.Tech / BE 9847117153 N004313ELOR
eloor Ann Earnest yes No C C V L Earnest Female Degree 8606226372 9562216372 N002973ELOR
eloor Ann Riya Antony yes yes A J Antony Female Degree 9446215586 8547765586 N002959ELOR
eloor Ann V Varghese yes yes  Varghese V T Female Integrated Courses 9846328298 9846178098 N005306ELOR
eloor Antony Savio C A yes No C C Ambrose Williams C A Male M B A 9995681465 9633747263 N002966ELOR
eloor Diyol Edwin yes yes Edwin T A Male BPT 9496643907 7736721727 N004319ELOR
eloor Diyon Varghese yes yes P D Varghese Male Degree 7736349834 8281349834 N020363ELOR
eloor Dona Jackson yes yes Jackson T A Female Degree 9745617805 9846229330 N003569ELOR
eloor Donal Dennis yes yes Dani Dennis Male Degree 7012529221 9746948756 N019563ELOR
eloor Eldha Mathew yes yes V I Mathew Female Degree 9947452777 8281183277 N004318ELOR
eloor Elizabeth Steena yes yes Xavier Saju Female B.Sc Nursing 7902428939 9447205435 N004943ELOR
eloor Giya Johnson yes No C C Johnson T.T Female PG 7559878040 8547018339 N004286ELOR
eloor Jerrin Jordan yes yes Joseph Jordan T.J. Male B.Tech / BE 9400546910 9061546910 N007666ELOR
eloor Lin Lingon yes yes Lingon John Male M B A 09400745969 N010992ELOR
eloor Liya Raju yes yes Raju Joseph Female Degree 9496216909 9847282904 N004300ELOR
eloor Louis Ansal C A yes No C C Ambrose Williams C A Male Degree 8547968265 9633747263 N002967ELOR
eloor Megha Sajan yes yes K J Sajan Female Degree 9995356085 9447395608 N003558ELOR
eloor Milan George yes yes  William V G Male B.Tech / BE 9779180837 9746458549 N002965ELOR
eloor Mintu Sebastian yes yes Sebastian P C Female Degree 9061637227 9961708315 N003564ELOR
eloor Minu Mary William yes yes William V G Female PG 7306089310 9746458549 N002964ELOR
eloor Navya Sajan yes yes K J Sajan Female Degree 9995356085 9447395608 N003559ELOR
eloor Niya Varghese V yes yes  Varghese V R Female Degree 8921662435 9995398703 N007320ELOR
eloor Aleena Varghese No Bank account No C C A A Varghese Female 1 Year Certificate Course 7012043821 9447460250 N016693ELOR
eloor Pavithra Joseph yes yes Elizabeth Joseph Female Degree 9895974036 9656974036 N021726ELOR
eloor saffin joshy yes yes Francis Joshy P J Male B.Tech / BE 8547716975 9447206975 N020975ELOR
eloor Saniya Elizabeth yes yes Joseph Moncy Female CMA 9847290934 9400167853 N019779ELOR
eloor Sanjay Varghese yes yes V T Varghese(Shiju) Male Degree 6282821336 8129850898 N020250ELOR
eloor Shilgin Babu yes yes Babu Paul Male Degree 9747608867 9746708867 N004638ELOR
eloor Sona Thankachan yes yes A J Thankachan Female Degree 9633762387 6238128814 N016413ELOR
eloor Sruthy Dixon yes yes T J dixon Female Degree 8075504164 9633147059 N004315ELOR
eloor Tessy Jacob yes No C C T A Jacob Female Degree 9744031150 N013679ELOR
eloor Tom Roshan yes yes Joseph Moncy Male Diploma 9539208876 9961188876 N019778ELOR
eroor Ann Bensiya Antony yes yes Antony C V Female Degree 9995763850 N010697EROR
eroor Ann Maria K T yes yes Thomas K G Female B.Tech / BE 8281171182 9605525913 N024324EROR
eroor Antony Mathew George yes yes Leela George Male Degree 9895720359 6238067001 N024084EROR
eroor Ashna Alex yes yes Alexander K D Female Degree 9633806897 9567213312 N010702EROR
eroor Feby Varghese yes yes Varghese K J Male I.T.I/I.T.C 9895217153 N011555EROR
eroor Joyal Eby yes yes Eby Nelson Male Degree 9074797658 9895866588 N027036EROR
eroor Manu Varghese yes yes Varghese C J Male Degree 7558821485 N011615EROR
eroor Mary Gleren Correya yes yes Simon Correya Female Degree 9744273780 9744273780 N010708EROR
eroor Megha C B yes yes Benny C P Male Degree 9249400563 N029742EROR
eroor Riya Jain yes yes Rapheal Jain Female PG 9349967114 8590132676 N022588EROR
eroor Siya Jain yes yes Rapheal Jain Female Degree 9349967114 8848283958 N022587EROR
eroor Stephy Johnson yes yes Johnson V V Female Degree 8086028488 7736096861 N029403EROR
gandhinagar Alwin Mathew A yes yes Viji Albert Male Diploma 7356716880 9633946880 N013275KALR
gandhinagar Amal Antony yes yes Antony Male B.Tech / BE 9567155564 9744108645 N006137KALR
gandhinagar Amal Nixon yes yes Nixon A X Male Degree 9544098517 9846808884 N013348KALR
gandhinagar Angel Anju yes yes Mathew K P Female Degree 9847112286 9539490751 N001053KALR
gandhinagar Antuony Sabu yes yes Lincy Sabu Male B.Tech / BE 9.18591E+11 9496576467 N003295KALR
gandhinagar Babitha John yes yes Johny M A Female Degree 9744963817 9961807107 N024282KALR
gandhinagar Britney Maria P B yes yes Biju Antony P X Female Degree 8156878872 9846045717 N000676KALR
gandhinagar Gladwin Lesly yes yes M J Antony Male B.Tech / BE 9847160203 8089165400 N014059KALR
gandhinagar Jes John P S yes yes  Sibi Antony P X Male Diploma 09605858408 09497295671 N003544KALR
gandhinagar Jibin Thankachan yes yes  Thankachan Male Degree 7736424576 7736160190 N016676KALR
gandhinagar Johny C V yes yes Varghese C V Male Degree 9.19447E+11 9847337957 N000673KALR
gandhinagar  Mary Athulya David yes yes David A P Female Integrated Courses 9846069065 9947453290 N013897KALR
gandhinagar Sheffin Tomy M J yes yes Tomy M A Male B.Tech / BE 7994538246 9745365513 N024277KALR
gandhinagar TREESA TISHA yes yes Mary Joseph Female Degree 8113015782 9633615782 N002829KALR
gandhinagar Xavier Antony yes yes Antony C X Male Degree 8921837630 8281386947 N003545KALR
infant jesus Avril Carmel Libera yes yes Josy Libera K.F Female Degree 9495218690 7356868525 N023790INFT
infant jesus Brendon Joseph Rozar yes yes Osbern Rozario Male Degree 9961618186 9847321871 N026937INFT
infant jesus Christeena Meril Lib yes yes Josy Libera K.F Female Degree 9495218690 8138993203 N023791INFT
infant jesus Steve Paiva yes yes Simon Paiva Male Degree 8921648200 6238028019 N023650CHAH
irumpanam Ann Riya Selix yes No C C Selix T F Female B.Sc Nursing 9645989464 9946905320 N022309IRUM
irumpanam Joyal Joshy yes yes Joshy K S Male Diploma 8129504588 9446702427 N022302IRUM
irumpanam Liju Thomas P L yes yes P A Lalan Male B.Tech / BE 9446314519 9539267080 N022311IRUM
irumpanam Megha Johnson yes yes K S Johnson Female Degree 8089661389 8129053784 N022306IRUM
irumpanam Nimmy K S yes yes Shaju K X Female Degree 8921316480 9961173899 N022485IRUM
irumpanam Sandhra Eby yes yes Eby George Female Degree 8848697385 9495130074 N022550IRUM
irumpanam Varun T George yes yes Terence George Male B.Tech / BE 9633304188 7012836005 N015953UNIA
kadapuram Aleena K S yes yes Jency Siju Female Degree 9778038408 9946935784 N017446KARM
kadapuram Aleena yes yes P M Josy Female Degree 7902665361 8086553995 N014172KARM
kadapuram Litty V S yes yes Lissy Stanley Female Degree 9745804100 9539079305 N020822KADM
kadapuram Sandra M S yes yes Sindhu Shaji Female Degree 8943724375 9746675126 N013315KARM
kadavanthara Robin Roy yes yes Lissy Roy Male Degree 8893058116 9746754612 N022624KADA
kadavanthara Anex Antony yes No C C Antony Shiju Male I.T.I/I.T.C 9995647847 9946770064 N022516KADA
kadavanthara Ashwin Rainold yes yes Agnes Rainold Male Degree 9895921845 7025557219 N018404KADA
kadavanthara Diya Joseph yes yes Joseph K U Female B.Sc Nursing 9747928852 7736607642 N022826KADA
kadavanthara Elizabeth Shimmy T.G yes yes T G George Female Degree 9249448886 7994173914 N009791KADA
kadavanthara Enitta Benny yes yes BENNY V G Female Degree 9633991407 8129692703 N022802KADA
kadavanthara George Dan Devasy yes yes Devasy K F Male Degree 9447881307 9895530887 N032147KADA
kadavanthara Mary Gincy Job yes yes Job A D Female Degree 8089351350 7994219883 N022799KADA
kadavanthara Jiya yes yes Luvi K E Female Degree 9633873409 9895417560 N017143KADA
kadavanthara Joel Wilfred yes yes Mini Wilfred Male B.Tech / BE 9961197299 9961048967 N013936KADA
kadavanthara John J Jude yes yes Joseph Marselin K Male Degree 9072827277 8330806187 N017144KADA
kadavanthara Jose Anto George yes yes T G George Male B.Tech / BE 9249448886 7994151719 N009792KADA
kadavanthara Louis Don Bivera yes yes Wilson Bivera Male Diploma 7736453135 9387492353 N017313KADA
kadavanthara Mary Tiny Bivera yes yes Francis Bivera Female Degree 8943275501 9249244962 N017584KADA
kadavanthara Merin Martin (Selin yes yes Sindhu Martin Female Degree 7736027460 9633481757 N009795KADA
kadavanthara Nelwin T Vakkachan yes yes Mary Binsy M A Male B.Ed 8075214866 9526559559 N009553KADA
kadavanthara Priya Joseph yes yes Lissamma Joseph Female PG 8113951835 9188556913 N019177KADA
kadavanthara Riya Roy yes yes Lissy Roy Female B.Pharm 8893058116 9947055701 N022621KADA
kadavanthara Sandhra Joseph yes yes Lissamma Joseph Female Degree 7034695282 8113951835 N022282KADA
kadavanthara Sharon Mary yes No C C P G Thadeus Female Degree 9847527979 6235530456 N022828KADA
kadavanthara Shayal Antony E.G. yes No C C Lisa George Male Degree 7736027448 9895851580 N013932KADA
kadavanthara Mary Cigi yes yes Sanu Sebastian Female Degree 0 7736710663 N022796KADA
kakkanad Aashmi Brijit George yes yes Joshina K J Female B.Tech / BE 9745074360 9946603300 N021509KAKD
kakkanad Aashna Mary George yes yes Joshina K J Female Degree 9946603300 9846185680 N021510KAKD
kakkanad Aidanphil  Antony Disa yes yes John Crysostem Dias Male B F Tech 9207988558 9946822289 N029575KAKD
kakkanad Alfin Varghese yes yes Varghese M J Male B.Tech / BE 9633556546 9995889244 N012736KAKD
kakkanad Alina Maria yes yes A F Lambert Female MBBS +91 9895087783 +91 9995829273 N011656KAKD
kakkanad Angel Jelson yes yes Binu Jelson Female Degree 9895745851 9447404585 N018607KAKD
kakkanad Aashna Johny yes yes Johny Adichiyil Female Degree 9747493798 9846220811 N011684KAKD
kakkanad Beneeta Sabu yes yes Sabu Joseph Female B.Tech / BE 8848690596 9037863992 N011674KAKD
kakkanad Joffin Joy yes yes Joy P V Male M.Tech 9388481554 7994260053 N018174KAKD
kakkanad Lenah Annie N J yes yes Juby Antony Female CA 9846824263 N026302KAKD
kakkanad Manu E M yes yes Martin E R Male BF Sc 8921868821 9847859869 N025171KAKD
kakkanad Maria Treesa Roy yes yes Roy P J Female Degree 7025234250 9400031570 N024411KAKD
kakkanad Merlin Thomas yes yes Thomas V A Female Degree 9447609470 9605357329 N004763VADA
kakkanad Neha Martin yes yes Martin K C Female Degree 7012920934 9895870753 N027643KAKD
kakkanad Oswin Anselm Season yes yes Hansa Season Male Degree 8304817550 7907437643 N023789KAKD
kakkanad Robin Biju yes yes Biju K P Male Degree 8281321069 N031069KAKD
kakkanad Sereena K Albi yes yes Albi K A Female Degree 9605432222 9846586473 N029106KAKD
kalamassery px Alen Suresh yes yes Sheena Suresh Male Degree 7356695228 7736779760 N013582KALX
kalamassery px Amal Antony K yes yes ANTONY PETER K P Male B Arch 9895592264 7306420043 N014593KALX
kalamassery px Aparna C S yes yes C C Sudheer Female Degree 9388618077 8590762252 N026201KALX
kalamassery px Ayana Christy yes yes Christopher Panichikkal Female MBBS 9074934328 9495735578 N009858KALX
kalamassery px Binil Varghese yes yes Xavier P V Male Degree 9895642082 9847097106 N022444KALX
kalamassery px Derry Annie yes yes K V Jacob Female Degree 9605760500 8129207127 N018979KALX
kalamassery px Dinu Johnson yes yes Johnson Female PG 9744497927 9656020896 N013372KALX
kalamassery px Don Denson yes yes Philomina Denson Male Degree 9207025769 9847847466 N021240PONL
kalamassery px Femi T Benny yes yes Benny Joseph Female Degree 9846276282 9447509067 N010066KALX
kalamassery px Jinu Johnson yes yes Annie Johnson Male Degree 09656020896 N009591KALX
kalamassery px Lijo Johny yes yes Johny P J Male B.Tech / BE 9633368744 9746364060 N010685KALX
kalamassery px Nevil Jacob yes yes Xavier P V Male Degree 9895642082 9847097106 N022445KALX
kalamassery px Renjitha P F yes yes Maria Raju Female B.Tech / BE 9496674508 9446814508 N018981KALX
kaloor Aleena Maria T J yes yes Jacob T X Female B.Pharm 6238623158 9349107928 N004105KALR
kaloor Aleena Shajan yes yes Varghese Shajan T G Female Degree 9847953481 9497772006 N003327KALR
kaloor Anitta Antony yes yes K P Antony Female Degree 9744534022 7736015088 N016262KALR
kaloor Ann maria Anu yes yes Thomas Donal Female Degree 9946990010 9446666389 N003717KALR
kaloor Ann Mariya M A yes yes Antony Martin Female Degree 9048423435 9349193187 N015046KALR
kaloor Antony P S yes yes Stephen Joseph Male B.Tech / BE 9847192032 8289871032 N013079KALR
kaloor Ardhra George yes yes K T George Female PG 9645996614 N003715KALR
kaloor Britni Santrin yes yes V M Abraham Female Degree 8281454001 7356646240 N025511KALR
kaloor Christy Joseph yes yes Joseph K G Female Degree 8089800283 9446994306 N001545KALR
kaloor Evania Aji yes No C C Aji Xavier Female B Arch 9895631650 9895420234 N002816KALR
kaloor George Daniel Thomas yes yes A G Thomas(Delvi) Male B.Tech / BE 9207625772 9995572632 N000893KALR
kaloor Githin Jossy yes yes Celine Jossy Male Degree 9567934389 8129843611 N000641KALR
kaloor Godson Simon yes yes Simon C G Male Degree +91 85904 38127 N013478KALR
kaloor Greeshna Gilbert yes yes Gilbert T G Female Degree 9947219955 9746802282 N000898KALR
kaloor Jinson E B yes yes Benny E A Male B.Tech / BE 9061141424 9020435414 N015230KALR
kaloor Jisha P S yes yes Stephen Joseph Female Degree 9847192032 8301072032 N013080KALR
kaloor Ketzia Salu yes yes Salu Joseph Female Degree 9847256651 N017857KALR
kaloor Leedhiya John yes yes John M R Female PG 9847080125 8921974149 N019114KALR
kaloor Leya Rojan yes yes George Rojan Female Degree 9995788145 N013082KALR
kaloor Lijiya K Joshy yes yes Joshy Female Degree 9961760367 9995077345 N001534KALR
kaloor M F Maria Carmel yes yes  Francis Xavier M G Female PG 9947395951 9495178620 N000904KALR
kaloor Mary Shiya Shaji yes yes Shaji K George Female B.Tech / BE 9400254687 9895031951 N000648KALR
kaloor Megha Francis yes yes A M Francis Xavier Female Degree 9995280970 8156850133 N003755KALR
kaloor Maria Ashna T V yes yes T G Varghese Female B Arch 9846500011 9846511144 N000901KALR
kaloor Miyandra Martin yes yes Martin M J Female Degree 9633196423 7907519377 N004121KALR
kaloor Mrudhul Joshy yes yes K A Joshy Male B.Tech / BE 6238980856 9947317669 N013481KALR
kaloor Kevin Jose No Bank account yes Jose T P Male Diploma 8075634117 7907647934 N026807KALR
kaloor Reeti Xavier yes yes Xavier N A Female BHMS 9497427963 9446529963 N001527KALR
kaloor Ria Xavier yes yes Xavier N A Female C A Articleship 9496727963 9446529963 N001528KALR
kaloor Sandra Joseph yes yes C S Joseph Female Degree 8089878736 9995034885 N018043KALR
kaloor Sandra Xavier (Sindr yes No C C Xavier M J Female PG 9567920398 N003739KALR
kaloor Santa Maria Francis yes yes Francis Xavier M A Female PG 9567467149 N000891KALR
kaloor  Santhwana Xavier yes yes Xavier M J Female Degree 9995235266 N003738KALR
kaloor Savio John Francis yes yes Francis Xavier M A Male Degree 9567467149 N000892KALR
kaloor George Sharon yes yes Thomas George Male BPT 7736382020 N017934KALR
kaloor Sherin Mariya Robert yes yes Robert T J Female Degree 8078875539 9846204181 N013359KALR
kaloor Sheryl Varghese yes yes P R Varghese Female PG 9495774231 9400224231 N017848KALR
kaloor Shone Antony George yes yes C P Xavier Male Degree 8089235389 9847357933 N004135KALR
kaloor Sneha E J yes yes James E X Female BDS 9895711765 N001541KALR
kaloor Steve Ross yes yes Abraham Clancy Ross Male I.T.I/I.T.C 956704539 9746400973 N007671KALR
kaloor Swetha George yes yes K T George Female PG 9645996614 N003716KALR
kaloor (a) Alan Payyappilly yes yes  Biji Devassy Male M C A 9847600420 8891696533 N015789PADL
kaloor (a) Allan Luiz yes yes Sabu P L Male B.Tech / BE 8089372099 8089072090 N025886KALR
kaloor (a) Amith Joseph John yes yes John K J Male B.Tech / BE 9847403167 N000761KALR
kaloor (a) Aneesha Francis yes yes Francis K V Female M C A 07736 733070 N000684KALR
kaloor (a) Antony Sreyas yes No C C Shersha Francis Male Degree 8590079174 9037765254 N002808KALR
kaloor (a) Ardra Justin yes yes Justin M C Female PG 9497533305 8606789090 N001040KALR
kaloor (a) Dilna Biju yes yes Biju K T Female PG 9074467350 9746709166 N020445KALR
kaloor (a) Ebin Mathew yes No C C V G Mathew Male Degree 8137001868 9747863424 N000760KALR
kaloor (a) Emmanual Martin Joseph yes yes Joseph Martin Male Diploma 9349357640 7994763874 N000747KALR
kaloor (a) Jomio Antony Jose yes yes Jose Anthappan Male I.T.I/I.T.C 8330079359 9496223795 N000766KALR
kaloor (a) Mariya Eva Joseph yes yes Joseph Martin Female B.Tech / BE 9349357640 7994763874 N000746KALR
kaloor (a) Mary Eva Jude yes yes Jude Martin Female PG 9.17736E+11 9.19389E+11 N017408KALR
kaloor (a) Mary Liya yes yes Antony Binu T J Female Degree 9048668483 9746447691 N002810KALR
kaloor (a) Meera Johnson yes No C C Johnson Joseph Female B.Tech / BE 9895115359 9400695359 N001048KALR
kaloor (a) Melvin Johnson yes No C C Johnson Joseph Male B.Tech / BE 9895115359 9188865359 N001049KALR
kaloor (a) Navya Helen yes yes Antonio Frankline Sabu Female M B A 9846688100 9048238903 N017817KALR
kaloor (a) Neelima yes yes  Sony Jose Female Degree 9847147717 9847147717 N024097KALR
kaloor (a) K T Shanal yes No C C K X Tojan Male Degree 9846173988 9846152210 N000694KALR
kaloor (a) Shiya Tojan yes yes K X Tojan Female BDS 9846173988 7306678523 N000695KALR
karthedom Aasheen Evusabys M X yes yes  Xavier M E Male B.Tech / BE 9400496584 8304965921 N021260KARM
karthedom Abin Rockey yes No C C Ruby Shibu Male Degree 7356016424 9995426124 N012594KARM
karthedom Adith Sebastin M G yes yes M S George Male Degree 7025231535 9496119184 N012710KARM
karthedom Aeishal Jose Great yes No C C Jaya Male B.Tech / BE 8281606855 9497459115 N012426KARM
karthedom Aiden Pinheiro yes yes Jaison Pinheiro Male Degree 8893429602 8078891977 N023692KARM
karthedom Alan K Paul yes yes Jini Paul Male B.Tech / BE 9946409229 8943595496 N012650KARM
karthedom Aldrin Thomas Gomary yes yes Niomi Joseph Male B.Tech / BE 8304867067 9447987067 N012483KARM
karthedom Aleena Johnson yes yes Johnson P A Female B Arch 8547293420 9447093420 N012819KARM
karthedom Aleena Maria yes No C C Hazel Bindu K J Female B.Sc Nursing 9447988871 7594845791 N021319KARM
karthedom Allen Antony yes yes Antony P L Male Degree 8943502508 9947024506 N012822KARM
karthedom Alna Justina Gomary yes yes Niomi Joseph Female BDS 9544936752 9447987067 N012482KARM
karthedom Amala Varghese yes yes  Varghese K X Female Degree 9446335073 9645099751 N012484KARM
karthedom Anagha Varghese yes yes  Varghese K X Female Degree 9446335073 9645099751 N012485KARM
karthedom Aneena C F yes yes Francis C M Female Degree 9747708832 N012690KARM
karthedom Aneeta A S yes yes Shammy A P Female Degree 9562632932 9744222005 N012669KARM
karthedom Anjana yes yes Antony Female Degree 9846006404 8943570389 N012848KARM
karthedom Ann Treesa M A yes yes Antony M A Female Degree 7558891108 N012463KARM
karthedom Anleya Sikkera yes yes Steephan Sikkera Female Degree 9847166847 7510866847 N024829KARM
karthedom Antony Jefin yes yes Fulja Robert Male Degree 9495778210 7593077821 N012504KARM
karthedom Antony Joshua A A yes No C C Antony Saju A A Male B.Sc Nursing 9495747532 9048350004 N012457KARM
karthedom Anupama yes yes K B Antony Female Degree 9497445139 9544038520 N012767KARM
karthedom Ashna Mary T J yes yes Mini Female Degree 9567940071 7510660112 N012590KARM
karthedom Joseph Ashwin yes yes Ruby Shibu Male B.Tech / BE 8129770919 9995426124 N012595KARM
karthedom Athira C G yes No C C Mini Female B.Tech / BE 9946241219 8086793321 N012698KARM
karthedom Augustin Alister Rocha yes yes Antony Rocha Male Degree 8606697864 9961647179 N012445KARM
karthedom Bincy Ashmm yes yes Margret Pinhero Female Degree 8921859511 9544452775 N012950KARM
karthedom Catherine yes yes John William Female Degree 09645098613 9447597702 N030309KARM
karthedom Chelsa Maria O J yes yes Jos Winson O P Female BDS 9847020450 9400594915 N012628KARM
karthedom Christy Liya yes yes Joseph Shaji Female B.Tech / BE 9400498827 9895943245 N017450KARM
karthedom Cliffin Augustine Livera yes yes Joseph Livera Male Degree 8943204567 9745405129 N013298KARM
karthedom Dayana Rose yes yes Reena Damy Female Degree 7034264345 7736343723 N012606KARM
karthedom Fibi N X yes yes Elsy Xavier Male MBBS 8281388875 8848039245 N025803KARM
karthedom George J Ron yes yes Justin Joseph T Male Degree 09995965027 09567622807 N021258KARM
karthedom George Snijin yes yes Poly Carp Male Degree 8086029476 9605994484 N012448KARM
karthedom Gisa P T yes No C C Geetha Thomas Female PG 96568070769 9895937076 N012827KARM
karthedom Jewel Alex yes yes Alexander V S Male Degree 8943197005 8086475228 N013494KARM
karthedom Joseph Ryan Rocha yes yes Dominic Dioclishon Male Diploma 9633454503 9495813684 N021253KARM
karthedom Joshna A J yes yes Joseph A V Female Degree 7902848566 9037375948 N012581KARM
karthedom P J Joshwah yes yes P P George Male I.T.I/I.T.C 9061702337 9633566789 N012499KARM
karthedom Joslyne Mary Johnson yes yes Johnson A M Female Degree 9633048552 9746970677 N012954KARM
karthedom Maria Christeen yes yes Mary Jesy A.G Female PG 8138896353 9526144252 N012764KARM
karthedom Mariya Sonal yes yes George Wilson Female Degree 9946160589 9961937635 N012604KARM
karthedom Mary Ann Ebiya yes yes Elizebath BeenaGomis Female Degree 8593081837 9495579505 N012852KARM
karthedom Mary Ashna yes yes Joseph Benny Female Degree 7560827208 6235927208 N012558KARM
karthedom Mary  J Rose yes yes Justin Joseph T Female Degree 9567622807 702523961 N021259KARM
karthedom Mary Rinu D’Cunha yes yes Thresia Merty Female Diploma 9656176853 N027405KARM
karthedom Mary Sandramol Rodrigues yes No C C Sheena Xavier Rodrigues Female Diploma 9745538074 N012675KARM
karthedom Mary Shemein yes yes Victoria Joseph Female Degree 7994603915 N013229KARM
karthedom Mereena Sanchess Vicario yes yes Agnes Female PG 7558816960 9633149229 N012439KARM
karthedom Milna Treesa A G yes No C C A J George Female B.Sc Nursing 8590890480 8075054548 N012806KARM
karthedom Minnu Carmel P J yes No C C Joseph George Female PG 9946226609 9446495407 N012442KARM
karthedom Mary Maleesha yes yes Elizabath Antony Female Degree 9562494184 N013492KARM
karthedom Nikithamol yes yes Shiny Sajan Female Degree 8943514761 8086737851 N013248KARM
karthedom Nivin Richard yes yes Jeen kannankery Male Degree 9446777706 8086964983 N014875KARM
karthedom Ronin Jude Correya No Bank account yes Shyam Antony Correya Male Degree 9947983252 9447052398 N020925KARM
karthedom Noyal Thomas yes No C C Geetha Thomas Male Degree 9656807076 7994990399 N012826KARM
karthedom Reneetta Mariya yes yes Reena V.L Female Degree 9645316733 7510661745 N025027KARM
karthedom Reetty Jerome yes yes A J Jerome Female B.Sc Nursing 8943097401 9846879301 N014908KARM
karthedom Riya Francis yes yes Francis Joseph Baby Female Degree 9447604065 9747652662 N025029KARM
karthedom Rosy Lettisha yes yes Joby K A Female MBBS 9539159276 7025805669 N012955KARM
karthedom Sandhra K S yes yes Sanil K L Female Degree 9847912240 8330854240 N029926KARM
karthedom Philomina Shania yes yes Joy E X Female Degree 9061492944 9947350519 N018218KARM
karthedom Shimia yes No C C Joy E X Female PG 9947350519 9061492944 N018217KARM
karthedom Sincy Vincent yes yes Vincent C T Female BDS 8281054966 7034265014 N012689KARM
karthedom Sneha Agnus yes yes Francis Xavier Female Degree 8086865760 9388478327 N012766KARM
karthedom Staniya Wilson yes yes Mary Wilson Female CMA 9633733156 N013213KARM
karthedom Steevewough John yes No C C Elsy John Male Degree 9778012709 9633098580 N013308KARM
karthedom Switlana John yes yes Elsy John Female Degree 9778012709 9633098580 N013307KARM
karthedom Thomas Heaven yes yes Annie Jisha Male Degree 9946525854 9562283537 N012602KARM
kongorpilly Abin Benny yes yes Benny George Male Degree 9633137535 N026875KONY
kongorpilly Agnes C S yes yes Shajan C J Female Degree 7736240010 N027633KONY
kongorpilly Albin George yes yes Reena  Xavier Male BVSc 9567706545 N031777KONY
kongorpilly Alfeena P Antony yes No C C Marteena Antony Female B.Sc Nursing 7025917030 N005191KONY
kongorpilly Ancyoon M S yes yes Binny Simmachan Female B.Tech / BE 9995740691 N004453KONY
kongorpilly Aneena P Antony yes yes Antony P J Female Degree 9605929198 N005181KONY
kongorpilly Anjitha Joy yes yes  Joy M M Female Degree 9.18087E+11 9.17035E+11 N008005KOOU
kongorpilly Antony C B yes yes Bony C K Male B.Tech / BE 9447583166 9446194292 N010565KONY
kongorpilly Anuja Raju yes yes Vinija Raju Female B.Tech / BE 9947378695 N002728KOTD
kongorpilly Bilbin Noby yes yes Noby Joseph Male Diploma 9207057434 9947660999 N020685KONY
kongorpilly Crisma Martin yes yes Viji Martin Female Degree 9074053196 9074053196 N023848MAKY
kongorpilly Geethu Thomas M yes yes Mary Varghese K Female B.Ed 9495814355 N011089KONY
kongorpilly Geo George yes yes Saju Varghese Male Diploma 8156857052 N006339KONY
kongorpilly Kaspar Savio yes yes Lions Daison Karvali Male B.Sc Nursing 9526841480 N019595KONY
kongorpilly Lima Sebastian yes yes Sebastian P S Female Degree 9495128930 8281258807 N026760KONY
kongorpilly Mariya Joji yes yes Joji K X Female Degree 9605542239 9847642637 N027561KONY
kongorpilly Megha Biju yes yes Siji Biju Female Degree 9847955320 09446403309 N025940KONY
kongorpilly Michelle A Cross yes No C C Diji Alan Female Degree 9947616390 9947616390 N024253MAKY
kongorpilly Nikhil Johny yes yes Johny K T Male Degree 7025048131 N008572KONY
kongorpilly Nivya Varghese yes yes Varghese K A Female Degree 8606840247 9847899147 N027832KONY
kongorpilly Niya Johny yes yes Johny K T Female B.Sc Nursing 7034670521 N008573KONY
kongorpilly Neha Benny No Bank account yes Benny Thomas Female Degree 9562955679 9605715001 N028009KONY
kongorpilly Nova Martin yes No C C Viji Martin Female Degree 7012920540 7012920540 N023847MAKY
kongorpilly Previtha Varghese yes yes Rani Varghese Female B.Tech / BE 9744134388 N026942KONY
kongorpilly Sajna Maria Jude yes yes Jessy Female Degree 91428441153 8111821767 N017192KONY
kongorpilly Samuvel Andrews yes No C C Andrews V A Male Diploma 7994933542 N026877KONY
kongorpilly Sandra Thomas M yes yes Mary Varghese K Female Degree 9495814355 N011090KONY
kongorpilly Stephanet M S yes yes Shibu Mathappan Female Degree 9744419830 N004488KONY
kongorpilly Varsha Johnson yes yes Johnson C V Female Degree 9744415754 N026412KONY
kongorpilly Yahin Jose M V yes yes Sophia Vinu Male B.Tech / BE 9061513813 8129873480 N026943KONY
koonammavu Abel Francy yes yes Sindhu Francy Male B.Tech / BE 9188553854 9495128854 N019998KOOU
koonammavu Aby Johnson yes yes Johnson K D Male Degree 8129124824 9744124015 N008300KOOU
koonammavu Adreena V T yes yes Thomas V A Female Degree 9447603192 8921164331 N019614MUTM
koonammavu Aleena Jose yes yes Linda Jose Female BDS 7025243147 7558082354 N009761KOOU
koonammavu Aleena Judy yes yes Saira Judy Female B.Sc Nursing 7907498197 9061820995 N007992KOOU
koonammavu Aleena Saji yes yes Saji Thomas T Female Degree 9847783696 8281783696 N007994KOOU
koonammavu Aleena Thomas yes No C C Majo Thomas Female Degree 9633683866 7561815644 N007976KOOU
koonammavu Aleena Treasa yes yes K A Titus Female Degree 8606575289 7510616989 N008690KOOU
koonammavu Alen B Panakkal yes yes Bijoy George Male Degree 9495600317 9447713249 N017420KOOU
koonammavu Alphin Jerson yes No C C Sheeja P J Male Diploma 9961439903 9544927157 N008286KOOU
koonammavu Anagha P B yes No C C Benny P L Female Degree 9567871664 9207813961 N007968KOOU
koonammavu Anju (Anjali Jomon) yes yes Jomon A V Female Degree 9037787017 9895533356 N007695KOOU
koonammavu Anju Thomas yes No C C Thomas M J Female Pharm.D 9895761761 9645777761 N014862KOOU
koonammavu Ann Maria Jose yes yes Rekha Jose Female Degree 9496366722 9400513360 N007964KOOU
koonammavu Ann Maria Shaju yes yes Shaju Xavier Female Degree 9895348801 7902457588 N008205KOOU
koonammavu Aroan Andrews yes yes Andrews K S Male B.Tech / BE 9207557486 9349119506 N010533KOOU
koonammavu Ashna Alex yes yes Alex Joseph Female Degree 7306113566 7994181640 N008228KOOU
koonammavu Ashna K J yes yes K P Job Female PG 9562823286 9388133385 N008655KOOU
koonammavu Ashna Shajan yes yes Shajan K A Female B.Tech / BE 8281368220 9539592673 N008214KOOU
koonammavu Ashna Thomas yes yes A P Thomas Female PG 7356459134 N010438KOOU
koonammavu Ashwin Varghese yes yes Saina Varghese Male PG 9495426061 7012927557 N008298KOOU
koonammavu Bensen Mathew yes yes Mathew P V Male Degree 8848863414 9947236272 N015843KOOU
koonammavu Blessen Mathew yes yes Mathew P V Male Degree 6282589038 9947236272 N015844KOOU
koonammavu Britny K Blaize yes yes Roja Paul Ambooken Female Integrated Courses 9961937758 N028755KOOU
koonammavu Chris Thomas yes yes Tomy Thomas Male B.Sc Nursing 8281258147 N030909KOOU
koonammavu Diya Maria Siril yes yes Siril E A Female Degree 9.19447E+11 9495130316 N021744KOOU
koonammavu Dona Joy yes yes Dessy Joy Female Degree 6238571457 9847453385 N008276KOOU
koonammavu Emil Goodson yes No C C Goodson C J Male Degree 09496085902 09995305902 N021679KOOU
koonammavu Fiby Tomy yes yes Tomy P V Female B.Tech / BE 9544418337 9961815579 N012274KOOU
koonammavu Frijin Sabu yes yes Sabu T J Male Degree 9349180675 9961789212 N008266KOOU
koonammavu George Jibin K S yes yes K A Sebastian Male Degree 9656594103 9747595904 N015662KOOU
koonammavu Greeshma Theressa yes yes Mary Sheela Female Degree 9495676190 9995755343 N007987KOOU
koonammavu James George yes yes Raju George Male B.Tech / BE 7902457217 9995782393 N008211KOOU
koonammavu Jerin James yes yes James Abraham Male B.Tech / BE 8606234582 9947328070 N008182KOOU
koonammavu Jisna A J yes yes Beena Johny Female Degree 9847353324 7736249321 N007991KOOU
koonammavu Joseph Ranold Paul yes yes Paul V J Male Degree 9605943944 8714474831 N008013KOOU
koonammavu Josna C J yes yes Rosmi Silvester Female B.Tech / BE 9495307142 9400629825 N022546KOOU
koonammavu Rosa Josna Joseph yes yes K T Joseph Female Degree 9847438582 9747438582 N029277KOOU
koonammavu Jovin Darvin yes yes V A Darvin Male B.Tech / BE 9.16235E+11 9.19496E+11 N008222KOOU
koonammavu Justeenia Fima yes yes Jomon M J Female B.Sc Nursing 9995127468 8089356359 N008017KOOU
koonammavu Kevin Joseph yes No C C Joseph K J Male BFA 9567889868 9605667692 N025186KOOU
koonammavu Liya Elizabeth yes yes Shaju Xavier Female BDS 9895348801 7902457588 N008204KOOU
koonammavu Mariya Shaju yes yes Shaju Antony Female B.Tech / BE 9847382399 N009481KOOU
koonammavu Maria Sheona yes yes Devassy P O Female Degree 7736501471 9446495471 N009471KOOU
koonammavu Mariya Soniya V S yes yes Shajan V S Female Degree 9061349104 9961728105 N008188KOOU
koonammavu Mary Diji Joseph yes No C C Joseph M C Female B.Ed 9947514677 7356892657 N007983KOOU
koonammavu Mary Priya Jomon yes yes Jomon M J Female B.Sc Nursing 8111806872 8089356359 N008018KOOU
koonammavu Mary Sijimol K S yes yes K A Sebastian Female Degree 9947659410 7510729410 N015661KOOU
koonammavu Mary Stinya yes yes Augustine P A Female M C A 7034665478 9746248563 N008226KOOU
koonammavu Francis Winown c j yes yes Joseph Joshy c j Male Degree 7994668989 8848896869 N009087KOOU
koonammavu Merin Thresia Judy yes yes Judy A M Female B.Tech / BE 6238217480 9388808560 N015077KOOU
koonammavu Milda Shaju yes yes Mary Shaju Female Degree 9037615700 8893599590 N017760CATL
koonammavu Mishma P Manuel yes yes Varghese Manuvel Female PG 8547846142 N009756KOOU
koonammavu Monica Stinila yes yes Moly Augustine Female B.Pharm 7034665478 9746248563 N008227KOOU
koonammavu Naina Begin yes No C C Begin P J Female Degree 9947919322 8848248344 N008031KOOU
koonammavu Naveen Paul yes yes Paul P George Male Hotel Management 3 Year 7902457355 9847181946 N007977KOOU
koonammavu Navya Paul (Treesa) yes yes Paul P George Female Degree 8089391976 9847181946 N007979KOOU
koonammavu Neubin Sabu yes yes Sabu A C Male B.Tech / BE 6238000017 9895583079 N010641KOOU
koonammavu Nishma Francis K yes yes Francis K S Female B.Tech / BE 9947384579 9847502513 N021739KOOU
koonammavu Nithin Benny yes yes K T Benny Male B Arch 9526209140 8089364976 N010440KOOU
koonammavu Nithin Sebastian yes yes Dalvy Sebastian Male B.Tech / BE 6235230953 7559988667 N010733KOOU
koonammavu Priyanka Paul yes yes Geetha Paul Female BHMS 8970106077 9847012546 N009482KOOU
koonammavu Reejamol M J yes yes M J Johny Female Degree 9526226572 9496827379 N008679KOOU
koonammavu Reshma Robin yes No C C Bindu Robin Female B.Sc Nursing 8129464568 9061012196 N008006KOOU
koonammavu Rose Mary yes yes Shibu Augustine Female Degree 8547895012 9495628229 N015065KOOU
koonammavu Rose Mary Shaju yes yes Shaju Antony Female BDS 9847382399 N009480KOOU
koonammavu Samuel Kuriakose yes yes Kuriakose Antony Male B.Tech / BE 9447607372 N008295KOOU
koonammavu Sarah Rose yes yes Raju George Female B.Tech / BE 9995782393 7902788209 N008210KOOU
koonammavu Shelna Judy yes yes Judy V J Female Degree 8139054736 9656115572 N008251KOOU
koonammavu Shelna Shaju yes yes Sebastian (Shaju K M) Female Degree 9961721962 N008209KOOU
koonammavu Steains Sebastian yes yes M D Sebastian Male Degree 9747845097 9847044506 N009090KOOU
koonammavu Stevin Joseph yes yes Sini Joseph Male I.T.I/I.T.C 9400589035 7994599035 N023590KOOU
koonammavu Tasna P Martin yes yes Martin P O Female B.Tech / BE 7510144946 9605235946 N007710KOOU
koonammavu Thushara Celine yes No C C Mary Sheela Female PG 9495676190 9995755343 N007986KOOU
koonammavu Treesa Aleena yes yes Thomas C R Female Degree 9633754809 9947792332 N018977KOOU
koratty Angel Mary Paul yes yes Paul K A Female Degree 8078514326 N028692KRTY
koratty Anna Maria  Correya yes yes Bosco Correya Female B.Tech / BE 7025499335 8086230450 N028864KRTY
koratty Prince Shaju Kalloor yes yes Tigimol Male B.Tech / BE 9846270072 9188399228 N028771KRTY
kothad Agnel Jacob Sebastian yes yes K G Sebastian Male Degree 8714377957 N004269KOTD
kothad Aishwarya T A yes yes Elizabeth Antony Female Degree 9895344034 N003104KOTD
kothad Ajay Pious yes No C C  Pious C A Male B.Tech / BE 9497687615 9567314387 N003100KOTD
kothad C A Akhil yes No C C Gini Antony Male Degree 9061245031 N001723KOTD
kothad Akshara Joseph yes yes Jasmin Joseph Female Degree 9447569937 9446429937 N013472KOTD
kothad Alan Antony yes yes Albert C C Male Degree 9744989595 9847261023 N004712KOTD
kothad Aleena Lalan yes No C C A A Lalan Female B.Sc Nursing 7902780749 N002445KOTD
kothad Aleena Kadathuz yes yes Jancy Kaduthuz Female Degree 9847903533 N021980KOTD
kothad Alison C A yes yes Antony C G Male Degree 9847992560 N022934KOTD
kothad Anand Antony yes yes Antony K J Male Degree 7909246890 N001700KOTD
kothad Aneeja Mary John yes yes John M T Female Degree 8848871572 8089714326 N001146KOTD
kothad Anjali Roy yes yes Annie Gilroy Female Degree 6282607281 N005367KOTD
kothad Ann Rose yes yes A J Simon Female Diploma 9947848399 9388478040 N014579KOTD
kothad Annmaria K L yes yes  Laiju K J Female Degree 9207595559 9495633255 N001702KOTD
kothad Ann Nidhuna K J yes yes Mary Jasmin Johny Female PG 7510209172 N018027KOTD
kothad Anna Sandra yes yes Francis K J Female CA 9656516790 N020789KOTD
kothad Anna Siya P M yes yes Michael P M Female B.Tech / BE 9074362028 8891018410 N022268KOTD
kothad Ann Mol P A yes No C C Antony P R Female Degree 9656107038 N002703KOTD
kothad Antony Nyghil yes yes Mary Jasmin Johny Male Degree 9744953657 9633341571 N023132KOTD
kothad Antony Sharon yes yes Mary Deepa K J Male Degree 9847884621 9847808369 N021051KOTD
kothad Anu Benadict yes yes Neena Benadict Female Pharm.D 9961008224 N022246KOTD
kothad Archana Antony yes yes Jasmin K J Female Degree 7025705262 9349415262 N022250KOTD
kothad C A Ashik yes No C C Gini Antony Male Degree 9961845031 9562245031 N001724KOTD
kothad Ashly Mary yes yes Alice Antony Female M B A 7356261109 N017175KOTD
kothad Aithira C A yes yes Albert C C Female PG 9744989595 9847261023 N004713KOTD
kothad Bini Benadict yes yes Neena Benadict Female B.Sc Nursing 9961008224 N022245KOTD
kothad Diona M J yes yes Joseph M N Female B.Pharm 9447586411 9846244963 N001707KOTD
kothad Eby Ephrem yes yes Francis C O Male Degree 7025824330 N022264KOTD
kothad Freeda Antony yes yes K J Antony Female Degree 9656062216 9495162216 N003103KOTD
kothad Harsha P T yes yes Thomas P J Female Diploma 8606026993 8129326993 N001713KOTD
kothad Jeesna Brijit M G yes yes Jenet George Female Degree 9747709120 9605240612 N003629KOTD
kothad Joel Manuel yes yes Manuel T C Male B.Tech / BE 9895755340 N007409KOTD
kothad Jose Stallon yes yes Antony P J Male B.Tech / BE 7591979210 7736376404 N022840KOTD
kothad Jose Mon Varghese yes yes K R Varghese Male Degree 8593977902 9961547840 N002412KOTD
kothad Kevin Antony yes yes Joseph Shibu Male Degree 9746238832 N011424KOTD
kothad Ledin M C yes No C C Cheekku M M Male Diploma 7510208522 N025580KOTD
kothad Lelana M C yes yes Cheekku M M Female Degree 7510208522 N025581KOTD
kothad Margaritha Haney yes yes Raphael T V Female Degree 7510585939 N001139KOTD
kothad Maria Abiya yes yes George K P Female Degree 9446981593 N004264KOTD
kothad Mariya Soja yes yes M J Sebastin Female Degree 8129489522 9895537511 N005543KOTD
kothad Mary Shereena yes yes Thampi Augustine Female CMA 9605261500 9656849471 N003099KOTD
kothad Mary Steny yes yes Varghese K A Female Degree 7736415264 8129866317 N021948KOTD
kothad Nevin Alex M B yes yes Benny Ferdinand M A Male Diploma 8113063515 N003101KOTD
kothad Nikhitha Pious yes yes Pious G Thaikkoottathil Female Degree 8078258834 9446449001 N017274KOTD
kothad Philomin Giltta yes yes Molly Pleto Simenthy Female B.Sc Nursing 9946312137 9946312137 N002422KOTD
kothad Priyanka Saju yes yes Saju M G Female Degree 9645304855 9495858991 N002410KOTD
kothad Ricky Pious yes yes Pious G Thaikkoottathil Male M B A 8921781646 8281467883 N017275KOTD
kothad Rose Lima yes yes Shiji Paul Female Degree 9447459342 9747059342 N002431KOTD
kothad Sandra Celin T J yes yes Joshy T J Female Degree 9995404482 N001695KOTD
kothad Sanju C Nelson yes yes Sherly Nelson Male BPT 8714451878 9446451878 N003106KOTD
kothad Sara Thomas yes yes K M Thomas Female Degree 9048092909 9946006115 N002702KOTD
kothad Shain Augustin Jees yes yes Sebastin N A Male Degree 8111870116 N004714KOTD
kothad Shiby Sebastian yes yes M M Sebastian Female M C A 8606899133 N020405KOTD
kothad Sino Sojan yes yes Mary Sojan Male B.Pharm 7558946528 9995110126 N001149KOTD
kothad Taniya Joseph yes yes T V Joseph Female Degree 9562007445 9562089819 N001151KOTD
kothad Vigil T G yes yes George Hilary T V Male B.Tech / BE 9847161481 N011514KOTD
kureekad Amal Pinheiro yes yes Joseph Pinhero Male B of Design 9446140554 04842713359 N016928KURD
kureekad Aneeta Paul yes yes Paul P F Female B.Sc Nursing 09446541963 8281371899 N016931KURD
kureekad Atul Pinheiro yes yes Joseph Pinhero Male B of Design 9446140554 04842713359 N016927KURD
kureekad Jislin Jiji Xavier yes No C C Jiji Xavier Male Diploma 9961329834 9961567404 N019510KURD
kureekad Jomal Justin yes yes Justin Antony Male Degree 9995878837 9895238827 N020591KURD
kureekad Riya Reji yes yes Reji R X Female Integrated Courses 9605654632 9349938892 N016921KURD
kureekad Sandra yes yes Sabu M D Female Degree 9496436732 9496436738 N017203KURD
kureekad Soul Mariya James yes yes K V James Female PG 9446612219 7736271558 N017027KURD
kureekad Yesudas Mobattu James yes No C C K V James Male PG 7736271558 9446612219 N017026KURD
kurisinkal Ashmi Maria yes yes Sebastian Jeemon Female Degree 7034885224 9400513155 N015208KURL
kurisinkal Agnal Mathew P B yes yes Tinu Rose Benny Male Degree 7034006164 8547836721 N015016KURL
kurisinkal Agnes Clincy M C yes yes Cyansi M I Female Degree 7012403315 9037849424 N003186KURL
kurisinkal Akshay Josy yes yes C A Josy Male B.Tech / BE 9400495796 8304071997 N001726KURL
kurisinkal Alainder D’silva yes yes Antony D’Silva Male Hotel Management 3 Year 9656033160 9995147308 N001199KURL
kurisinkal Alan Peter B J yes yes John Del B P Male B.Tech / BE 9961776840 8921963872 N015130KURL
kurisinkal Alanster Jolly Peter yes yes Jolly K P Male Degree 9048187951 7034264005 N027388KURL
kurisinkal M D Alex yes No C C M R David Male Degree 6238547764 N003171KURL
kurisinkal Alex Sheyson I.J yes No C C Mary Ruth K J Male B.Tech / BE 9946089576 9745827964 N002569KURL
kurisinkal Alfia George yes yes A J George Female Degree 9072354794 9497478721 N023734KURL
kurisinkal Alina Vincent Figarado yes yes  Vincent Figarado Female Degree 8330871680 9846156639 N005476KURL
kurisinkal Amala M T yes yes Tenson John Female Degree 8943574744 N015504KURL
kurisinkal Annie Rose yes yes Mary Seena Female B.Sc Nursing 9895903120 7034199687 N016624KURL
kurisinkal Ann Mary M M yes yes Elizabeth Sofia A X Female B.Tech / BE 9388641538 9605759993 N006701PABD
kurisinkal Anna Babitha G J yes yes John Remijeious G L Female Degree 9846194001 9847291074 N003168KURL
kurisinkal Annlia Mary Livera yes yes Emanuel Livera Female Diploma 7593926470 9809260874 N016248KURL
kurisinkal Annwin M Shibu yes yes Joseph Shibu M G Male B.Tech / BE 9446794169 9747645385 N016035KURL
kurisinkal Antony Adel Figaredo yes yes Judeson Figaredo Male Degree 9895358110 9539560875 N005475KURL
kurisinkal Antony Alphin yes yes Elizabeth Cleetus Male B.Ed 9061310849 9446992701 N011596KURL
kurisinkal Antony Ambrose yes yes Premy Sebastain Male Degree 9037124223 7356852722 N012727KURL
kurisinkal Antory Roshan yes yes Reena Robert Male Degree 9539052115 8089691237 N016195KURL
kurisinkal Ashwin Nelson yes yes Shisy Nelson Male Degree 9995635171 9656289470 N016665KURL
kurisinkal Baby Xavier T T yes yes Thomas T R Male B.Tech / BE 6282328621 9446322493 N003518KURL
kurisinkal Bea Trice Thomas yes No C C Thomas K M Female PG 9544897047 8156997047 N001031KURL
kurisinkal Bigil Joseph yes yes Mini Joseph Male Diploma 8086911727 9947682283 N003507KURL
kurisinkal Bleizy Josey yes yes Sinsy Josey Female Degree 9446473287 8281579287 N015520KURL
kurisinkal Mary Blessy yes No C C Patrick George Female B.Sc Nursing 8075642516 N001202KURL
kurisinkal Caslin B J yes yes Caslin B J Female CMA 9645217318 9496072488 N001020KURL
kurisinkal Celina Rose yes No C C Mary Beena Female Degree 8138032455 9567981231 N002028KURL
kurisinkal Celine Liya yes yes Seena Saju Female Degree 9061723774 9495595362 N015509KURL
kurisinkal Cerine Tresa yes No C C Cerine Tresa Female PG 7558018941 9495187753 N005478KURL
kurisinkal Chritina John yes yes Livi John Female BHMS 7558096454 9895225732 N002560KURL
kurisinkal Cibella Dixon yes yes Simon Dixon Female BAMS 9447153327 8304023327 N017070KURL
kurisinkal Dion Raphael yes yes Maria Sane Thomas Male Degree 9946675787 7034871380 N026979KURL
kurisinkal Edwin K Ugin yes yes Ugin Joseph Male Degree 7558965757 9995407960 N026116KURL
kurisinkal Edwin Thomas yes yes Antony Nixon V T Male B.Tech / BE 9846812575 9809534715 N003176KURL
kurisinkal Ephrin Peter B O yes yes Thomas Orpheus Male B.Tech / BE 9995181677 8921408771 N015518KURL
kurisinkal Evan Elvin Figarado yes No C C Jolly Joseph Figarad Male Degree 9567934277 9387385844 N015512KURL
kurisinkal George Salvin yes yes Joseph D’silva (John Male Degree 07025936192 9349293615 N015853KURL
kurisinkal Glen Martin G. M yes yes Martin Paul Male Degree 9656391343 9895577602 N003166KURL
kurisinkal Gokul Roshin P yes yes Roshin Joseph P F Male B.Tech / BE 9895757877 8547452944 N016036KURL
kurisinkal Hereldus D’silva yes yes Augustin Nerin D’silva Male B.Tech / BE 8075958312 8281654839 N015730KURL
kurisinkal Hewett Joel yes yes Joshy Thomas A X Male Degree 7994606817 9446865192 N003178KURL
kurisinkal Joel John C J yes yes Joseph Shaji C.K. Male Degree 9446275526 8891915958 N016021KURL
kurisinkal John Sarun yes yes Mary Ruth K.J Male Pharm.D 9946089576 9961235318 N002570KURL
kurisinkal John Shelvin yes yes Joseph Shyjan C J Male Degree 9207388047 9746388047 N001221KURL
kurisinkal Ken Antony M C yes yes Cyansi M I Male PG 9961927131 N003187KURL
kurisinkal Kenes Chris yes yes Christopher Samson J Male M.Tech 8281946180 9497281180 N015723KURL
kurisinkal Libin Jose T L yes yes T D Lawrence Male I.T.I/I.T.C 9605098548 9995579941 N015212KURL
kurisinkal Lijo Johny yes yes thomas joseph Male I.T.I/I.T.C  8113855078 8129384352 N024321KURL
kurisinkal Loraine Harris yes yes B G Anselm Female Degree 9434260515 9679517177 N015517KURL
kurisinkal Lucy Maria yes yes Varghese A G Female Degree 7736228652 7736228652 N019021KURL
kurisinkal Luslin K L yes yes Mercy Lawrence Male Degree 9895969371 8593915018 N015724KURL
kurisinkal Mariya Andriya Figar yes yes Tomy Figarado Female B.Sc Nursing 9562183905 9895287558 N005236KURL
kurisinkal Mary Beneeta Figarado yes yes Basil Figarado Female B.Tech / BE 9747769870 7025072292 N006957KURL
kurisinkal Mary Limna T S yes yes Shajan T A Female Degree 9544277533 9895954935 N003526KURL
kurisinkal Mary Merine Jude yes yes Betty Jude Female General Nursing 8590344893 8129189242 N001024KURL
kurisinkal Mary Nathasha yes yes Alice Antony Female Degree 7025190980 9645562532 N017445KURL
kurisinkal Mary Rosna T R yes yes Reena Robert Female M B A 9605061237 9645157314 N016194KURL
kurisinkal Mary Sandra yes yes Pratheeja Antony Female General Nursing 9961025576 9539185073 N015732KURL
kurisinkal Mary Sansia Figardeo yes yes Jesler Figaredo Female B.Pharm 9446867401 9495337408 N001218KURL
kurisinkal Mary Shabna yes yes Sheeba Shajan Female Degree 7561817501 7736473233 N016238KURL
kurisinkal John Aldrin yes yes Titus George Male Degree 8301879024 N002561KURL
kurisinkal Mercy Rinu T S yes yes Sebastian Roy T D Female Degree 9656144235 9809629061 N003520KURL
kurisinkal  Mary Sofiya M D yes yes M R David Female Degree 8590509258 N003172KURL
kurisinkal Ashna Vincent yes yes A J Vincent Female B.Ed 9567196900 9895665300 N015207KURL
kurisinkal Altia D’Silva yes yes James D’Silva Female PG 9895448378 9746760844 N002018KURL
kurisinkal Ashlitta D’Silva yes yes James D’Silva Female Degree 9895448378 97467608446 N002019KURL
kurisinkal Celin Aleena yes yes Titus George Female PG 8590182238 9946409892 N002562KURL
kurisinkal Neethu Joy yes yes P G Joy Female Diploma 9447959506 8921935959 N015128KURL
kurisinkal Nelfin Netto yes yes Christopher Netto Male Degree 7025956738 8848982299 N003512KURL
kurisinkal Nimi Peter yes yes Moly Peter Female B.Sc Nursing 8921383708 9142190463 N018252KURL
kurisinkal Nidhin Jude yes yes Jude V G Male Degree 8848778093 8078512921 N017073KURL
kurisinkal Nivin Jos M V yes yes Vackachan M J Male B.Tech / BE 9539750564 7356164858 N001013KURL
kurisinkal Nivya Joy No Bank account yes P G Joy Female Degree 9447959506 8921935959 N015127KURL
kurisinkal Preditta Fernandez yes yes Leen Patson Fernande Female Degree 9645156004 9383400329 N002565KURL
kurisinkal Pressy Miranda yes No C C Sebastine Miranda Female Degree 9074377195 8943841479 N015706KURL
kurisinkal Rahul John yes yes Elizabeth Sini Male Degree 8590847315 9447959543 N003165KURL
kurisinkal Reenu Francis yes yes Beena Francis Female PG 9656014819 9446979001 N003530KURL
kurisinkal Rex Cleetus yes yes Elsy Cleetus Male Degree 9895967897 8921012220 N013504KURL
kurisinkal Rickson P J yes No C C Kochuthressia John Male Degree 9495316895 7403131470 N001212KURL
kurisinkal Rintu Francis yes yes Beena Francis Female Degree 9207841266 9446979001 N003529KURL
kurisinkal Rose Mary Benny yes yes Benny  John Female B.Sc Nursing 9207405720 9446610192 N015142KURL
kurisinkal Samuel Joseph yes yes N P Joseph Male Degree 9446275529 9495368579 N015854KURL
kurisinkal Saniya Theresa E.M yes No C C Reena Das Female PG 9656574689 9496765307 N002025KURL
kurisinkal Sebastin Rohan yes yes Brigit Francis Male Degree 9895880355 8086557629 N016650KURL
kurisinkal Shaibin George yes yes Wilson I G Male Degree 6282208018 9847541932 N016023KURL
kurisinkal Sharon Josey yes yes Leena Josey Male B.Tech / BE 9048369351 859048221 N015204KURL
kurisinkal Shiffin Xavier O P yes yes Paul Shibu O A Male Degree 9207562041 9847594638 N026713KURL
kurisinkal Shinson Antony O P yes yes Paul Shibu O A Male Degree 9567177562 9207562041 N021632KURL
kurisinkal Simson Kurian yes yes Simon Dixon Male B.Tech / BE 7356161949 9447153327 N017071KURL
kurisinkal Steev A J yes yes Joseph Stephen A Male Diploma 9847392542 9947873295 N003510KURL
kurisinkal Stefiya Figarado yes yes Tomy Figarado Female Degree 9562183905 9895287558 N005235KURL
kurisinkal Stepheena Thomas yes yes P X Thomas Female BDS 9656532709 9747298664 N001216KURL
kurisinkal Stevenson D’Silva yes yes  Judeson D’sliva Male B.Tech / BE 7902610915 9633175714 N002016KURL
kurisinkal Stiniya Figarado yes yes Sebastin Figarado Female B.Tech / BE 9846677534 9947746171 N016670KURL
kurisinkal Teresa Gibiya Paiva yes yes Boney Louis Paiva Female Degree 9846203681 9048474566 N016190KURL
kurisinkal Tresa Renita yes yes Dancia B Millet Female B Arch 9567929947 9567599459 N009054KURL
kurisinkal Vironi Riya yes yes Brigit Francis Female Degree 9895880355 9745875576 N016231KURL
kurisinkal Yohan James yes yes T A James Male Degree 7025172674 9746686597 N003522KURL
kuttikattukara Alwin K J yes yes Siji K P Male Diploma 7907237709 N004683KUTA
kuttikattukara Amrutha Joseph yes yes K K Joseph Female M.Tech 8574106246 9400536246 N004256KUTA
kuttikattukara Aneena Vincent yes No C C Vincent V U Female PG 9633373059 9847970271 N005548KUTA
kuttikattukara Anisha Alex yes yes Mr Alex K G Female B.Sc Nursing 9746948747 N005550KUTA
kuttikattukara Ann Maria Sebastian yes yes Reena Sebastian Female PG 8075686239 9895005658 N003679KUTA
kuttikattukara Anna Monica Sebastian yes yes Reena Sebastian Female Degree 6238013762 9895005658 N003678KUTA
kuttikattukara Deleena A B yes No C C A G Babychan Female Degree 9567500379 9037257193 N004693KUTA
kuttikattukara John Fabio Libera yes yes John Ferdinent Libera Male M B A 9061364633 9846051203 N002991KUTA
kuttikattukara Mariya Shaiju yes yes Shaiju A J Female B.Tech / BE 9567515714 9746394100 N025311KUTA
kuttikattukara Navya Shaijan yes No C C Shaijan K F Female BAMS 9746452567 9995805231 N015781KUTA
kuttikattukara Nivya Shaijan yes yes Shaijan K F Female Diploma 9995805231 9961912759 N015780KUTA
kuttikattukara Nikith Biju No Bank account yes Biju V.M Male B.Tech / BE 9947829854 9207994193 N006849KUTA
kuttikattukara Sanjana Paul yes yes Alice Paul Female Ph.D 8606033443 09847063445 N004253KUTA
kuttikattukara Sanya Paul yes yes Alice Paul Female B.Tech / BE 9567064811 9847063445 N004254KUTA
lourdupuram Aasumol Antony yes yes Mary Antony Female Degree 9526252387 8136879147 N020829LOUM
lourdupuram Aleena Joseph yes yes Joseph M X Female Degree 9846784828 9846784828 N024362LOUM
lourdupuram Anchal Seraphine yes yes Mary Ambika V L Female PG 9744907367 9744907367 N020537LOUM
lourdupuram Bhoomimol Antony yes yes Mary Antony Female Degree 9526252387 7591994874 N020830LOUM
lourdupuram Chanchal Seraphine yes yes Mary Ambika V L Female Degree 9744907367 9744907367 N020536LOUM
lourdupuram Glenna Carmelin yes yes K J Gilbert Female Degree 9048399447 9745371466 N020928LOUM
lourdupuram Glentin Poduthas yes yes Peter Poduthas Male Degree 9895100594 9605778441 N020627LOUM
lourdupuram Mary Betsy Rocha yes yes Benjamin Rocha Female Degree 9567185577 9895691879 N020534LOUM
lourdupuram Mary Hagar Francis yes yes M J Francis Female Degree 9995181491 9995181491 N021376LOUM
lourdupuram Murphy C Manuel yes yes C T Manuel Male Degree 7907508603 9895464600 N025124LOUM
lourdupuram Naima Elazabeth yes yes Alphonsa Robert Female B.Sc Nursing 9539376219 8129386282 N027796LOUM
lourdupuram Natasha K George yes yes Kala George Female B.Tech / BE 7293347551 8921220352 N027797LOUM
lourdupuram Lidhiya Elsa Alex No Bank account yes Alex Falkanis P A Female Degree 8593869608 N026719LOUM
lourdupuram PHILOMINA PETER yes yes PETER M.T Female B.Tech / BE 9400387064 7356257887 N021220LOUM
lourdupuram Sandra Pauline yes yes Edwin A A Female B.Sc Nursing 9037842523 N029432LOUM
madavana Aleena Antony yes yes I T Antony Female Degree 9249385132 9288093141 N008739MADA
madavana Ayester Denny yes yes Denny Francis Male B.Tech / BE 8593087597 N008331MADA
madavana Christlin Brill yes yes Bridlington Male Degree 9496508691 N009576MADA
madavana Joyal Tomy yes yes Tomy I.M Male Degree 8590535815 7012090925 N010009MADA
madavana Megha Johny yes yes Johny T X Female Degree 9895631426 9995181602 N008339MADA
madavana Riya Simon yes yes T R Simon Female PG 7356694354 N008322MADA
madavana Taniya Jestin yes yes Jessy Justin Female B.Sc Nursing 9656591743 9061137533 N027584MADA
madavana Tiron N R yes yes Roby N G Male B.Tech / BE 8137824548 7907893577 N008358MADA
maloth Ajina Johny yes No C C Mary Johny Alise Molly Female PG 8592935339 9747881416 N009954KOOU
maloth Akhil P A yes yes Antony P V Male Hotel Management 3 Year 9567591182 7034625212 N017601MALT
maloth Aleena Antony yes yes Antony P V Female Degree 7592828416 8086391041 N017628MALT
maloth Aleena Josy yes yes Lilly Josy Female CMA 9544583420 9847525191 N017642MALT
maloth Aneeta Philomina yes No C C Vincy Shiju Female Diploma 9037791705 N017589MALT
maloth Anila K L yes yes Kochuthresya Female Degree 7736624543 9562016442 N017653MALT
maloth Bineesh M.B yes No C C Babu M D Male Degree 8848863834 7736789360 N017699MALT
maloth Elsa Teena P V yes yes Vincent Thadevous Male Degree 7025544402 9961203827 N017809MALT
maloth Jisna Rosily A S yes yes Sebastian A T Female Degree 7902466147 9995029608 N027864MALT
maloth Jisna Varghese yes yes Varghese C F Female Degree 9847506956 9895475523 N017593MALT
maloth Namitha Mary Tomy yes yes Tomy A V Female B.Tech / BE 7356694718 9745195602 N017622MALT
maloth Navaneeth Tomy yes yes Tomy A V Male Diploma 7909165324 9847811868 N017621MALT
maloth Naveena Rose yes yes Tomy A V Female PG 8593874458 9745195602 N017620MALT
maloth Nithiya M J yes yes Beena Johnson Female Diploma 6235142362 N029422MALT
maloth Sahil Jose O P yes yes O J Peter Male B.Tech / BE 7558082346 9961009665 N017596MALT
maloth SELIN SONA yes yes Antony Joseph Female Degree 9895856705 9947005240 N017602MALT
maloth Sevin T S yes No C C Sebastian T G Male Diploma 7736477446 8590832750 N028874MALT
maloth Shebin Poulose yes yes Poulose Kunjukunjue Male Degree 7994392760 9037387779 N024787MALT
maloth Sibin Wilson yes yes Wilson M J Male Degree 7025236576 9847585375 N017630MALT
mamangalam Aleena Berly yes yes Berly John Female Degree 9388842430 9020610322 N020970MAMM
mamangalam A V Jefferson yes yes A X Viju Male B.Tech / BE 7012475375 8921847343 N025870MAMM
mamangalam Aadhya Wilson yes yes Wilson M C Female Degree 9388884171 8304039271 N005624MAMM
mamangalam Aleena Treesa yes yes Mathew George Female Degree 9995486394 N021299MAMM
mamangalam Alinda D’Cruz yes yes Sebastian D’Cruz Female Degree 9446325746 8489197700 N002661MAMM
mamangalam Anila Cicily T M yes yes Martin T F Female Degree 9387107409 8590456178 N002514MAMM
mamangalam Ann Mary Thomson yes yes Thomson Cleetus Female Degree 08129573406 08139003485 N016225MAMM
mamangalam Anna Johns yes yes Johnson K P Female Degree 9846076091 7025252726 N008965MAMM
mamangalam Ashmika Antony yes yes P D Antony Female Degree 8089951097 7034490307 N010657MAMM
mamangalam Chelcy Johny yes yes Johny P M Female B.Tech / BE 9847047415 9746038927 N003790MAMM
mamangalam Darwin D’cruz yes yes Stanly Silvester D’cruz Male B.Tech / BE 9497192546 9249301168 N003763MAMM
mamangalam Delwin D’cruz yes yes Stanly Silvester D’cruz Male B.Tech / BE 9497192546 9249301168 N003762MAMM
mamangalam Divya Deepthi John yes yes John P M Female Degree 9495843721 9446079524 N002502MAMM
mamangalam Gladwin Antony yes yes P L Antony Male Degree 9746272348 8606289374 N002486MAMM
mamangalam Jaimol Joy yes yes Joy Joseph Female Degree 9746471105 9495918097 N003757MAMM
mamangalam Jeffin P Paul yes yes Paul P J Male B.Tech / BE 7736544592 7736468411 N002666MAMM
mamangalam Jennifer Don yes yes Dony Abraham Female B.Tech / BE 8129539587 9895040119 N003774MAMM
mamangalam Nikhil Kurian yes yes Kuriachan P C Male Degree 8590289006 6282186046 N017283MAMM
mamangalam Nishil Jaison yes yes Joseph Jaison Male B.Ed 9.18606E+11 9388646849 N002685MAMM
mamangalam Laya P Y No Bank account yes P P Marian Female 1 Year Certificate Course 9746063323 9605342075 N016708MAMM
mamangalam Amanta Varghese No Bank account No C C Sofia Varghese Female CA 7025596767 9567621674 N029273MAMM
mamangalam Renish Sunny yes yes Sunny George Male B.Tech / BE 9746861614 9895269349 N011845MAMM
mamangalam Rojan James yes yes N G James Male Degree 6282299521 8089693370 N002644MAMM
mamangalam Roy Alexander K Y yes yes Yesudas K A Male Diploma 8547434210 9037904143 N021296MAMM
mamangalam Santhra Martin yes yes P M Martin Female B.Tech / BE 7591996874 N002490MAMM
mamangalam Shimon P Silvester yes yes Silvester P M Male M B A 9446079795 9496092495 N002693MAMM
mamangalam Silvester Martin yes yes Martin Joy Male B.Tech / BE 9846618093 8089530626 N018227MAMM
mamangalam Vibin Xavier M V yes No C C Vincent M C Male Degree 9895490754 8301860075 N002688MAMM
manakkapady Diya Nelson yes yes V S Nelson Female Degree 9048458953 9946020146 N006857THOA
manakkapady Dona Mary Antony yes yes Sheeba Antony Female Degree 8075114773 N023860MAKY
manakkapady Grace P Johns yes yes T O Alexander Female PG 9645468373 9895271740 N023855MAKY
manakkapady Joel Saji yes yes Jeemol Saji Male Degree 9496180540 9447574454 N009516THOA
manakkapady Roniya Antony yes yes Kochuthresia Joseph Female Degree 9605439572 9061365771 N024250MAKY
manakkapady Sebastian Varghese yes yes M P Varghese Male Degree 8281571745 9747423177 N023850MAKY
manattuparambu Agnes Alva yes yes Babu Antony T I Female Degree 6238685677 N011871MANU
manattuparambu Akhiya Sabu yes yes Sabu S R Male B.Sc Nursing 7025566908 N011940MANU
manattuparambu Aleena Johnson yes yes Johnson Joseph Female BPT 9061437840 9495472421 N013407MANU
manattuparambu Anna Mary George yes yes George P X Female Degree 7736616331 9846078331 N012303MANU
manattuparambu Antony K P yes yes Philip K D Male M B A 9447441580 9995471583 N011936MANU
manattuparambu Ashna Dinil yes yes Andrews Dinil Female Degree 8848283351 N012019MANU
manattuparambu Baby Ann Mariya yes yes Babu Antony T I Female Degree 8078501377 N011872MANU
manattuparambu Bilna Benny yes yes Bindu Benny Female B.Sc Nursing 9544411628 N012022MANU
manattuparambu Dona Beatrice yes No C C K V Paul Female PG 9446503120 9446333120 N012309MANU
manattuparambu Jaison George yes yes Sigi George Male B.Sc Nursing 9544528653 N012035MANU
manattuparambu Jaisy Rose M J yes yes James Joseph M I Female Degree 9446721208 N011867MANU
manattuparambu Jomol K P yes yes Philip K D Female General Nursing 9447441580 9995471583 N011935MANU
manattuparambu Josephina Jos yes yes Baby Elizabeth Female Degree 799419173 N012235MANU
manattuparambu Liya Shaji yes yes Sheeba Shaji Female Degree 9995605174 9400986127 N011987MANU
manattuparambu Mariya Josna D’silva yes yes Joseph J D’silva Female B.Tech / BE 9746657185 9961721905 N012356MANU
manattuparambu Neha Bhasi yes yes Bhasi Alex Female Degree 8089121229 N011985MANU
manattuparambu Nivin Ambrose yes yes P G Ambrose Male Degree 9188310277 N012038MANU
manattuparambu P S Roselin yes yes Sheena Jose Female Degree 9744419692 N011932MANU
manattuparambu Rosemol George yes yes George K J Female B Arch 9544714756 8281201577 N012350MANU
manattuparambu Sherin Mathew yes yes Milda Mathew Female B.Tech / BE 09846914815 8136853597 N011880MANU
manattuparambu Silvana Rose George yes yes George P X Female PG 8281436827 9846078331 N012304MANU
manattuparambu Sona Elizabeth K G yes yes George K P Female Degree 7558822897 7902822897 N011938MANU
manattuparambu Elisabath Sona Saju yes yes Reena Saju Female Degree 9188448928 9544892808 N012017MANU
manattuparambu Tinku Jolly yes yes Sheela Jolly Female B.Sc Nursing 9747423278 N011863MANU
manattuparambu Treesa Taniya .P.A. yes yes Ambrose P A Female PG 8547028759 9961476221 N012011MANU
manjanakad Adish Luiz yes yes Ancy Louis Male Degree 7909253301 8891444131 N003013MAND
manjanakad Antony Clinson Rodrigues yes yes Thomas Rodrigues Male Degree 9495876188 9074547875 N002066MAND
manjanakad Ashna Rodrigues yes yes Sherry Rodrigues Female Degree 9188820533 N003005MAND
manjanakad Bifina Francis yes yes Vilsy Francis Female Degree 9847740182 N005913MAND
manjanakad Eirene Durom yes yes Wilfred Durom Female Degree 9072311099 9846364095 N002111MAND
manjanakad Eldrea Rebero yes yes Joseph Anson Rebera Female B.Tech / BE 9188701255 9188024255 N002069MAND
manjanakad Elzy Distilna Rodrigus yes yes Francis David Rodrigues Female B.Pharm 9633017617 9446838108 N003008MAND
manjanakad Jefna Poduthas yes yes Reetha Poduthas Female PG 9400789853 9400993853 N005914MAND
manjanakad Jefrin Mendez yes yes Sheela Justin Mendez Male Degree 7356697948 8129746835 N002057MAND
manjanakad Joice Joy yes yes Judy Joy Female Degree 9446684063 N002161MAND
manjanakad Lilly Reneshya Podut yes yes Ignatious Poduthas Female Degree 9074657292 N002089MAND
manjanakad Living Sebastian yes yes Stephina Sebastian Male Degree 9745851508 9048463108 N002147MAND
manjanakad Mable Felista Vas yes yes Mary Aratt Vas Female B.Sc Nursing 9847712244 9526051682 N002143MAND
manjanakad Merina Durom yes yes Dominic Durom Female PG 9946038626 9744633782 N002097MAND
manjanakad Riya Antony Oliver yes yes Antony Oliver Female Degree 9745306867 8086499002 N002175MAND
manjanakad Ronald Rodrigues yes yes Roy Rodrigues Male CMA 9497478473 9383431640 N002193MAND
manjanakad Rose Distuna Rodrigues yes yes Francis David Rodrigues Female B.Tech / BE 9446838108 9446838108 N003007MAND
manjanakad Rotson Rodrigues yes yes Roy Rodrigues Male B.Tech / BE 9497478473 9383431640 N002194MAND
manjanakad Shantiya Rosario yes yes Maggy Rosario Female Degree 7994908381 9846043357 N002070MAND
manjanakad Kochuthresia Shilna yes No C C Varghese (Melbin) Female B.Sc Nursing 9447926280 8943739860 N002166MAND
manjummel Aghi Paul Titus yes yes Titus A P Male Degree 6238464392 9895152633 N001244MANL
manjummel Alan P S yes yes Shaiju P J Male Degree 9544189063 9961899063 N025355MANL
manjummel Alana Correya yes yes Douglas Correya Female Degree 9895680461 N026722MANL
manjummel Aleena Shaiju yes yes Shaiju P J Female PG 9847983219 9847983219 N015908MANL
manjummel Alfin Benild yes yes Benild E A Male B.Tech / BE 6238962103 9495028649 N005678MANL
manjummel Alphin Sebastian yes yes Sebastian M V Male B.Tech / BE 6282435063 9539714483 N005676MANL
manjummel Amal Johnnson yes yes Johnson A J Male Degree 8606357928 9495467928 N005664MANL
manjummel Aminta Albert yes yes Albert John Female MBBS 6282466624 6282523446 N001250MANL
manjummel Anaya Sebastian yes yes Sebastian C V Female Degree 8113950962 9995677398 N005071MANL
manjummel Ancy Maria Joseph yes No C C K R Joseph Female B.Sc Nursing 7907531143 9562598048 N005682MANL
manjummel Andriya Catherine yes yes Sunny Mon Female B.Sc Nursing 7293173630 9037663859 N020031MANL
manjummel Andriya Jeejan yes yes C A Jeejan Female Degree 9048432720 9846523233 N020427MANL
manjummel Andriya Jojo yes yes Jojo Sebastian Female 1 Year Certificate Course 7994183208 9562751460 N028794MANL
manjummel Anila Joseph yes No C C Joseph P M Female Degree 9746383260 9567698408 N028165MANL
manjummel Anjal Shalet yes yes E G Shalet Female Degree 994712988 9947129808 N005681MANL
manjummel Ankita Topson yes yes Topson A J Female Degree 9947280905 7356156099 N001247MANL
manjummel Ann Mary Paul yes yes Francis Paul Female Degree 9446755289 9495425243 N005070MANL
manjummel Annie Akshaya A P yes yes Vincy Pius Female Degree 9633235373 9847663311 N019301MANL
manjummel Annie Shilpa yes yes Shajan M J Female Degree 7558999823 8943019907 N026438MANL
manjummel Anoop Mathew yes yes Mathew P M Male B.Tech / BE 7902831098 7902831098 N003382MANL
manjummel Antony Jose yes yes Jose Jude Thadevous Male I.T.I/I.T.C 7034178921 9526028990 N020426MANL
manjummel Arsha Roy yes yes Soly Roy Female Degree 9895791676 9895706408 N018108MANL
manjummel Ashna Austine yes yes Austine V J Female Diploma 9809946199 8281493558 N019297MANL
manjummel Ashna Peeyus yes yes Peeyus K V Female Degree 9946882171 6238385785 N005067MANL
manjummel Betsy Biju yes yes Biju Albert Female Degree 9746908096 6282951260 N025354MANL
manjummel Christeena Prakasia yes yes Jude Prakasia Female Degree 9656871699 9947595292 N007042THEA
manjummel Derrin Damian Rozario yes yes Maggi Rozario Male Diploma 9037273837 6238124693 N023203MANL
manjummel  Dhanya Joy yes yes Joy E J Female PG 9961428884 9495025953 N005649MANL
manjummel Digi Therese yes yes Jose Dixon Female Degree 9207851077 9847110510 N001223MANL
manjummel Dini Lilly K J yes yes Jose Dixon Female Integrated Courses 9961510748 9847110510 N001224MANL
manjummel Dino David yes yes Jainy David Male Degree 7025210476 6282645404 N018773MANL
manjummel Divin Dixon yes No C C Dixon A J Male Degree 9539493858 8136829451 N001232MANL
manjummel Eva Antony yes yes Antony Xavier Female Degree 9188030180 9446055426 N027129MANL
manjummel Gini Elezabeth yes yes Jose Dixon Female CMA 9961510768 9847110510 N001225MANL
manjummel Jiss Jose yes yes K P Jose Female Degree 9061740550 9846750931 N017248MANL
manjummel Jiya Jose yes yes K P Jose Female Degree 9061740550 9846750931 N017247MANL
manjummel Joemon Joseph yes yes Joseph P T Male Degree 8075553950 9895542322 N027849MANL
manjummel Joffen Jolly yes yes Jolly S Male Degree 9446016760 9061823740 N022401MANL
manjummel Joseph George yes yes Reetha George Male Degree 9446833168 9847565498 N025702MANL
manjummel Joyal Thomas yes yes E.J. Thomas Male Integrated Courses 9847677338 9037201644 N005064MANL
manjummel Levin Babu yes yes K J Devassykutty (babu) Male Diploma 9446769888 9496238289 N025703MANL
manjummel Lithiya George yes yes P A George Female B.Pharm 9847671424 9447583221 N025700MANL
manjummel Maria p j yes yes Joseph P J Female Degree 8921445272 9947268101 N026276MANL
manjummel Mary Agna Correya yes yes Sebastian Correya Female Degree 9846432287 9061361729 N020020MANL
manjummel Mary Sandra M J yes yes Joy M A Female Degree 6282457056 9995290763 N023597MANL
manjummel Milda Delson yes yes Mini Delson Female Degree 9074178071 9746783947 N025351MANL
manjummel Mishma Biju yes yes Biju Joseph Female Degree 7306387704 9526137512 N028561MANL
manjummel Neel Antony yes yes Sebastian A P Male Degree 8848349897 9847803977 N019465MANL
manjummel Raichel Sony yes yes A A Stephen (joseph Antony) Female Degree 9495523660 9746042408 N013381MANL
manjummel Rinoy Roy yes yes Resi Roy Male B.Tech / BE 9539113797 N005688MANL
manjummel Ruban Johnson yes yes Johnson K G Male Diploma 988566512 9995303721 N025350MANL
manjummel Sandra A T yes yes A V Thomas Female MBBS 9446605731 7356190675 N001236MANL
manjummel Shalini Shaju yes yes Shinni Shaju Female Degree 8590324460 9349364180 N022396MANL
manjummel Shaniya Correya yes yes Milton Correya Female Degree 8714253334 9895528637 N003384MANL
manjummel Sharon K S yes yes Mary jegini Male Diploma 9747804600 984647996 N018109MANL
manjummel Sisa Varghese yes yes Sindhu Varghese Female B.Sc Nursing 9745366305 9846431232 N020019MANL
manjummel Sneha Elizabath Joy yes yes Joy E J Female Degree 9961428884 9495025953 N005648MANL
manjummel Steevan Thomas yes yes Thomas T R Male Diploma 9947614242 8590408341 N026146MANL
manjummel Steny Josy yes yes Josy K X Female B.Sc Nursing 9446802923 8921088307 N003386MANL
manjummel Stephaniya Charles yes yes Charles V J Female B.Ed 9446866082 9074276623 N020429MANL
manjummel Stephy K J yes yes Josy K X Female B.Sc Nursing 9446802923 8921088307 N003387MANL
manjummel Trisa Anitta  A P yes yes Vincy Pius Female Degree 6282082245 9847663311 N019300MANL
moolampilly Augustine Aifal yes yes Antony P G Male I.T.I/I.T.C 9846892879 9037991279 N000204MOOY
moolampilly Ajmal Antony yes yes Antony C J Male Degree 8943175245 9846730018 N000114MOOY
moolampilly Alka Hamilton yes yes Hamilton A G Female Degree 8590513291 9447221330 N000136MOOY
moolampilly Aneesha Sebastian yes yes Sebastian T I Female B.Sc Nursing 9633616087 8078546387 N000073MOOY
moolampilly Anjaly Maria yes yes A K Varghese Female B.Ed 9249298404 7902687621 N000158MOOY
moolampilly Ann Carol Amiya yes yes Benny J Panakkal Female Degree 7736275292 9495060337 N029238MOOY
moolampilly ANTONY AIBEL MENDEZ yes yes JEEN BEETA MENDEZ Male B.Tech / BE 9847914038 9048236674 N000107MOOY
moolampilly Anustin Paul yes No C C Paul Antony A A Male Degree 9746241938 N000112MOOY
moolampilly Aron Augustine yes yes  Ferdinand Dawarave Male Degree 9061571903 9847738905 N000344MOOY
moolampilly Athulya Mary yes yes George Alex Female PG 7561824484 9562087243 N000567MOOY
moolampilly Augustine Stebin Fernandez yes yes Mary Shiny Livera Male Diploma 9495893808 9895723808 N000212MOOY
moolampilly Augustin Akhil Fernandez yes yes Mary Mildret Ancly Male Diploma 8589039470 9142896181 N020234MOOY
moolampilly Augustine Henson yes yes Helan Fernandez Male B.Tech / BE 9645742571 9745720780 N020811MOOY
moolampilly Melin Augustine M X yes yes Filly Xavier Male Degree 8086341445 8129854296 N003473MOOY
moolampilly Cicily Nismy yes yes K T Francis Bonifess Female Degree 9495273518 9895078217 N000244MOOY
moolampilly Cindrella Luiz yes yes John Luiz Female PG 9495427385 8943531817 N000183MOOY
moolampilly Clare Dane Dauravu yes yes Francis Dauravu Female CMA 7034869072 9061319300 N000233MOOY
moolampilly Elda Brijit Daurev yes yes Philomena Shalet Dau Female Degree 7034421760 9995126501 N000231MOOY
moolampilly Fenita Stelna yes yes Raji K Saiju Female Degree 8113030498 7034523932 N000169MOOY
moolampilly Henson Hentry K yes yes Hentry Male Diploma 9847959612 9995211724 N000096MOOY
moolampilly Jinitta Seline D’aureo yes yes Joyson Daureo Female B.Pharm 7736920807 8075009618 N000241MOOY
moolampilly Joseph Augustine yes yes Emmanuel Martin P A Male Diploma 9846161837 9846161807 N000149MOOY
moolampilly Mary Sephani yes yes Tissy Binu Female Degree 9061984031 9947214194 N000105MOOY
moolampilly Megha Rose M X yes yes Filly Xavier Female Degree 8086341445 8129854296 N003474MOOY
moolampilly Monica Beneeta Dauravoo yes yes Francis Borgia Dauravoo Female Degree 7902987013 9544166478 N000130MOOY
moolampilly Rejeena Priya Joy yes yes K J Joy Female Diploma 9529008147 N000081MOOY
moolampilly Sneha Antony yes yes Antony (Andrews) Female BPT 9745076251 9744019467 N000545MOOY
moothedom Aileen Maria yes yes Martin De Porus Female Degree 9400177282 8606688136 N013282MOOM
moothedom Alan Jose yes yes Sheeja Martin Male Degree 7902750355 9567551896 N011298MOOM
moothedom Aleena Joshy yes yes Joshy K O Female Degree 9567297096 9895791815 N019036MOOM
moothedom Aleena N A yes yes Ansalam N X Female PG 9744661878 9495466602 N010962MOOM
moothedom Alfy N A yes yes Ansalam N X Male B.Tech / BE 9497406602 9495466602 N010960MOOM
moothedom Alka Roy yes yes M X Roy Female B.Tech / BE 8289858115 9495016375 N010970MOOM
moothedom Alvin Xavier yes yes Martin De Porus Male Diploma 9400177282 9633861610 N013283MOOM
moothedom Anna Anu M T yes yes M V Thomas Female Degree 8590743859 9400161794 N011247MOOM
moothedom Anna Niya Remold yes No C C Joy Remold Female Degree 7736144298 8138090713 N011716MOOM
moothedom Annriya Thomas yes yes Thomas V V Female PG 8111916869 9495045821 N011607MOOM
moothedom Antony Efron yes yes Jancy Varghese Male Degree 8138834116 9746575896 N020185MOOM
moothedom Ashik Varghese yes yes Varghese K A Male Degree 9946900662 7356263004 N025735MOOM
moothedom Ashna Maria yes yes  K J Martin Female Degree 9995859091 9567479588 N014311MOOM
moothedom Bennet yes yes Beena Shaji Male MBBS 9947165152 9400905787 N014927MOOM
moothedom Binu Benny yes yes Benny K A Male Degree 6238557117 9746983355 N011082MOOM
moothedom Dibin Xavier yes yes C P Xavier Male B.Tech / BE 8714812137 9895083297 N011474MOOM
moothedom Elizabeth Jeena yes yes Joseph T A Female Degree 9747834208 9747520512 N011488MOOM
moothedom Evelyn V Bejoy yes yes  Antony Bejoy V S Female Degree 9388600097 9746400252 N010950MOOM
moothedom Evlin Peter V yes No C C Joemol P J Female Degree 9497896667 7306082534 N011545MOOM
moothedom George Fragin yes yes Asha Mary Joseph Male B Arch 9995841325 9846863120 N024478MOOM
moothedom Hilda Cleetus yes yes Antony Ameresh Female M C A 8078355708 9497685708 N012258MOOM
moothedom Jannet yes yes Beena Shaji Female B.Tech / BE 9947165152 9400905787 N014928MOOM
moothedom Jinsha T M yes yes Martin T J Female PG 9895191477 N011477MOOM
moothedom Jose P Jain yes yes Jain Antony P J Male Degree 9495768699 8281250616 N011484MOOM
moothedom Joseph Ashlin K A yes No C C Anil K J Male B.Tech / BE 9847227492 6238632964 N016114MOOM
moothedom Jyothis Antony yes yes Antony A J Female PG Diploma 8136848594 9446955128 N011081MOOM
moothedom Laya Rose yes yes Francis Boban Female Degree 9995311179 07736259839 N011481MOOM
moothedom Litty Antony yes yes Mary Antony Female B.Sc Nursing 9539568876 9037039798 N018821MOOM
moothedom Maria Anitta yes yes Vincent A V Female M B A 7025758304 7025588026 N010963MOOM
moothedom Maria Ashigha yes yes Ancholose Female B.Tech / BE 8089708217 9605835431 N011242MOOM
moothedom Mariya Johny yes yes Johny C D Female B.Tech / BE 8921805857 9495538883 N016823MOOM
moothedom Mary Jefina Francis yes yes Mini Francis Female B.Sc Nursing 9746039162 9072761434 N010894PALM
moothedom Midhun Peter yes yes A J Peter Male Degree 9074586036 N011549MOOM
moothedom Navya Judy yes yes Sharlet Shaly Female BDS 7306692718 7012793874 N024890MOOM
moothedom Nevin Mathew yes yes Mathew M F Male Degree 9633590211 9746902119 N023088MOOM
moothedom Nyjil Joy yes yes C V Joy Male Degree 9072256587 9947448609 N011542MOOM
moothedom Paul Mann George yes No C C Reny Mannual Male Degree 9349439394 9349439395 N011803MOOM
moothedom Rocky Varghese yes yes Clement A R Male Diploma 9605833589 9895175557 N012548MOOM
moothedom Romiya Sebastian yes yes Sebastian C P Female Degree 9895652851 9746248393 N024754MOOM
moothedom Salmon Sajeev yes yes Sajeev N J Male Degree 9567929150 9633371522 N024987MOOM
moothedom Shon Francis yes yes Leena Martin Male Degree 8129756163 9895321579 N022211MOOM
moothedom Stefina Emily yes No C C Prasad Babu Female B.Sc Nursing 9895350382 N012256MOOM
moothedom Tanu Tony yes No C C Tony Thomas Female Degree 8714187026 7736205817 N010947MOOM
moothedom Vigil Wilson yes yes Reetha Wilson Male B.Tech / BE 9747172405 N027246MOOM
mudickal Mariya Aginues Rodrigues yes yes Jolly Rodrigues Female General Nursing 8113985087 9544543567 N021937MUDL
mudickal Anusha Maria Santhos yes yes Santhosh K C Female M C A 9495518657 9447664892 N021936MUDL
mudickal Irine Maria Santhosh yes yes Santhosh K C Female Degree 9495518657 9447664892 N021934MUDL
mulamthuruthy Augustine P James yes yes James P A Male Degree 9747690971 9744949308 N015633MULY
mulamthuruthy Letty S V yes yes Sindhu Vinod Female BVSc 08129373908 9947200243 N024747THRA
mulamthuruthy Liyan S V yes yes Sindhu Vinod Female B.Tech / BE 08129373908 6282522183 N024746THRA
mulamthuruthy Minnu Thomas yes yes  T.R.Thomas Female Degree 9947343905 9947127508 N023400MULY
muppathadom Adrin Santhosh yes yes Santhosh V A Male B.Tech / BE 9846373613 9388475951 N003883MUPM
muppathadom Akhil Joy yes yes Joy Thomas Male I.T.I/I.T.C 9072011392 N010105MUPM
muppathadom Akhila yes yes Jancy Sunil Female M B A 7902977606 9539193100 N004415MUPM
muppathadom Aldrin Ignatious Per yes yes Andrew Jacob Pereira Male Degree 9847772533 7306622855 N005106MUPM
muppathadom Aleena Mary yes yes Lincy Joseph Female B.Tech / BE 9744200418 N012057MUPM
muppathadom Aleena Lenin yes yes Lenin K G Female Degree 8606059614 8921250560 N031194MUPM
muppathadom Aleena Judeson yes No C C Judeson P J Female PG 9744267640 6282742425 N010444MUPM
muppathadom Aleesha Vincent yes yes Vincent V S Female MBBS 9744165974 9048555517 N003876MUPM
muppathadom Alfin S Joy yes yes S T Joy Male B.Tech / BE 9995105689 7012941042 N005390MUPM
muppathadom Alwin Joseph Pereira yes yes Andrew Jacob Pereira Male Diploma 9847772533 7736816470 N005105MUPM
muppathadom Amal Harold yes No C C Dyna C.V. Male Diploma 6282371490 9447458449 N025061MUPM
muppathadom Aneeta Antony yes yes Sherly Antony Female Degree 7736474351 9400172492 N020741MUPM
muppathadom Aneeta P J yes yes Joshy P A Female Degree 9895976689 9895091963 N004409MUPM
muppathadom Anet Eliza Johny yes No C C Johney V A Female B.Tech / BE 9446946270 9495194717 N019638MUPM
muppathadom Angel Mathew yes No C C Mathew A A Female PG 8921387790 9746471881 N005094MUPM
muppathadom Anjali C A yes yes Ajithkumar A Chakkat Female BFA 8078385100 9496514600 N003858MUPM
muppathadom Ann Mariya Joy yes yes Joy Thomas Female PG 7736593007 N010649MUPM
muppathadom Anu K Sunil yes No C C Jancy Sunil Female Degree 09539193100 09539193100 N004416MUPM
muppathadom Arju Judy yes yes Rekha Judy Male I.T.I/I.T.C 8891893984 8594093966 N005386MUPM
muppathadom Ashbeal Johnson yes yes Johnson A A Male Degree 9656123604 8129880084 N004413MUPM
muppathadom Bertin Sebastian yes yes Viji Sebastian Male Degree 9747848711 9961377002 N025360MUPM
muppathadom Elna Jude yes No C C Jude V A Female Degree 9142122811 9447983811 N004795MUPM
muppathadom Geojit George yes yes V G Jose Male B Arch 9207907700 9847580700 N004417MUPM
muppathadom Helna Treesa yes yes Joseph V T Female Degree 09249876758 09249947967 N003888MUPM
muppathadom Herin James yes yes James V V Female PG 9895459654 N015380MUPM
muppathadom Jen Jax V J yes yes Joseph V F Male B.Tech / BE 9995148204 9895215855 N031670MUPM
muppathadom Jillet Joseph yes yes Joseph P A Male Degree 8848888291 9072706299 N003391MANL
muppathadom Jiya Jose yes yes Jiya Jose Female B.Pharm 8129667645 9995451144 N019640MUPM
muppathadom Manu Judy yes yes Rekha Judy Male I.T.I/I.T.C 9995998753 8891893984 N005385MUPM
muppathadom Mary Nidhiya S yes yes Sarin Joseph Female Degree 9447001993 9995376866 N003856MUPM
muppathadom Sandra Sabu yes yes Sabu K O Female PG 9895972736 N004781MUPM
muppathadom Sandra Shaji yes yes Shaji  V X Female B.Sc Nursing 7907133868 9037788626 N010107MUPM
muppathadom Sandra Stanley yes yes Baby K O Female Degree 7907431763 9562047445 N022181MUPM
muppathadom Shilpa Joseph yes No C C Joseph P M Female PG 9895020380 9526990622 N025035MUPM
muppathadom Siya Jose yes yes Jose K Varghese Female Degree 8113950819 8891888503 N019639MUPM
muppathadom Sneha K Shaju yes yes Shaju K K Female Degree 9946459943 7907991937 N003865MUPM
muppathadom Sneha Peous P yes No C C Peous P P Female PG 7558084774 8921296145 N014013MUPM
muppathadom Sruthy K Shaju yes yes Shaju K K Female B.Ed 9946459943 9645909470 N003866MUPM
muppathadom Steven Jerry yes yes Jerry Joseph Male I.T.I/I.T.C 9895882293 9447605156 N003873MUPM
muppathadom Thejus Nelson yes yes Stella Lonappan Male B.Tech / BE 8606850238 8590944171 N015110MUPM
muppathadom Treesa Jereena (Jereena Santy) yes yes Santy V A Female Degree 9388334686 9387421577 N026248MUPM
murikumpadam Ann Mary Bosco yes yes Mary Jisha Female Pharm.D 8138825469 9495279916 N005321MURM
murikumpadam Akash Bosco yes yes Mary Jisha Male Degree 8590543647 9495279916 N005320MURM
murikumpadam Aneena Shijin yes No C C Shijin Antony Female Degree 9995728446 9895514844 N029933MURM
murikumpadam Anitta Shijin yes yes Shijin Antony Female Degree 9995728446 9895514844 N005336MURM
murikumpadam Anu Peter yes yes Peter P G Female C A Articleship 7306774697 9188048664 N005125MURM
murikumpadam Binsy M B yes yes Sheela Biju Female Degree 7558873728 7736300365 N031543MURM
murikumpadam Christeena Brights yes yes T A Brights Female Degree 9074742283 9562118444 N005153MURM
murikumpadam Ferdinand Francis yes yes Baby Xavier Male Hotel Management 3 Year 8921386372 9495775490 N013601MURM
murikumpadam Jose Harris yes yes Mr K A Roshan Male Diploma 94957045571 8891472491 N005121MURM
murikumpadam Mary Nirmal K L yes yes K G Linson Female Degree 8606645254 8714225254 N005156MURM
murikumpadam Mary Aleena C V yes yes Varghese C K Female Degree 8589973134 8281187399 N005619MURM
murikumpadam Rimal Shaji yes yes Shaji A R Male B.Tech / BE 9567499852 9544716875 N005135MURM
murikumpadam Rosmy K J yes yes Shibi Johnson Female PG 8156971107 N005164MURM
muttinakam ADITH SONEY yes yes Devassy Male B Arch 8921731303 9037585882 N000924MUTM
muttinakam Ajil Varghese yes yes Sheena Varghese Male B.Tech / BE 7902601161 9747847931 N018165MUTM
muttinakam Akhil Simon yes yes Thadevuse C O Male Diploma 7510208094 N027330MUTM
muttinakam Akhila Mathew Sen yes yes Sen Mathew Female Degree 9567877425 9895244530 N014157MUTM
muttinakam Alan Joseph yes yes K A Joseph Male B.Tech / BE 7025395144 N002231MUTM
muttinakam Aleena Nixon yes yes Nixon C G Female Degree 9496745071 8590444849 N018656MUTM
muttinakam Alen Benny yes yes Benny Antony Male B.Tech / BE 9544979023 N016064MUTM
muttinakam Anarkha V J yes yes Lissy Joseph Female Degree 7994724359 N018627MUTM
muttinakam Aneeta Thomas yes No C C Binu Thomas Female B.Sc Nursing 8590732967 9947220313 N001662MUTM
muttinakam Ann Mary Xavier yes yes Xavier T J Female Degree 9447509503 9495818095 N000918MUTM
muttinakam Ashima Millet yes yes P A Millet Female B.Sc Nursing 7510918265 N023080MUTM
muttinakam Ashna Jose yes yes Sheela Jose Female B.Tech / BE 8086871647 9526958172 N014162MUTM
muttinakam Athul Martin yes yes Martin C J Male Degree 7356828300 9947353080 N015756MUTM
muttinakam Athulya Tellus yes yes Tellus P.M. Female B.Sc Nursing 7034992188 8111849568 N012785MUTM
muttinakam Ayana Maria yes No C C Alex E V Female B.Sc Nursing 8590953006 9961965041 N018779CHER
muttinakam Christy Joseph yes yes K A Joseph Male B.Tech / BE 7559988458 8078310714 N002230MUTM
muttinakam Godwin Martin yes yes Martin K M Male B.Tech / BE 9895246354 9895367695 N001169MUTM
muttinakam Hemin Jose yes yes Nisha Jose Male Diploma 8156810804 9895682727 N024577MUTM
muttinakam Jeez Jessill yes yes Jainy Jessil Male Degree 8594093987 9645990545 N001663MUTM
muttinakam Jenil Joseph yes yes T V Josseph (Joy) Male B.Tech / BE 9562618455 9847894955 N002234MUTM
muttinakam Jefin Paskal yes yes Mini Paskal Male Degree 9961005635 9961722612 N017565MUTM
muttinakam Joyal Siju yes yes Siju C.J. Male B.Tech / BE 9207593568 9847098810 N000929MUTM
muttinakam Kenen Evigin yes yes Evigin Kasper Male B.Tech / BE 9847908031 9207590742 N027788MUTM
muttinakam Liya Trese Antony yes No C C Lissy Antony Female PG 7034691664 9847321344 N014163MUTM
muttinakam Mariya Aneena yes yes Philomina John Female Degree 9847705281 7994148277 N017754MUTM
muttinakam Maria Niya Benny yes yes Benny C R Female Degree 7994624724 9995553519 N027931MUTM
muttinakam Greeshma Varghese yes No C C Varghese V T Female B.Ed 9383467768 9446328768 N000927MUTM
muttinakam Mosmi Lalu yes yes Lalu K V Female Degree 7034582413 6235878020 N024423MUTM
muttinakam Mary Reshma yes yes Varghese V T Female CA 9188337768 9446328768 N000926MUTM
muttinakam Nancy Johnson yes No C C Biji Johnson Female Degree 9744281271 (whatsapp) 9747481271 N001163MUTM
muttinakam Navya Joseph yes yes Jiny Joseph Female Degree 9847394629 9747558137 N001174MUTM
muttinakam Nija Saju yes No C C Annie Saju Female B.Sc Nursing 7907353542 N014327MUTM
muttinakam Tinson No Bank account No C C T M Mary Male B.Tech / BE 9061882377 9562945799 N014588MUTM
muttinakam Ruth Hentry yes yes Mini Hentry Female B.Tech / BE 7736085067 9496276466 N027414MUTM
muttinakam Saphal Hanson yes yes Hanson Mathew Male Hotel Management 3 Year 9656778451 N002222MUTM
muttinakam Shamily yes yes Xavier Shaji Female B.Tech / BE 9947642590 N019053MUTM
muttinakam Sneha Joseph yes yes T A Joseph Female Degree 9947393220 7559901915 N027329MUTM
muttinakam Sneha yes yes Philo Devassy Female Degree 7902457410 9947665973 N017749MUTM
muttinakam Vigine Sebastian yes No C C V M Sebastian Male Diploma 9349408910 N015185MUTM
nedumbassery Annis C Alex yes yes Alex C T Female Degree 9497729763 9447587361 N020215NEDY
nedumbassery Don Mariya shine yes yes Shyji Shine Female Degree 8301977165 8078508118 N020320NEDY
nedumbassery Emil Joseph yes yes K J Joseph Male B.Tech / BE 9383400181 9633481360 N020210NEDY
nedumbassery Incia Simathy yes yes Joseph Simathy Female Degree 7558964201 9495098358 N021750NEDY
nedumbassery Jomary Antony yes No C C Antony K A Female BAMS 9539117760 9539397465 N020317NEDY
nedumbassery Mariya Johnson yes yes Johnson Thomas Female MBBS 9846839442 9447197347 N020323NEDY
nedumbassery Mejose Antony yes yes Antony K A Male Degree 9539397465 9539117760 N020318NEDY
nedumbassery Olin Job M B yes yes Binu Mertil M B Male B.Tech / BE 9446474862 9496824011 N020467NEDY
nedungad Jomol Joy yes yes K C Joy Female Degree 9633084608 7034368550 N009866NEDD
nedungad Sandra Tomy yes No C C Tomy K V Female B.Sc Nursing 6235535514 N005899VADL
neerikode Ebin Benny yes yes Benny Jose Male Diploma 9895855203 9747116951 N001498NEEE
neerikode Aleena Antony yes yes Antony K J Female Degree 9562667030 7592826951 N021181NEEE
neerikode Aleena Jacob yes yes C R Jacob Female Degree 9539594023 9526742145 N001317NEEE
neerikode Aleesha Antony yes yes Antony K J Female D.Ed 9562667030 7592826951 N021180NEEE
neerikode Alex Babu yes yes Babu Varghese Male B.Sc Nursing 8547113579 N001422NEEE
neerikode Anagha George yes yes C J George (Johnson) Female B.Pharm 9947809758 7025034327 N001263NEEE
neerikode Anakha Sabu yes yes Sabu C A Female Degree 7902875458 9747864395 N005206NEEE
neerikode Ancia Mary Rodrigous yes yes Milton Rodrigous Female Degree 9497597440 N001472NEEE
neerikode Ancy John yes yes John C G Female B.Sc Nursing 9847464317 9947110604 N001251NEEE
neerikode Aneetta Benny yes yes Benny P M Female B.Sc Nursing 9946980190 9497392190 N006427NEEE
neerikode Aneeta Sunish yes yes Suneesh Peter Female Degree 9349870145 8606419631 N012932NEEE
neerikode Anitha B Mathew yes yes Baben Mathew Female PG 7994774890 9847046020 N001321NEEE
neerikode Anna Nikitha yes yes  Sunny K D Female Degree 9447161485 9544368306 N001333NEEE
neerikode Anu Jolly yes No C C Jolly K J Female PG 9847604668 9747474452 N001335NEEE
neerikode Anupama Antony yes yes Antony K R (Biju) Female Degree 9744417021 9847159165 N002933NEEE
neerikode Arun Shaju yes yes Shaju Jose Male Degree 8943495236 9846638821 N005199NEEE
neerikode Ashin Shibu yes yes Anisha Shibu Male Degree 9961990633 7902445505 N001366NEEE
neerikode K J Ashis yes yes K A Johnson Male Degree 8156858924 9847287226 N001354NEEE
neerikode Ashnitha Babu yes yes K D Babu Female PG Diploma 9544792494 9961200524 N001287NEEE
neerikode Athul George yes yes C J George (Johnson) Male Diploma 7025034327 9947809758 N001262NEEE
neerikode Ayona Antony yes yes K V Antony Female PG 9961921616 9605503372 N001416NEEE
neerikode Beneetta Benny yes yes Benny P M Female B.Sc Nursing 9946980190 9497392190 N006426NEEE
neerikode Benishya Shatto yes yes C A Shatto Female B.Tech / BE 8281074055 8848964919 N001514NEEE
neerikode Bilgy Biju yes No C C Linda Biju Female MBBS 8943952762 9633927622 N001277NEEE
neerikode Christy  Varghese yes yes  Varghese K G Male PG 9567602824 9895936271 N015689NEEE
neerikode Dona Mariya Joshi yes yes Biju E S Female B.Sc Nursing 9605133039 9847433039 N001454NEEE
neerikode Emmanuel yes yes Sheena Jackson Male Degree 9747496483 9633745770 N001407NEEE
neerikode Giffin Shaloo yes yes C A Shaloo Male Integrated Courses 8281852204 9947246160 N001467NEEE
neerikode Jincy T R yes No C C Richard S Female PG 9744905365 6238699804 N002943NEEE
neerikode Jisin Joseph yes yes Joseph K R Male M B A 8113917233 9744417233 N001418NEEE
neerikode Joel K Biju yes yes Biju K G Male Degree 9567425636 8848216920 N001379NEEE
neerikode Kessia Henry yes yes Henry Joseph Female B.Sc Nursing 9072577131 N001480NEEE
neerikode Laya Eugine yes No C C Saly Eugine Female PG 7356201105 N001352NEEE
neerikode Liya Eugine yes yes Saly Eugine Female Degree 7994681169 N001351NEEE
neerikode Liya Johnson yes yes Sheeba Johnson Female PG 8943495142 9995426141 N002950NEEE
neerikode Nikhil Stephen yes yes Stephen Yohannan Male PG 9633628320 9747413437 N001443NEEE
neerikode Nimal Gilbert yes yes Gilbert Mathew Male Hotel Management 3 Year 9544628177 9744014487 N001471NEEE
neerikode Nithya Babu yes yes Babu  Joseph Female Degree 9605798967 9605798905 N001297NEEE
neerikode Rimolda K T yes yes Lincy Thankachan Female Degree 9.1859E+11 8592934822 N024960NEEE
neerikode Rithu M M yes yes Michael M L Female Degree 9847966984 9207027472 N002946NEEE
neerikode Sandra Peter yes yes M R Peter Female Degree 7736713410 9744722913 N001322NEEE
neerikode Sebastian Antony yes yes C O Antony Male Diploma 7025148310 8129154942 N001307NEEE
neerikode Shelga Basil yes yes Shalby Basil Female Degree 9388465953 7356644128 N001316NEEE
neerikode Silan C K yes yes Tency Kunjumon Male I.T.I/I.T.C 7034671383 9847708853 N001290NEEE
neerikode Steffy Stepnhe yes No C C Binu Stephen Female B.Sc Nursing 9961706988 8157845448 N001398NEEE
neerikode Veena Romy yes yes Romy Xavier Female PG 8156894773 9847514773 N001266NEEE
neerikode Vineetha Vincent yes yes Philomina Vincent Female Degree 7510825943 9544979509 N001308NEEE
nettoor Aldrin Dias M.D yes No C C M A Dias Male Hotel Management 1 year 8137002877 9744301737 N001782NETR
nettoor Aldrin Simenthy yes yes Stephen Simenthy Male M C A 8075182165 9497587086 N015026NETR
nettoor Alwin Simenthy yes yes Ruby Periera Male M C A 9.17356E+11 8075182165 N015025NETR
nettoor Alyna Jude yes yes T D Jude Female B.Sc Nursing 9847054244 9567466445 N003129NETR
nettoor Aneeta peter yes yes Ancy Peter Female C A Articleship 9072184977 9539747670 N019212NETR
nettoor Ankitha Joseph yes yes Joseph T A Female Degree 9895396785 9947844390 N003136NETR
nettoor Annet Simenthy yes yes Ruby Pereira Female MBBS 9497587003 9497587086 N015027NETR
nettoor Antony Abhishek yes yes Johny N A Male Degree 9947065654 9072008794 N003151NETR
nettoor Antony Brightson Reb yes yes Royson Rebera Male Degree 8590737042 7736431220 N018902NETR
nettoor Athira Celine Varghese yes No C C T T Varghese Female Degree 9048946643 N022093NETR
nettoor Brigit Mini yes yes Mercy Female Degree 8606367465 9048278549 N019776NETR
nettoor Christeena J yes yes Vincy Johnson Female B.Sc Nursing 9495222055 7736123158 N006127NETR
nettoor Diya Denny yes yes Mercy Honey Female B.Sc Nursing 7736514559 7736157939 N001805NETR
nettoor Edwin Sebastian K X yes yes Xavier K D Male B.Tech / BE 9142236237 7306223053 N022712NETR
nettoor Femin Peter yes yes Preetha Peter Male Degree 8075729023 9656729023 N003124NETR
nettoor Fraya Teresa yes yes Preetha Peter Female Degree 8075729023 9656729023 N003122NETR
nettoor Jose Mary Ashmi yes yes Alphonsa Tomy Female Degree 94471714616 9.1833E+11 N019773NETR
nettoor Josemon Pavyanose yes yes K J Pavyanose Male 1 Year Certificate Course 8129973861 9995914868 N020945NETR
nettoor Juan Phillis Ralph yes yes Ralph Liliyan Female Integrated Courses 9388175014 9544025814 N001819NETR
nettoor Leanne Rose Ralph yes yes Ralph Liliyan Female Degree 9388175014 7736580140 N001820NETR
nettoor Little Flower Poly yes yes Rockey George Female Degree 9778073546 8921007781 N003141NETR
nettoor Maira Neeshma yes No C C Alphonsa Tomy Female BPT 94471714616 9.1833E+11 N019772NETR
nettoor Mary Akhila yes yes Bindhu Antony Female Degree 9496620424 9497440424 N019770NETR
nettoor Nandida Sebastian yes yes Benny Sebastian Female L.L.B 9496225959 7736132830 N024000NETR
nettoor Navya Titus yes yes Titus T A Female B.Sc Nursing 9995898301 9947316269 N003132NETR
nettoor NEETHU SEBASTIAN yes No C C MARY SEBASTIAN Female PG 8129063271 9633718593 N001812NETR
nettoor Preethu Antony yes No C C Antony N J Female BPT 7736497877 8289827877 N019213NETR
nettoor Rivin Jude K V yes yes K A Varghese Male Diploma 8547146598 9142063038 N006132NETR
nettoor Riya yes yes Felix Joseph Female M B A 9995899424 9526754519 N001798NETR
nettoor Rosey Silju C J yes No C C Cicily Sini Female Degree 9567478075 9746761121 N026591NETR
nettoor Roshin Carbalo yes yes Jestin Carbalo Male Diploma 9072731871 9388947197 N006683NETR
nettoor Sneha Peter yes yes Ancy Peter Female Degree 8943655540 9539668362 N019211NETR
nettoor Stella Catherine Faber yes yes Preesha Faber Female PG 9846291037 7034803933 N024885NETR
nettoor Vismaya Mary yes yes Martin M A Female Diploma 9562902252 9387265319 N015028NETR
nettoor-holy cross Aleena George yes yes George Antony Female Degree 7025254383 N003156NETR
nettoor-holy cross Aleeta Justin yes yes T J Justin Female PG 9447513031 9037577759 N023981NETS
nettoor-holy cross Ardra Celine yes yes M S Augustine Female Degree 9895127576 8281901576 N027034NETS
nettoor-holy cross Athira Elizabeth yes yes Jhancy Joseph Female Degree 7025609631 9846739671 N024673NETS
nettoor-holy cross Jiya C S yes yes Sebastian Chullikal Female M C A 9526987021 9526897021 N012466KARM
nettoor-holy cross Jovin Joseph yes No C C George Antony Male Diploma 7025254383 N003157NETR
nettoor-holy cross Mary Angel Thomas yes yes Sweety Thomas Female PG 9995964647 8139885798 N023977NETS
nettoor-holy cross Menoywin Vaz yes No C C Joseph Vaz Male B.Tech / BE 9072216737 9633801492 N023982NETS
nettoor-holy cross Merin Prakasia yes yes Maxon Prakasia Female Degree 9562072106 9656711789 N024671NETS
nettoor-holy cross Nija John yes yes K A John Female CMA 8129385435 9388830708 N023975NETS
nettoor-holy cross Sam Jude Justin No Bank account yes T J Justin Male Degree 9447513031 9037577759 N025210NETS
nettoor-holy cross Stephilda Vaz yes yes Judey Vaz Female General Nursing 9188431970 7736918288 N024417NETS
ochanthuruth Aarsha Nixon yes yes Agnes K P Female Degree 9847646551 9526601699 N028153OCHH
ochanthuruth Abin George K J yes yes Justin K G Male Degree 8921494032 9496063537 N024542OCHH
ochanthuruth Abin Vincent K yes yes Vincent Joseph K Male PG 9497018610 9497274562 N015783OCHH
ochanthuruth Akash K Antony yes No C C Antony K T Male Degree 9746636247 7510464934 N010256OCHH
ochanthuruth Aleena Paul yes No C C  Paul Raj Female Degree 6238606874 8547048212 N025600OCHH
ochanthuruth Alphin Thomas yes yes A T Joseph Male Degree 9846593194 9747956548 N028838OCHH
ochanthuruth Amal Benson yes yes Benson M J Male M.Tech 8281681521 9495794521 N009024OCHH
ochanthuruth Amy Fernandez yes yes Linus Fernandez Female Degree 9447505316 9497734316 N021369OCHH
ochanthuruth Andrea Bakhita yes yes Martin Jacob Lal Female Degree 9633374356 9895037489 N009026OCHH
ochanthuruth Anita  Fernandez yes yes Linus Fernandez Female BAMS 9447505316 8281883316 N021368OCHH
ochanthuruth Ann Josna Maria K J yes yes Justine Jose Female Degree 9539567372 8089632711 N027496OCHH
ochanthuruth Ann Mary yes No C C P X Augustine Female BPT 9947769336 8078566448 N027356OCHH
ochanthuruth Ashwin Paul T A yes yes George Ajith T R Male Degree 7560846751 9744830272 N027119OCHH
ochanthuruth Bladrin Mitsna yes yes M X Yesudas Female CA 9746773052 9895875794 N013331OCHH
ochanthuruth Brinla Maria Babu yes yes K A Babu Female PG Diploma 8136804567 8907472813 N009216OCHH
ochanthuruth Chrisbel Benny yes yes Mary Female PG 9995212719 7356070032 N018091OCHH
ochanthuruth Darren George yes yes Paul Dalin Male Degree 9497493651 8086793651 N015978OCHH
ochanthuruth Dayandra Jacob yes yes M R Jacob Female Degree 9895494901 9995494901 N018088OCHH
ochanthuruth Dean Daniel yes yes Paul Dalin Male L.L.B 8129190651 7012656964 N015747OCHH
ochanthuruth Fabin A B yes yes Benny A C Male B.Tech / BE 9746628485 8089279607 N025116OCHH
ochanthuruth Femy Antony yes yes Ancy Antony Female Degree 7559076011 9400497601 N027199OCHH
ochanthuruth Flowery Laya Rose yes yes Mathews Benny Female Degree 8547511381 8891631381 N009032OCHH
ochanthuruth Helna Martha yes yes Rani Francis Female PG 9447126780 9497276897 N017262OCHH
ochanthuruth Immanual T C yes No C C T M Cleetus Male Degree 8075840512 8075840512 N027209OCHH
ochanthuruth Irene Benadict yes yes Elizebath Benadict Female Degree 9633066532 9846028913 N025854OCHH
ochanthuruth Jishal Maria V J yes yes V A Jolly Female Integrated Courses 9388636711 7909179233 N026668OCHH
ochanthuruth Jisna Joppan yes yes Jisha Joppan Female Degree 9946644759 7559834759 N025140OCHH
ochanthuruth Jiya K Joseph yes No C C Joseph K G Female Degree 6235169231 9995230685 N014878OCHH
ochanthuruth Joe M Titus yes yes Joseph Titus Male PG 9995587877 N018374OCHH
ochanthuruth john Manuel yes yes Joseph Manuel Male B.Tech / BE 9746337767 8078909767 N027346OCHH
ochanthuruth Jomol K G yes yes Javana Jolly Female Degree 9048899964 N020926OCHH
ochanthuruth Lidhiya C J yes No C C Johnson C V Female B.Ed 9846028647 8606105098 N015751OCHH
ochanthuruth Linus Antony I yes yes Laya Antony Male BPT 9.19896E+11 9.16235E+11 N027126OCHH
ochanthuruth Liya C J yes yes Johnson C V Female B.Tech / BE 9846028647 8606105098 N015750OCHH
ochanthuruth Maria Jilda yes No C C Jayson M F Female Degree 9895489172 7592909172 N024814OCHH
ochanthuruth Mary Agna yes yes Ambrose P J Female B.Pharm 9895298089 8086305743 N021289OCHH
ochanthuruth Mary Eaimmy Paul yes yes Jancy Paul Female Degree 9447842597 8848887808 N009218OCHH
ochanthuruth Mary Sheldreena RodrIgues yes yes Albin Rodrigues Female Degree 9809257092 9142306765 N020820OCHH
ochanthuruth Meghna Sebastian yes yes Soly Sebastian Female Degree 9447795981 7561889964 N016174OCHH
ochanthuruth Merfin Xavier V J yes No C C Joseph Jojo Male Integrated Courses 8220927002 8589843389 N009217OCHH
ochanthuruth Merly K G yes yes George K P Female Degree 9400165836 9496256537 N010858OCHH
ochanthuruth Milan K J yes yes Joy K A Male Degree 8111938783 N009023OCHH
ochanthuruth Nimal Antony yes yes Reena Thomas Male B.Tech / BE 9142422681 8281933641 N019396OCHH
ochanthuruth Noel Benson yes yes Benson M J Male Integrated Courses 9495794521 9497352521 N009022OCHH
ochanthuruth Noel Joppan yes No C C Jisha Joppan Male I.T.I/I.T.C 9946644759 7025173259 N025141OCHH
ochanthuruth Rithin Daniel yes yes Mathews Andrews Denn Male PG 9445939006 9746082756 N015977OCHH
ochanthuruth Roshni Francis yes yes Beena Francis Female D.Ed 08089628987 N020819OCHH
ochanthuruth Selvy Liya Rose yes No C C Mathews Benny Female Degree 8891631381 8547511381 N009030OCHH
ochanthuruth Shaimy K.J. yes yes K.V. John Female Degree 773647955 9497703904 N009033OCHH
ochanthuruth Shelna N S yes yes Shony N A Female Degree 9048923947 8075530476 N028739OCHH
ochanthuruth Shevin Micheal yes No C C Micheal A S Male Diploma 9605098536 N027114OCHH
ochanthuruth Talin Benny yes yes Hollantena P J Female Degree 09400731863 9645889863 N009220OCHH
ochanthuruth Teena Mary yes yes Neena Francis Female PG 9400954900 6361374526 N018077OCHH
padamughal Aalfwin Varghese yes yes Varghese T S Male Degree 8078365874 9037193352 N018947PADL
padamughal Alen Jacob John yes yes John J Kaithamana Male Degree 9995552050 7306855967 N014873PADL
padamughal Alvin Joseph John yes yes John J Kaithamana Male Degree 9995552020 6282499309 N014872PADL
padamughal Ebin K Jose yes yes K M Jos Tom Male CA 9847471856 79947980552 N017055PADL
padamughal Sona N Thadevus yes No C C N J Thadevus Female B F Tech 9544237560 N014950PADL
palarivattom Aashwin Antony yes yes Antony T A Male Degree 9895755018 8137056902 N025952PALM
palarivattom Aibel H Pallan yes yes Honey J Pallan Male Degree 9846045002 9072945002 N000484PALM
palarivattom Akhil Baiju yes yes Arun Baiju Male Degree 8714159601 9633766845 N004737PALM
palarivattom Akhil yes No C C Alphonsa Male Degree 7907028384 9567013457 N026145PALM
palarivattom Aleena Anson yes yes Joseph Anson Female Degree 9895331586 9496067635 N021387PALM
palarivattom Aleena P Johnson yes yes Johnson P J Female Degree 7306299678 9847423369 N026816PALM
palarivattom Alen Antony yes yes Shiny George N Male B.Tech / BE 09446743427 9446051503 N010898PALM
palarivattom Anna Annliya Sabu yes yes Sabu George Female Degree 9633933264 9895590264 N006169PALM
palarivattom Annliya N J yes yes Jhancy Joseph Female Degree 9037938775 9895329178 N023062PALM
palarivattom Ashlin Joseph Simendy yes yes Joseph D’cunha Male Degree 9895203346 N017516PALM
palarivattom Aswin Raphel Jolly yes yes Bindu Jolly Male Degree 9745683907 N003693PALM
palarivattom Caren Grace yes yes Titus Martin Female PG 7012606296 9446290345 N023655PALM
palarivattom Danish Simenthy yes No C C Francis Dickson Simenthy Male I.T.I/I.T.C 9497774969 6238143561 N013497KARM
palarivattom Daniya Baicil yes yes Baicil V P Female B.Tech / BE 9447049827 9497379827 N029438PALM
palarivattom Dayana Catherine yes yes Bency Paul Female PG 9633143940 8089129765 N000042PALM
palarivattom Disney Maria yes yes  Dixon M J Female Degree 8547112415 9744886610 N030183PALM
palarivattom Edwin Martin yes yes Vimala Martin Male B.Tech / BE 9048460885 9539711569 N030683PALM
palarivattom Edwin P Raphael yes yes Peter M R Male Degree 9645718449 9496981449 N014064PALM
palarivattom Elda Mary P J yes yes Joseph Leo Female Degree 9645455490 8113935217 N026608PALM
palarivattom Elsa Mary P J yes yes Joseph Leo Female Degree 9061496052 8113935217 N026607PALM
palarivattom Emy Benedict yes yes Michael Benedict Female Degree 9447223067 N000052PALM
palarivattom Greeshma Martin yes yes Baby Martin Female Degree 9746834361 8075737158 N017347PALM
palarivattom Jeena Kunjumon yes yes Bindu P S Female Degree 9400281780 7736316352 N001182PALM
palarivattom Jelina Alphonsa Paiva yes yes Jermer Paiva Female Degree 9567587301 9995071205 N001191PALM
palarivattom Jisna Kunjumon yes yes Bindu P S Female Degree 9947268351 7736316352 N001183PALM
palarivattom Jiya Mary Joy yes yes Mary Jasmine T P Female B.Sc Nursing 7994970604 8891432477 N013268PALM
palarivattom Joel Jolly yes yes Jolly T A Male Degree 9895216963 7736183503 N029816PALM
palarivattom Joel Raphael yes yes Augustine T R Male M.Tech 9037942354 9846883572 N000054PALM
palarivattom Joyal K S yes No C C Shibu K X Female B.Sc Nursing 8848995586 8129113483 N026413PALM
palarivattom Jude Johnson yes No C C Johnson N V Male B.Tech / BE 9645747357 9846040888 N029781PALM
palarivattom Laveena P Raphel yes yes  Raphel P X Female Degree 9605676848 9605676846 N026275PALM
palarivattom Laya Honey yes yes Honey J Pallan Female B.Tech / BE 9846045002 9496496002 N000483PALM
palarivattom Liya Net yes yes Shiny George N Female Degree 9446051503 9446382203 N010897PALM
palarivattom Manu Varghese yes yes Kusumam Varghese Male Diploma 9961769213 9188349054 N017402PALM
palarivattom MARIA CELEENA TINY yes yes TINY JOSEPH Female Degree 8547807176 9446605745 N000284PALM
palarivattom Mariya Jessleena yes yes Kochuthresia Martin Female B.Ed 9947867619 7356097205 N011816PALM
palarivattom Mariya Jessneela yes yes Kochuthresia Martin Female PG 9744482351 9947867619 N011817PALM
palarivattom Mary Nimmy V J yes yes Tresiamma V J Female Degree 9895717211 8921652179 N026744PALM
palarivattom Mary Sincy John yes yes Stella John Female B.Tech / BE 7034642489 7736224077 N001580PALM
palarivattom V A Mathew Steeve yes yes Andrews Male B.Tech / BE 9387005770 9656382009 N019160KALR
palarivattom Melviya Joseph yes No C C Joseph C G Female BDS 9495273694 6238753147 N004740PALM
palarivattom Merin Rose George yes yes Rosy M P Female Degree 9633463294 7994377132 N000069PALM
palarivattom Davina Maria Dcruz yes No C C Dorothy Shine Dcruz Female B.Sc Nursing 9847900081 7736791814 N032419PALM
palarivattom Mary Hitha A S yes yes Shiju George Female Degree 9074266248 9074266248 N000291PALM
palarivattom Nimisha Boney yes yes Sherly TV Female PG 9544224129 8281611631 N017012PALM
palarivattom Nini Agnus Robin yes yes Robin C M Female MBBS 8078445954 9447664333 N013266PALM
palarivattom Nivin Xavier yes yes Tresiamma V J Male Degree 8089713459 9895717211 N026745PALM
palarivattom Noel yes yes Elsy V J Male Degree 7736245529 9847505529 N017951PALM
palarivattom Reshma Titus yes yes Reena Titus Female B.Ed 9207590095 9605320981 N012055PALM
palarivattom Riniya Victor yes yes Victor P M Female Degree 8086264792 9846077612 N018989PALM
palarivattom Riya Victor yes No C C Victor P M Female Degree 8086264792 9846077612 N018990PALM
palarivattom Sandhra Martin yes No C C Shyby Martin Female B.Tech / BE 9995421121 9847934387 N000064PALM
palarivattom Sandra Sabu yes yes Sabu Xavier Female PG 9847174177 9605074177 N008311PALM
palarivattom Sara Siju yes yes Siju Thomas Female Degree 8129427027 7736282751 N000781PALM
palarivattom Sejal Cyril yes yes Cyril K M Male M B A 9388076491 8921859548 N007134PALM
palarivattom Shanel Antony P S yes yes P M Stanly Male Degree 8281483163 9400543163 N021386PALM
palarivattom Shania Maria M B yes yes Joseph Benny M A Female B.Tech / BE 9995356206 9995048242 N014602PALM
palarivattom Shine Mathew yes yes P D Mathew Male Degree 9846790526 8111811604 N004734PALM
palarivattom Soyal Cyril yes yes Cyril K M Male Degree 9388076491 6238951059 N007133PALM
palarivattom Steve Alby D’Souza yes yes Nesten D’Souza Male Degree 9746861208 9995468417 N022959PALM
palarivattom Toieson Thomas yes yes Thomas K V Male Degree 8129384143 9249976560 N031352PALM
pallilamkara Anagha Tom yes yes Tom Jose P Female Degree 7994578317 9745997909 N021085PALA
pallilamkara Aswin Sajan yes yes Nixy Sajan Male Degree 9495466898 8078993972 N021204PALA
pallilamkara Jinu Ann yes yes Johnson K Daniel Female Degree 9747865537 9747603972 N020999PALA
panambukad Abraham Joseph yes No C C M V Joseph Male Degree 9074935085 8921164833 N006202PABD
panambukad Alfin Thomas K yes yes Trajan K E Male Degree 9895581089 9567748340 N006229PABD
panambukad Ashlin Joseph yes yes Joseph M A Male PG 9567051413 7994141910 N006226PABD
panambukad Danish Dominic yes yes Dominic Savio Male Degree 9745605031 9207885433 N006697PABD
panambukad Denil P T yes yes Mercy Thankachan Male B.Tech / BE 7902968726 9037858218 N017829PABD
panambukad Diyana Francis yes yes Shiji Francis Female Degree 9895920287 8139093047 N005857PABD
panambukad Elizabeth Shamily Noby yes yes Sini Noby Female CA 7034246038 9995765322 N007480PABD
panambukad Jisna Mary yes No C C Sebastian I J Female Diploma 7025669029 9746200944 N005510PABD
panambukad Jithin Joy yes yes K A Joy Male B.Tech / BE 7902971455 9495222413 N006215PABD
panambukad Jithu Joy yes yes Moly Joy Male Diploma 9496791118 9495222413 N006216PABD
panambukad Lilly Nimitha K T yes yes Rosy Thadevoose Female CA 9947217784 7306366951 N005508PABD
panambukad Melinda Jose yes yes Rosy T X Female Degree 9495715449 8078393844 N007311PABD
panambukad Merin Tomy yes yes Sajini Tomy Female PG 9544819510 9061109203 N008314PABD
panambukad Milan William yes yes William C J Male Degree 9207885433 N006224PABD
panambukad Roopa Xavier yes yes Xavier A M Female Degree 8086995030 9778027796 N005512PABD
panambukad Samuel John M S yes No C C Simon Male Degree 9496336904 8281320627 N005514PABD
panambukad Sandra Thomas yes yes Elizabeth P A(Shija Thomas) Female Degree 8136998807 9895869160 N029308PABD
panambukad Sisan Sebastian yes yes Sebastian I J Male I.T.I/I.T.C 7025669029 9746200944 N005511PABD
panangad Akhil B Oommen yes yes Biju K Oommen Male B.Tech / BE 9447987123 9495789575 N029254PAGD
panangad Akhil Thomas N A yes yes  N T Antony Male B.Tech / BE 7560945053 07560945053 N013807PAGD
panangad Anju Antony yes yes Antony T G Female BF Sc 7902371815 9946551815 N014195PAGD
panangad Joshwin Antony yes yes Johnson M A Male B.Tech / BE 9746775609 9847591762 N013825PAGD
panangad Difna Johnson yes yes Sherin Xavier Female Degree 9400574467 7736183865 N014015PAGD
panangad Divin K Roy yes yes Antony Gilroy K J Male B.Tech / BE 7012362723 9037647181 N015741PAGD
panangad Divya Merin Emerson yes yes Emerson Jose Female B.Pharm 9387171217 8547208948 N013870PAGD
panangad Gifna John yes yes Jainy John Female Degree 9544261967 9656260309 N023238PAGD
panangad Joyal Antony yes yes  N T Antony Male Degree 9846011352 9946654546 N013808PAGD
panangad Mariya Deepthy K ROY yes yes Antony Gilroy K J Female Degree 8848799064 9037647181 N015740PAGD
panangad Brinta Sabu yes yes P T Sabu Female Degree 9567445126 9349408311 N013810PAGD
panangad Mary Rinta yes yes P T Sabu Female Degree 9633061108 9349408311 N013809PAGD
panangad Navya Rose yes yes Emerson Jose Female Degree 9847054188 9387171217 N013869PAGD
panangad P Unni Shaju yes yes P E Shaju Male Degree 9946902227 9946615245 N027758PAGD
panangad Shifna P S yes yes Gracy (Sholy Shaji) Female Degree 8592967510 9539670807 N013783PAGD
panangad Stena James yes yes Darly James Female Diploma 9746146256 8139878768 N013784PAGD
panayikulam Aadhya Tomy yes yes Tomy K G Female Degree 8590799813 8547447996 N006310PANM
panayikulam Abin Denny yes yes Denny Male Degree 7909155712 8086587175 N006318PANM
panayikulam Aczalaya Maria yes yes Robertson P X Female B.Tech / BE 9496982172 9562766126 N006308PANM
panayikulam Akshay Antony yes No C C Antony Francis Male Diploma 7306330433 7012412595 N007721PANM
panayikulam Alan Sabu yes yes Sabu Thomas Male Degree 9995079427 7994681226 N008539PANM
panayikulam Albert Dunga Tom yes yes Molly Tomy Male 1 Year Certificate Course 8111874006 8281330847 N011650PANM
panayikulam Aleena Jenson yes No C C Jenson K A Female PG 8606560760 9847468533 N008144PANM
panayikulam Aleena Santhosh yes yes Santhosh Thomas Female M C A 9995760241 8078076717 N006337PANM
panayikulam Aleena Williams yes yes Williams P B Female Degree 7736066828 9847447544 N006312PANM
panayikulam Alphin Varghese yes yes Joseph Varghese Male Degree 6282161175 9349474894 N007727PANM
panayikulam Alvin Benedict yes yes Bindhu Benadict Male Degree 7736107200 7306302386 N006407PANM
panayikulam Andriya Angel yes yes Angel K R Female Degree 9778227341 9495172092 N009111PANM
panayikulam Aneena Antony yes yes M J Antony Female B.Sc Nursing 9400130387 8547112787 N005204NEEE
panayikulam Anil yes yes Peter C.L. Male Degree 95620 07627 99461 46883 N007723PANM
panayikulam Ann Lilly yes No C C Johnson K V Female Diploma 8136827546 9946054048 N006382PANM
panayikulam Anna Sandra Benadict yes yes Benadict M A Female M B A 7736240069 9947497262 N006840PANM
panayikulam Anuja Antony yes No C C Antony M A Female B.Ed 9526036975 8606341025 N006395PANM
panayikulam Aswin George yes yes Benedict C G Male B.Tech / BE 8129732963 9446386133 N007735PANM
panayikulam Athira Serafin yes yes Serafin Dennis P M Female Degree 9995955218 N027313PANM
panayikulam Blessna Varghese yes yes Varghese P J Female B.Pharm 9349108594 N009119PANM
panayikulam Chelsa Johny yes No C C Johny C T Female Degree 9605089747 7356034831 N006320PANM
panayikulam Christy K J yes yes Sini Joshy Male Degree 8138802855 8281148288 N007726PANM
panayikulam Dina Mariya Justin yes yes Pushpam Female B.Sc Nursing 9961478148 N023258PANM
panayikulam Jiya Gold K B yes yes Biju K T Female Degree 7034564996 9388618954 N008140PANM
panayikulam Joban Louis yes yes George Albinus Male MBBS 9946289672 7907331069 N011652PANM
panayikulam Josny John yes yes John N D Female PG 9946220981 9847940829 N006393PANM
panayikulam Kevin George yes yes Simon Male Degree 9946315851 9995715713 N006370PANM
panayikulam Manuel Joseph yes yes Josy C V Male Degree 9562134753 9847757264 N006292PANM
panayikulam Maria Dona George yes yes M S George Female Degree 9388865001 9567122861 N006389PANM
panayikulam Marshal Martin yes yes Martin Francis Male I.T.I/I.T.C 9400342346 8089358315 N006403PANM
panayikulam Mereena Johney yes yes Johney V G Female Diploma 9946361130 7736931130 N006408PANM
panayikulam Nimisha K S yes yes Mary Juliet Female Degree 9544979420 9048340609 N006304PANM
panayikulam Noyal Jeev K B yes yes Biju K T Male I.T.I/I.T.C 7356620254 7034564996 N008141PANM
panayikulam Prabeena Johnson yes yes Prasad S J Female PG 7558948991 9207057325 N006296PANM
panayikulam Praise Ammini Paul yes No C C Paul T T Female B.Tech / BE 9946867940 7034920845 N006399PANM
panayikulam Rekha Augustine yes yes Augustine V M Female Degree 9847521317 7909252644 N009116PANM
panayikulam Renil Santhosh yes No C C Santhosh Thomas Male B.Tech / BE 8590162051 9995760241 N006331PANM
panayikulam Robin Benty yes yes Benty P D Male Degree 09744419687 N006391PANM
panayikulam Rosakutty George yes No C C K M George Female B.Ed 7736912017 N006321PANM
panayikulam Sanajat Alexander yes yes Alexander N A Male Degree 9895109627 8921688867 N008155PANM
panayikulam Sanith Alexander yes yes Alexander N.A Male B.Tech / BE 8921688867 9562384374 N008154PANM
panayikulam Sebeena T S yes No C C Sebastian T J Female Diploma 9061563409 N030614PANM
panayikulam Sharon K Varghese yes yes Varghese K D Female Degree 7994086950 N006414PANM
panayikulam Siyamol Johny yes yes Johny T V Female Degree 7025869522 9544457060 N008152PANM
panayikulam Anoop Varghese yes No C C C T Varghese Male Degree 9544609793 9847309793 N006815PANM
perandoor Kochurani George yes yes  George K J Female Degree 7902768153 9847728153 N005993POTY
perandoor Elsa Raphael No Bank account yes Raphael M F Female Degree 8113951710 9048018614 N026701PEDR
perumanoor Alan Varghese yes yes Varghese Joseph Male B.Tech / BE 08129992506 9995143918 N006509PERR
perumanoor Alenster Peter N yes yes N V Peter Male Diploma 9446714040 9497278639 N005372PERR
perumanoor Alet Joseph Jude yes yes P J Judson Male Degree 9495605798 9846966405 N002894PERR
perumanoor Amal Peter yes yes P G Peter Male Diploma 8089930368 9847801485 N003263PERR
perumanoor Amith Lark yes yes Lark K P A Male Degree 9744499593 8921409791 N009620PERR
perumanoor Anagha E M yes yes Marceline E G Female PG 8086205102 N006506PERR
perumanoor Andrea K Alex yes yes  Delphy Alex Female Degree 9061598229 9895244116 N024368PERR
perumanoor Aneetta Xavier yes yes O J Xavier Female B.Sc Nursing 9188051455 9447717797 N004659PERR
perumanoor Anjali Edward yes yes Edward P George Female Degree 9495531707 8891125985 N002898PERR
perumanoor Annet Paulson yes yes Paulson K T Female Integrated Courses 9847921703 6235231703 N023682PERR
perumanoor Ashin Varghese yes yes Varghese P A Male Degree 9074312619 9961357559 N002929PERR
perumanoor Aulwin Joseph yes yes Joseph Xavier Male Degree 9.17903E+11 9142836437 N003255PERR
perumanoor Dean Noronha yes yes Telson Noronha Male Degree 9746073555 8281006558 N004649PERR
perumanoor Dhiya William yes yes William Michael Female Degree 8086828852 9846642890 N019859PERR
perumanoor Dixon D’silva yes yes Janet D’silva Male Degree 7907535151 9539733050 N017763PERR
perumanoor Dona Carmel P J yes yes Diana Joseph Female Degree 8078880636 9496430090 N003261PERR
perumanoor Elizabeth Jini yes No C C K P Antony Female Degree 8547459068 N004679PERR
perumanoor Elrin James yes yes V J James Female Degree 8075601813 9895322238 N026582PERR
perumanoor Isabella Neethu T.A. yes yes George T A Female B.Tech / BE 8078843102 9446089336 N006159PERR
perumanoor Jain Joseph yes yes Joseph K A Male Degree 9048886251 9349062826 N003282PERR
perumanoor Jerrin Joseph yes yes K V Joseph Male Degree 9446574913 9497824447 N007584PERR
perumanoor Joel Romy yes yes Romy George Male Degree 9539650369 9846031159 N026685PERR
perumanoor Josmy P.T. yes yes  P J Thomas Female Degree 9995397197 9745170512 N003277PERR
perumanoor Joshua Antony yes yes P J Antony Male Diploma 8330085504 9400692272 N002914PERR
perumanoor Joyel Varghese yes No C C P J Joseph Male Degree 7306092156 9895480084 N004320PERR
perumanoor Kevin Varghese yes yes Varghese M G Male Degree 7558899071 9995739110 N014331PERR
perumanoor Kripa Joy yes No C C Elsy Joy Female Degree 9446868628 9019686653 N011400PERR
perumanoor Lino Joseph K yes yes Annie Martin Male Degree 9497003511 9446411510 N004326PERR
perumanoor Mary Kripa Dolphy yes yes Dolphy Thomas Female PG 8086655465 N002893PERR
perumanoor Milen Roy yes yes Mrs Leena Roy Male B.Tech / BE 9895241502 7736311571 N007869PERR
perumanoor Nishand Thadevus yes yes  K.X. Thadevus Male Degree 8943581925 8089526022 N004664PERR
perumanoor Nithin Joseph K J yes No C C C P Joseph Male D.Ed 7736195172 8590269494 N003254PERR
perumanoor Princy Mary S yes No C C Sini Sebastian Female Degree 9605567274 8606356918 N007083PERR
perumanoor Renetta Roshan yes yes Judy Roshan K C Female B Arch 9846855355 04842324005 N019165PERR
perumanoor Riya John yes yes John V C Female Degree 8137952599 8848082916 N031867PERR
perumanoor Riya Rocky yes yes Rocky K P Female Degree 9895354882 9895053234 N007092PERR
perumanoor Samuel Antony yes yes Seera Wilfred Male Degree 9961422082 9656432144 N006508PERR
perumanoor Simon T M yes yes T S Mathew Male B.Tech / BE 9497067691 7591900009 N009810PERR
perumanoor Sincy K J yes yes Sheela Jacob Female Degree 8304048522 9496868522 N006157PERR
perumanoor Sona Xavier yes yes Sheeba Xavier Female Degree 6238 427 956 812 933 2019 N002912PERR
perumanoor Taniya K C yes yes K P Christopher Female Degree 9567810179 9495507539 N015099PERR
perumanoor Tisa Antony yes yes Antony P J Female Degree 9562259759 9895304929 N005370PERR
perumanoor Tiya K C yes yes K P Christopher Female PG 9567810179 9495507539 N015098PERR
perumanoor Varsha Peter yes yes Peter Joseph Female PG 7356466927 9497443970 N023780PERR
perumanoor Wilfred V F yes yes Tesy Anasthasia K.A. Male Degree 9447509685 0484 4032969 N007588PERR
perumpilly Agnas Ashitha yes yes Shani Pius Female B.Tech / BE 9947202656 9400349143 N014636PERY
perumpilly Aleena D’cunha yes yes Antony D’cunha Female Degree 9744419611 9745873374 N014453PERY
perumpilly Aleena Figarado yes yes Merlin Antony Figarado Female Degree 9497172633 8136804373 N014767PERY
perumpilly Amritha Felix yes No C C Felix U.K. Female PG 8547731678 9495381678 N014811PERY
perumpilly Amritha Tomson yes yes Tomson M S Female M.Tech 9446218467 8281648467 N014659PERY
perumpilly Angel Yesudas yes yes Yesudas I V Female Degree 9400496758 7012035100 N014406PERY
perumpilly Ann Maria Antony yes yes Antony V G Female Degree 8078573195 9497328715 N014447PERY
perumpilly Ann Mary Jose yes yes T C Joseph Female Degree 8281179644 9846139641 N002150MAND
perumpilly Anna Antony yes yes Antony V G Female Degree 8301941877 9497328715 N014448PERY
perumpilly Annie Rose yes yes Dixon P P Female Degree 9447975682 9847635680 N014531PERY
perumpilly Annu Rocky yes No C C Alby Rocky Female Degree 9567226794 9633169952 N014888PERY
perumpilly Anson Martin yes yes T D Martin Male Degree 9847609273 9995212814 N014890PERY
perumpilly Antony Rigil K A yes yes Shiji Nelson Male Degree 8086585613 N014791PERY
perumpilly Athlin James yes yes James I J Female Degree 8592048216 9539090248 N014439PERY
perumpilly Athul Sabu yes yes Sabu K A Male Degree 9496836320 8848330056 N014568PERY
perumpilly Christy Perera yes yes Lawrence Perera Male BHMS 7012794176 8281680350 N014813PERY
perumpilly Ciyona Sherdil Correya yes yes Solaman Joseph Correya Female Degree 9388848510 9895048510 N014642PERY
perumpilly Dariya A A yes yes Ambrose A J (Alby A J) Female M.Tech 7994661787 9895295942 N014715PERY
perumpilly Deril A A yes yes Ambrose A J (Alby A J) Male B.Tech / BE 7994041637 9895295942 N014714PERY
perumpilly Febin Sebastian yes yes Shima Titus Male B.Tech / BE 9497492203 9746492804 N014412PERY
perumpilly Jesitta James yes yes James C D Female General Nursing 9383480934 9645507629 N014555PERY
perumpilly Jiya Jacob yes yes A I Jacob Female Degree 8281172840 N014419PERY
perumpilly Josemon George yes yes Abraham George T J Male Degree 7356757014 8330817088 N014678PERY
perumpilly Joseph Jeffin Rocha yes yes Martin Rocha Male Degree 8592936345 9495940336 N014508PERY
perumpilly Joseph Ronald Miranda yes yes Mary Juliet Miranda Male Degree 8547723085 9447590447 N014831PERY
perumpilly Joyal A J yes yes James A J Male I.T.I/I.T.C 9633216878 9287927028 N014673PERY
perumpilly Junella Sequiera yes yes Milani Sequiera Female PG 7356184679 8289859570 N014755PERY
perumpilly Maria Swandriya Paiva yes yes Wilson Paiva Female Degree 9744419540 9847878601 N014547PERY
perumpilly Mary Dhiya yes yes Eddy K D Female Degree 9605003963 9446744331 N014892PERY
perumpilly Mary Riya yes yes  George K C Female Degree 7902725735 9061265470 N014384PERY
perumpilly Jisa James yes yes James M A Female B.Tech / BE 9995484192 9567616275 N024948PERY
perumpilly Mary Lydia yes yes Judy T.J Female Degree 7558802719 8547708378 N014680PERY
perumpilly Reema Jose yes yes Reena Jose Female Degree 9645643081 N014564PERY
perumpilly Rosemary Jubiya Sequiera yes yes Milani Sequiera Female Degree 9633246117 8289859570 N014756PERY
perumpilly Rosey Tiffanny D’cunha yes yes Tomy D’cunha Female Degree 7994034794 9061564226 N020078KARM
perumpilly Ryan Peter yes No C C Manoj Kumar P P Male B.Tech / BE 7909254617 9846858508 N014300PERY
perumpilly Shaun George yes yes Beena George Male B.Tech / BE 9747791588 N014516PERY
pizhala Aneesh V C yes No C C V A Cleetus Male Degree 9633351635 9544377171 N009423PIZA
pizhala Ajoy Antony yes yes E A Antony Male Diploma 8590156678 N009536PIZA
pizhala Akhila Antony yes yes P A Antony Female Diploma 7510511850 N020411PIZA
pizhala Aleena Jossy yes yes Jossy E F Female Degree 8086546702 9444326926 N029056PIZA
pizhala Aleena Xavier yes yes Xavier V V Female Degree 9961957482 9961957482 N009348PIZA
pizhala Aleesha  Joju yes yes Aleesha Joju Female BAMS 7994464645 N009338PIZA
pizhala Amal Prince yes yes Francis O J Male Diploma 9747618605 N009294PIZA
pizhala Aneesha Elizabeth yes yes Shamla Female Degree 7736714792 N009872PIZA
pizhala Anoop Antony yes yes E A Antony Male I.T.I/I.T.C 8086999647 N009322PIZA
pizhala Anosh Antony yes yes E A Antony Male Degree 8086999647 N009321PIZA
pizhala Arbin Roy yes yes  Roy Joseph Male Degree 9846509860 9074411524 N009543PIZA
pizhala Arsha Shaji yes yes Shaji V L Female Degree 7034774393 7034774393 N009428PIZA
pizhala Ashna Antony yes yes E M Antony Female B.Sc Nursing 9633422630 7025844463 N009276PIZA
pizhala Benwin Josey yes yes E X Josey Male Degree 8606075674 8590421779 N023630PIZA
pizhala Christena V T yes yes Thaddaeus V J Female Degree 8943473830 N008895PERR
pizhala Ginu Mary Jacob yes yes E J Jacob Female B.Sc Nursing 8943376181 9995187157 N009298PIZA
pizhala Gladson K J yes yes K P Justin Male Degree 7594017717 N009329PIZA
pizhala MARIYA RIYA yes yes Reena Peter Female Degree 9745512512 8547332738 N009388PIZA
pizhala Riya Joseph yes yes Josy E J (Joseph) Female Diploma 9061905167 9633568471 N023638PIZA
pizhala Roshna Roy yes yes K P Roy Female B.Sc Nursing 9947288479 N009333PIZA
pizhala Shaise Antony yes yes E R Antony Male Degree 9037469056 9562565700 N024467PIZA
pizhala Silfa Henry yes yes Henry Antony K R Female Degree 7902728265 N009377PIZA
pizhala Shyam Mathew E M yes yes Treesa George Male Degree 9656798696 8113021016 N009257PIZA
pizhala Tiya Francis yes yes E A Francis Female Degree 9778140838 9895280636 N009357PIZA
pizhala Vijoy V Delson yes yes Francis Delson V V Male B.Tech / BE 9207344611 9778166798 N009350PIZA
ponel Adarsh Joseph yes yes Mary Smitha Male B.Tech / BE 8129822094 9249755607 N006256PONL
ponel Akhil Joseph yes yes Johnson M J Male B.Tech / BE 9645279737 9846998484 N001615PONL
ponel Alan P Ansily yes yes P J Ansily Male Degree 9188319098 9496280487 N002403PONL
ponel Alfin Issac yes yes  Peter T J Male Diploma 7902605129 N020306PONL
ponel Alwin Antony M B yes yes Baby Antony M.K. Male PG 7012872891 9746129151 N000849PONL
ponel Aneeta Joseph yes yes Joseph T P Female Degree 9946764614 9544815513 N001590PONL
ponel Ann Mary yes yes K J George Female Degree 9847136528 9539874763 N020733PONL
ponel Antony C Robert yes yes C J Robert Male B.Tech / BE 9746641737 9846531226 N000848PONL
ponel T J Ashla Treesa yes No C C T L Joseph Female PG 9447046349 N002397PONL
ponel Ashlin P Ansily yes yes P J Ansily Female B.Tech / BE 8078370478 9496280487 N002404PONL
ponel Ashlita C R yes yes C J Robert Female CMA 9207125620 9846531226 N019234PONL
ponel T J Ashmal Francis yes yes T L Joseph Male Degree 9447046349 N002398PONL
ponel Athul Francis yes yes Francis Xavier P D Male Degree 9400175195 9496053521 N005112PONL
ponel Atily Xavier yes yes Xavier M A Female Degree 9048535068 9048083603 N008544PONL
ponel Avin Antony yes yes P G Antony Male M B A 6238808959 9495078620 N009802PONL
ponel Christy K F yes yes Francis Michael K A Male I.T.I/I.T.C 7561854141 9847448678 N020797PONL
ponel Delwin V G yes yes George V S Male B.Tech / BE 9847498335 9567654528 N005118PONL
ponel Elvis Antony yes yes Herald Antony Male Degree 7559921153 9496676684 N002003PONL
ponel Fenila Joseph yes yes  Joseph V S Female BAMS 8301884186 9961072070 N000801PONL
ponel Flavia Lyn Jashan yes yes Burny Jashan Female MBBS 8921464820 9995421647 N013657PONL
ponel Harsha P Mathew yes No C C Mathew P J Female Integrated Courses 8921383974 9567736982 N016165PONL
ponel Helen Josephine E H yes yes Hiley E A Female B.Tech / BE 9496576445 9446129192 N000812PONL
ponel Isabel Harald yes yes Herald Antony Female PG 8281187684 9447576684 N002004PONL
ponel Layona Shiju yes yes Shiju M J Female Degree 7356677403 9846059323 N020058PONL
ponel Meera Antony yes yes K G Antony Female Degree 8590155328 9388182939 N021482PONL
ponel Mevin Edwin yes yes Edwin M G Male Degree 8136902207 9895281901 N030139PONL
ponel Brosini James yes No C C E F James Female Degree 7012191383 7012191383 N002408PONL
ponel Marius Selestine yes yes Lincy Sebastian Male B.Pharm 9846662126 9061849178 N018825PONL
ponel Namitha Sabin yes yes M S Sabin Female B.Tech / BE 9846126467 9846426467 N021239PONL
ponel Amitha Antony yes yes Augastus Antony Female General Nursing 9495194699 7907298366 N001647PONL
ponel Namitha Josi yes yes Josi T D Female Degree 8129492049 9388530940 N017034PONL
ponel Nemi Poulyin yes yes Yesudas T A Female PG 9947745766 9447207417 N001620PONL
ponel Nevin Antony yes yes P G Antony Male Degree 6238808959 9495078620 N009803PONL
ponel Nevin Antony yes yes  George M A Male I.T.I/I.T.C 7356057220 9388114722 N002392PONL
ponel Nikhitha Margret T Y yes No C C Yesudas T A Female B.Sc Nursing 9947745766 9447207417 N001621PONL
ponel Nina Mariya yes yes Nycil Toms K Female Degree 8330036087 8281386741 N014473PONL
ponel Andreya No Bank account yes Carmel Felcita Vincent Female Degree 8590533332 9895022894 N029098PONL
ponel Pranav Praveen yes No C C Tresa Bilma Male 1 Year Certificate Course 9846819726 9207658893 N032931PONL
ponel Rivano Xavier yes yes Xavier George Male Degree 9497030422 7994529882 N028966PONL
ponel Robin George yes yes K S George Male Diploma 7558898764 9947317499 N000850PONL
ponel Sephy Sen yes No C C Joseph Sen Female Degree 8281512790 9846323467 N028737PONL
ponel Sheba S Babu yes yes Mary Fincy A J Female Degree 9946467139 8075021947 N020552PONL
ponel Shincy Sebastian yes yes Sebastian T X Female Degree 9633661276 8089129609 N021146PONL
ponel Steev George Tony yes yes Tony Surjuez K Male B Arch 9895547425 9562688765 N023533PONL
ponel Teena Rose K S yes yes K G Sebastian Female Degree 8301026878 N000838PONL
ponel Tincy K P yes yes Peter Antony K A Female Degree 9388032137 8921115447 N001644PONL
ponel Tony Joseph C M yes yes Martin C J Male Integrated Courses 8137903051 9895618355 N023531PONL
ponel Tresa  K S yes yes K G Sebastian Female B Arch 8301026878 9947172525 N000837PONL
ponjassery Sandra Varghees yes No C C Varghees A L Female BPT 6238208223 8129272071 N023917PONY
ponjassery Shamine Correya yes yes Alice Correya Female MBBS 9446569307 7025597901 N023907PONY
ponjassery Sherryil Correya yes yes Alice Correya Female Diploma 7902630520 9446569307 N023908PONY
ponnarimangalam Angel Mary D’couth yes No C C Jude Fredy D’couth Female Degree 7511138277 N005942PONM
ponnarimangalam Ann Shalet Dsilva yes yes Godfry Tency D’silva Female General Nursing 7034030400 9847915833 N025932PONM
ponnarimangalam Antony Kendron Aruja yes yes Katharine Aruja Male B.Tech / BE 8281037589 8078395707 N012180PONM
ponnarimangalam Evin Antony Aruja yes yes Roney Aruja Male Degree 8304913246 9746464781 N025379PONM
ponnarimangalam Feena Meleeta Aruja yes No C C Paul Meddi Aruja Female L.L.B 7994283490 9496823180 N005718PONM
ponnarimangalam Greeny Francis yes yes C A Francis Female Degree 9947177769 7558961758 N005427PONM
ponnarimangalam Joel Antony yes yes Antony P V Male Degree 9544733285 N006786PONM
ponnarimangalam Mariya Steena Paduva yes yes Augustine Paduva Female M C A 9288089553 N005424PONM
ponnarimangalam Mary Neha K L yes yes Luis Lalu Female Degree 9995656388 9961807356 N018360PONM
ponnarimangalam Nikhil Jose yes yes Prabha Jose Male Degree 9061257222 9895924707 N005023PONM
ponnarimangalam Sinta Thomas yes No C C K J Thomas (Boban) Female Degree 9846473304 7025132915 N007368PONM
ponnarimangalam(a) Augustin Abhishek Livera yes yes Antony Livera Male Degree 8907354049 8907354031 N007716PONM
ponnarimangalam(a) Abimal Antony yes yes Antony K A Male B.Tech / BE +91 98951 34879 N006785PONM
ponnarimangalam(a) Alwin Francis yes yes Francis V A Male Degree 6282870309 9947097788 N026673PONA
ponnarimangalam(a) Edison Assuiz yes yes Fillas Stephen(Jenet) Male Degree 9895573847 9383443847 N024737PONM
ponnarimangalam(a) Femin Gonsalwaz yes yes John Melbin Gonsalwaz Female Degree 8921482645 9544710372 N026599PONA
ponnarimangalam(a) Francis Christen Kub yes yes Maida Kubalio Male PG 9037399660 7907070644 N006804PONM
ponnarimangalam(a) Jifna Kenny yes yes Kenny K A Female Degree 8848283398 9895019851 N029950PONA
ponnarimangalam(a) Rinoy Varghese yes yes Varghese K J Male Degree 9947875525 8136875525 N006272PONM
ponnarimangalam(a) Shanu Joseph yes yes Jessy Joseph Female Degree 7736071770 7356471142 N006278PONM
ponnarimangalam(a) Shone K Ambrose yes yes Ambrose K A Male B.Tech / BE 8590166368 9388830307 N029749PONA
ponnarimangalam(j) Ivees D’Silva yes yes Renold D’Silva Male Degree 7025413122 9349403172 N030054PONJ
ponnarimangalam(j) Laly Francis yes yes Francis Raphel Female PG 9288755502 7902819652 N019850PONM
ponnarimangalam(j) Roshna Eliya Joseph yes yes Rosmy Joseph Female Degree 9.19544E+11 9746141655 N026329PONJ
ponnurunthy Aleena Thankachan yes yes Thankachan K J Female B.Tech / BE 8547094088 9995880723 N028042PONN
ponnurunthy Aneena Joseph yes yes Joseph M X Female Degree 9947405413 9061145827 N027612PONN
ponnurunthy Fenil P George yes yes A G Pious Male Degree 7736665464 9846440086 N017804THYM
ponnurunthy Terence Johny yes yes A J Johny Male Degree 8137861909 8137861909 N027615PONN
pottakuzhy Aadish George yes yes Paulose V G Male IIT/NIT 8129853636 9037644432 N005229POTY
pottakuzhy Alan Ashly yes yes Ashly Thomas Male B.Tech / BE 9447221974 N002731POTY
pottakuzhy Alan B Thomas yes yes Freeda Biju Male B.Tech / BE 9895087630 9895917420 N020547POTY
pottakuzhy Aldrin Martin yes yes Martin V P Male Degree 8089371700 7736488860 N023095POTY
pottakuzhy Alisha Dominic yes yes Dominic C G Female Degree 7306365674 9495953761 N013685POTY
pottakuzhy Anagha Mary yes yes Antony N L Female Degree 8078373208 9562117208 N002276POTY
pottakuzhy Anfy P M yes yes V R Francis Female Degree 7736267414 N002746POTY
pottakuzhy Anu Maria K J yes yes John K G Female B.Ed 9497020625 9400646505 N007606POTY
pottakuzhy Ashly Dominic yes yes Dominic C G Female M B A 7561875789 9495953761 N013686POTY
pottakuzhy Benedict Antony yes yes V D Vincent Male Degree 9562474208 9746338805 N007605POTY
pottakuzhy Bini Mary yes yes Job Austin Female Degree 7510200582 6282136065 N004497POTY
pottakuzhy C J Alvin yes yes C J Johnson Male B.Tech / BE 9495764590 8848963098 N020722POTY
pottakuzhy Danic Antony yes yes V P Johny Male L.L.B 9995866950 9895985948 N003218POTY
pottakuzhy Dany Jolly yes yes Jolly Antony Male Degree 9495238644 8848393411 N014922POTY
pottakuzhy Divine J Sebastian yes yes Joseph Sebastian P R Male B.Tech / BE 9495273708 9446624853 N001850POTY
pottakuzhy Diya Jolly yes yes Jolly Antony Female MBBS 9446036494 9496229796 N014923POTY
pottakuzhy Edna Angel yes yes Juliet George Female Degree 9895289599 N002268POTY
pottakuzhy Edreena Youstin yes yes Bridgit M J Female 1 Year Certificate Course 9895604910 7736183491 N013333POTY
pottakuzhy Eleena Youstin yes yes Bridgit M J Female Degree 9567714312 9895604910 N013334POTY
pottakuzhy Galeelea Rose yes yes George K A Female Degree 8921569608 8078746072 N003188POTY
pottakuzhy George Richard P A yes yes  Antony P G Male B.Tech / BE 7560937230 9142309019 N002770POTY
pottakuzhy Hensel Antony yes yes V V Sabu Male Diploma 9747439515 N003499POTY
pottakuzhy Ian Jeri Jerson yes No C C Jerson T M Male MBBS 9447194323 9895453914 N021535POTY
pottakuzhy Injitha Joshy yes No C C K V Joshy (Joseph) Female PG 7012394456 9746120109 N002791POTY
pottakuzhy Joel liju francis yes yes Sareena Liju Male L.L.B 7994092226 9847037378 N026893POTY
pottakuzhy Keerthi Egidues yes yes Egidues M J Female B.Tech / BE 9446613154 9497707054 N020959POTY
pottakuzhy Kevin George  K J yes yes Reena K A Male Degree 9446512943 9447149427 N026831POTY
pottakuzhy Liya Antony yes yes Antony Maria Female Degree 9567688984 7356859754 N003181KURL
pottakuzhy Lyric K Paul Biju yes yes Biju K Paul Male Degree 8590662437 9074568507 N027105POTY
pottakuzhy Mareena Jiya yes yes Saji Varghese T M Female B.Ed 8075701625 9846136641 N005995POTY
pottakuzhy Mary Gilna Gomez yes yes John Gomez Female Degree 9048623381 9633616233 N004519POTY
pottakuzhy Megha Silvester yes yes Silvester G Arakkal Female Degree 9895333845 7356030690 N002784POTY
pottakuzhy Merin Sandhra P P yes yes Smitha Paul Female Degree 9895537198 N004888POTY
pottakuzhy Midhu Silvester yes yes Silvester G Arakkal Female Degree 9895333845 9746569277 N002783POTY
pottakuzhy Mithra Thomas yes yes Thomas P V Female B Arch 9846272892 9539773838 N005489POTY
pottakuzhy Maria Grace Antony No Bank account yes  Antony P G Female Degree 9142309019 9847144088 N002772POTY
pottakuzhy Alan Sebastian No Bank account yes  Sebastian K J Male Degree 8547801576 9074019673 N020765POTY
pottakuzhy Noel Jacob yes yes Biji Thomas Male B.Tech / BE 9447292440 9544923040 N023657KOOU
pottakuzhy Rincy Varghese yes yes Varghese N L Female B.Tech / BE 9037089100 9446600491 N027039POTY
pottakuzhy Rinoy Varghese yes yes Varghese N L Male B.Tech / BE 9446600491 9037089100 N027040POTY
pottakuzhy Rinsila Susan yes yes K A Martin Female Degree 9746454990 9446127911 N007610POTY
pottakuzhy ROSEMARY SEBASTIAN yes yes SEBASTIAN K D Female Degree 8848006716 7736697124 N002744POTY
pottakuzhy Roy Joseph yes yes K George Joseph Male B.Tech / BE 9847170186 9447071849 N020550POTY
pottakuzhy Sandra Rose Nelson yes yes Alex Nelson P J Female Degree 8606587720 9995801457 N002242POTY
pottakuzhy Sharon Sebastian yes yes Sebastian K D Male Degree 8089732347 9895906281 N002743POTY
pottakuzhy Sneha Francis yes yes Francis Antony Female Degree 9847084365 9847284365 N025495POTY
pottakuzhy Sona Maria N X yes yes Regi Xavier Female B.Pharm 9895206683 9061977495 N025896POTY
pottakuzhy Sreya Joseph yes yes  Joseph K P Female Degree 9567409017 8129805939 N006471POTY
puthenkadapuram Cinsta Thankachan yes yes K G Thankachan Female Degree 9388608361 7025497318 N011763PUTM
puthenkadapuram Egna Thankachan yes yes K G Thankachan Female Degree 9074947954 N011812PUTM
puthuvaippu Aleena P S yes yes Jessyntha Female Degree 7025460184 9846920184 N007924PUTU
puthuvaippu Andriya Maria yes yes K J Raju Female Degree 9446866059 8301078886 N027966PUTU
puthuvaippu Ardra James K yes yes James K J Female Degree 9446059618 9544059618 N008448PUTU
puthuvaippu Arpak Manuel yes yes Johny M M Male Degree 9895731246 8921061053 N017182PUTU
puthuvaippu Ashna Maria yes yes Rajeevan K.J Female Degree 9567445402 9072230112 N007923PUTU
puthuvaippu Brian Cementhy yes yes Antony Cementhy Male MBBS 9745629844 8547912264 N008618PUTU
puthuvaippu Christina P Ambrose yes yes Ambrose P Thomas Female B.Tech / BE 9846128417 +1 3065307193 N009566PUTU
puthuvaippu Dayana D R yes yes Raphel D L Female General Nursing 8943645686 9048057332 N029071PUTU
puthuvaippu Goykoshya yes yes Shaji Varghese Female B.Tech / BE 8086307756 9846579671 N008463PUTU
puthuvaippu Jeffrnold P James yes yes Frida James Male B.Tech / BE 9946151533 9544632135 N008435PUTU
puthuvaippu Jini Peter yes yes Peter K J Female Degree 9539117292 9656982992 N016462PUTU
puthuvaippu Joyel K R yes yes Roy Male PG 7994095038 N007946PUTU
puthuvaippu  Margrett Aneeta Simenthy yes yes Johny Simenthy Female Degree 8281136226 9633201722 N007957PUTU
puthuvaippu Maria Gifty K A yes yes K A Antony Female Degree 9207990266 8281273105 N008605PUTU
puthuvaippu Mary Stebina Figarai yes yes Sebastian Figaraido Female Degree 9946111883 7510617634 N007914PUTU
puthuvaippu Nixon D’cruz yes yes Nelson D’cruz Male Degree 9605677368 9605677781 N007921PUTU
puthuvaippu Mary Navya Netto No Bank account No C C Ignatius B Netto Female Degree 9605383867 9388845848 N030191PUTU
puthuvaippu Saini Simon yes yes Saimon K J Female Degree 9745540860 7592857227 N007929PUTU
puthuvaippu Salvin Saju yes yes Saju K T Male Degree 9847387392 7356372300 N009006PUTU
puthuvaippu Sandra P A yes yes Albert P R Female Degree 8078726233 9496048643 N009246PUTU
puthuvaippu Zemith Sabu yes No C C Sabu I J Male Degree 9615780000 9847780000 N007953PUTU
puthuvaippu Zenith Sabu yes No C C Sabu I J Male Integrated Courses 7025025317 N007954PUTU
Puthuvaippu LNG Ashwin Samuel yes yes Samuel A G Male Diploma 7034633456 9349133527 N021827PUTU
Puthuvaippu LNG Elizabeth Merlin yes yes Seena Samuel Female Degree 9349133527 9846102660 N029411PUTU
thevakal Aasher Joseph yes yes K V Joseph Male Degree 9961992355 N000425THEL
thevakal Andriya Jomy yes yes Jomy Sebastian Female Degree 9061184272 8089779123 N025636THEL
thevakal Dennis A S yes yes Shibu A V Male Degree 9142875500 N013610THEL
thevakal Ebin A S yes yes Shibu A V Male B.Tech / BE 9142875500 N013609THEL
thevakal Emil Martin yes yes  Jaya K J Male B.Tech / BE 7902283318 9846529774 N013338THEL
thevakal Janet Joy yes yes Sheela Joy Female Degree 9645109884 N000466THEL
thevakal Kelvin T Antony yes yes N A Thathewous Tatoo Male Diploma 7994083393 9895476182 N005296KALR
thevakal Michelle Berly yes yes Berly Earnest Female Degree 9895711750 9188241130 N039590THEL
thevakal Nobin Xavier yes yes Judson K X Male B.Tech / BE 8848730522 9656982421 N000420THEL
thevakal Sona Joseph yes yes Joseph T R Female Degree 9567180681 9349295946 N002469THEL
thevakal Sonal Antony K T yes yes Thomas Gladvin K M Male B.Tech / BE 9633741443 9633741443 N000447THEL
thevara Aan Letna Lactus yes yes Lactus Andrews Female Degree 9526191494 7025638963 N020420THEA
thevara Aaron John Bivera yes No C C John Dugles Bivera Male Degree 9447912759 9895554012 N006612THEA
thevara Abin Joy yes yes Augustine P S Male Degree 7012227560 9605343180 N006599THEA
thevara Adarsh Ajit yes yes Ajit K J Male B.Tech / BE 9447432636 9495747345 N023783THEA
thevara Alan Joy yes No C C Augustine P S Male Degree 9605343180 N006598THEA
thevara Aleena Mariya Rose yes yes Albert N G Female Degree 9496823949 9846748013 N007820THEA
thevara Louiz Alfin Antony yes yes Antony K L Male B.Tech / BE 9746840615 9539519714 N006985THEA
thevara Alshin Alex yes yes Alexander N P Male M C A 9847764830 N007045THEA
thevara Amal George yes yes Sindhu George Male B.Tech / BE 9526583751 9847701088 N007849THEA
thevara Angel Mathew yes yes Mathew Shaji Female Degree 8943567715 9745332603 N006595THEA
thevara Antony M Joseph yes yes Joseph M A Male Degree 9497599256 7559081282 N006602THEA
thevara Arun Antony yes No C C Antony K L Male B.Tech / BE 7025838847 9995700174 N006984THEA
thevara Ashna Maria yes yes Alexander N P Female Degree 9847764830 N007044THEA
thevara  Ashwin K G yes yes K X Gigi Male Degree 8139076473 8921883174 N006594THEA
thevara Ashwin Shibu yes No C C Bindu Shibu Male Degree 09846064421 9526867673 N006526THEA
thevara Athul Ajit yes yes Ajit K J Male BDS 9447432636 9495747345 N023784THEA
thevara Daniel Teddison yes yes Teddison T C Male B.Tech / BE 8129336375 9405364375 N013521THEA
thevara Felicita Mathew yes yes Mathew O P Female Degree 7902604790 9895859640 N006554THEA
thevara Francis Sebin Fernandez yes yes Tresa Fernandez Male Degree 9567079366 8136846677 N006556THEA
thevara Greeshma  Johnson yes yes Johnson K S Female B.Tech / BE 9846204140 9400979018 N006575THEA
thevara Herdritta Mary Biver yes yes Judi Nixon Bivera Female B.Pharm 9447664425 8089678228 N007837THEA
thevara James J yes yes Jiji James Male Degree 9495768567 9496622564 N006525THEA
thevara Jeleetta Rose yes yes Mini Nelson Female Degree 9746639838 9605700231 N008499THEA
thevara Jino Jude yes yes C J Jude Male Degree 9074849541 9496229807 N006618THEA
thevara Judy Sherine Faber yes yes Reena Faber Female Degree 9539519960 9745600344 N007046THEA
thevara Little Flower yes yes Sheeba Thadevus Female Degree 9605502032 9605544443 N007056THEA
thevara Maria Ancy M.J yes yes M X Joseph Female B.Ed 9961427601 8138848061 N006611THEA
thevara Mary Angel Fernandez yes yes Tresa Fernandez Female Degree 8129109366 9567079366 N006557THEA
thevara Mary Sanitta A S yes yes Lissy Sabu Female Degree 9961277006 9995673102 N006048THEA
thevara Mary Sofia yes yes K A John Female Degree 6238808692 N006979THEA
thevara Milan M O yes yes Mathew O P Male Degree 7356466041 9895859640 N006555THEA
thevara Nayana Maria Bivera yes No C C Tomy Bivera Female B.Sc Nursing 9446897208 9847424119 N006023THEA
thevara Richu Jude yes yes Treesa Raymol Male Degree 9746634248 9995594167 N006522THEA
thevara Riya Mary yes yes Treesa Raymol Female PG 8547138998 9995594167 N006521THEA
thevara Sam Sebastian yes yes Sebastian T C Male Diploma 09446417260 9400863935 N021924THEA
thevara SANDRA ANTONY yes yes N P Antony Female BAMS 9895140455 9656521657 N006541THEA
thevara Sandra Shibu yes yes Bindu Shibu Female Degree 9526867673 9846064421 N006523THEA
thevara Sandra Vincent yes yes Jude Vincent Female Degree 9947397362 9847417841 N007036THEA
thevara Selin Sneha yes yes Sebastin N J Female Degree 9946289511 9956289511 N006063THEA
thevara Senan Jude yes yes Joseph Jude T M Male B.Tech / BE 9446207289 6282568852 N006061THEA
thevara Shan Roshan A L yes yes Leslee Raymond L A Male Degree 9947611668 8606451257 N006647THEA
thevara Sion Jude yes yes Joseph Jude T M Male Degree 9446207289 8078228338 N006060THEA
thevara Sona Christopher yes yes Christopher P R Female B.Tech / BE 8921175208 N006566THEA
thevarkad Abiyud Tom K J yes yes K G Judson Male B.Tech / BE 7306819486 8078492287 N009898THED
thevarkad Aghil Saji yes yes Saji T P Male B.Tech / BE 9072510994 9847732401 N010138THED
thevarkad Akhil Jestin yes yes Jestin Antony Male Degree 7559823435 9947230059 N009710THED
thevarkad Aleena Ros P J yes yes P M Joseph Female Degree 7902218043 9961205626 N009665THED
thevarkad Aleesha Boban yes No C C Boban C J Female Degree 8075293514 9539617182 N011585THED
thevarkad Aloshy K Jose yes yes K A Jose Male B.Tech / BE 9847772653 9847456505 N010554THED
thevarkad Amala Theresa John yes yes K S John Female Degree 8921387732 N010816THED
thevarkad Aneeta Saji yes yes Saji T P Female Degree 7356500141 9847732401 N010139THED
thevarkad Ann Maria C J yes yes Joseph C P Female Degree 9847071324 9946360092 N009706THED
thevarkad Anoop Antony yes yes Antony Hary K D Male Degree 9895363650 9037965636 N015041THED
thevarkad Anova Gilroy yes yes Gilroy George Female Degree 8157851450 9400615507 N010128THED
thevarkad Ashna Saju P S yes yes Saju P J Female L.L.B 9188482344 N009715THED
thevarkad Ashwin Jubee K yes yes K S Jubee Male Degree 9497476760 9847517436 N009707THED
thevarkad Chelciya Varghese yes yes T A Varghese Female BVSc 7558825062 7356457762 N021398THED
thevarkad Sicily Aneeta K H yes yes Henry K J Female Degree 8848527179 9895044791 N009929THED
thevarkad Dilna Dennies yes yes Dennies K V Female Degree 8281318894 9847761597 N024748THED
thevarkad Donia Jestin yes yes Jestin Antony Female PG 8078533059 9947230059 N009711THED
thevarkad Edson Francis yes yes K D Francis Male I.T.I/I.T.C 9605896642 9495571475 N009660THED
thevarkad Gilson Thomas yes yes Thomas K J Male Diploma 8089623380 7736414530 N009644THED
thevarkad Kabul Bajus yes yes Bajus C J Female Degree 8590623144 N009933THED
thevarkad Kenzen P J yes yes P J Jees Mathew Male B.Sc Nursing 6282322572 N009694THED
thevarkad  M T Reena yes yes Tomy M J Female Degree 9633102520 9746367172 N009696THED
thevarkad Rithu Thadavous yes yes Rency Thadavous Female M B A 6238664727 9744041446 N009923THED
thevarkad Riya Paul yes yes Lissy Paul Female Degree 8590610410 8590135407 N009724THED
thevarkad Sandhra Johny yes yes Johny T J Female Diploma 7510985723 9747781388 N009641THED
thevarkad Saniya Joseph yes yes Joseph Dominic Female Degree 9037453918 8089265075 N009926THED
thevarkad Shalet Shajan yes yes Shajan K A Female B.Tech / BE 9447250764 8281606478 N021400THED
thevarkad Silfa M J yes yes Joppan Female Degree 8590692463 9544421389 N009719THED
thevarkad Sruthi Paul yes yes Lissy Paul Female Degree 9995740011 7559034011 N009723THED
thevarkad Stephin David yes yes Philsy David Male B.Tech / BE 9207021973 9847893791 N010803THED
thomaspuram Amala Feena Anil yes No C C Anil Xavier Female B.Sc Nursing 6235747339 8138002830 N007124THOM
thomaspuram A M Richard yes yes Melbin Xavier Male PG 8606015613 N005597THOM
thomaspuram Aglin Christopher yes yes Jim Christopher Female L.L.B 9497023037 9288652617 N007425THOM
thomaspuram Akash Ben John yes No C C Benny Raphael Male PG 9447337589 9447177589 N013107THOM
thomaspuram Akhil Antony yes yes Antony V M Male B.Tech / BE 9656928086 7907634779 N023575THOM
thomaspuram Akhila Antony yes yes Antony A A Female Degree 9526036082 9847260508 N006660THOM
thomaspuram Aleena Rose K.A yes yes Antony K G Female Degree 9946804358 N023483THOM
thomaspuram Alna C L yes yes  Louis C J  (Babu) Female B.Tech / BE 9496294734 9895263224 N023319THOM
thomaspuram Amal Antony yes No C C Andrews K X Male Degree 9847923282 9961566822 N008084THOM
thomaspuram Amala Maria  Innocen yes No C C Innocent Koodarappil Female B.Tech / BE 9388606173 9496886173 N021504THOM
thomaspuram Amay Joseph Antony yes yes Biju K J Male B.Tech / BE 7909122427 9544518800 N018331THOM
thomaspuram Anagha Antony yes yes Antony A A Female Degree 9847260508 6238089918 N006661THOM
thomaspuram Aneena Francis yes yes Francis Augustin Female B.Tech / BE 7561048983 7561048989 N006151THOM
thomaspuram Anil Antony yes yes Antony V M Male Degree 9656661129 9656928086 N023480THOM
thomaspuram  Ashmy C L yes yes  Louis C J (Babu) Female B.Tech / BE 9946065930 9895263224 N023474THOM
thomaspuram Ashna Anjaly N G yes yes N J George Female Degree 9388890034 N007117THOM
thomaspuram Athira Johnson yes yes C D Johnson Female B.Tech / BE 8921508121 8547970942 N017915THOM
thomaspuram Avin Joseph yes yes Joseph K I Male Degree 6238424787 8281633543 N008711THOM
thomaspuram Mary Biniya yes No C C Antony M R Female Degree 6238739452 9497490671 N031163THOM
thomaspuram Celine Thomas yes yes Thomas Begi Female Degree 9447819869 N017088THOM
thomaspuram Daleeshya Roy yes yes P G Roy Female Degree 9447434781 9495756138 N005250THOM
thomaspuram Deepak Jude John yes yes Denny N J Male Integrated Courses 8281707449 9961472789 N023471THOM
thomaspuram Deleena Martin yes yes Martin A J Female Degree 9745582621 8111963683 N023487THOM
thomaspuram Diju Antony M X yes yes Xavier Biju M A Male Degree 7510910281 N005254THOM
thomaspuram Diya Lilly yes yes Denny N J Female B.Tech / BE 9061162677 9961472789 N023478THOM
thomaspuram Ebin Joseph yes yes T J Sebastian Male B.Tech / BE 9447734137 8921999542 N007589PERR
thomaspuram George Emmanual yes yes Suma Martin Male B.Tech / BE 7356288782 9895468667 N005599THOM
thomaspuram  George P Z yes yes Zachariah Raji Male Degree 9895690060 N017177THOM
thomaspuram Jainey Anna Jose yes yes Joseph V E Female B.Tech / BE 9349434244 9349434344 N005891THOM
thomaspuram Jency Jossy yes yes Joseph K X Female Degree 7025810224 N007123THOM
thomaspuram Jisna Raphel yes yes  Raphael A.J. Female M B A 9846173932 9895642685 N006663THOM
thomaspuram Joel Antony yes yes Antony K T Male Degree 9074610446 9961300855 N023266THOM
thomaspuram Joshlin Raphel yes yes  Raphael A.J. Male MBBS 9846173932 9895642685 N006662THOM
thomaspuram Kochuthressya (Titus yes yes Titus P A Female Degree 6282054274 9656124439 N005598THOM
thomaspuram Maria Theresa yes yes Suma Martin Female B.Tech / BE 9895326828 9895468667 N005600THOM
thomaspuram Mary Anooja yes No C C Antony M R Female B.Ed 6238739452 9497490671 N023472THOM
thomaspuram Mary Ashitha M A yes yes M V Antony Female Degree 9995432397 9061982489 N028682THOM
thomaspuram Megha Ben Mary yes yes Benny Raphael Female Degree 9447397589 9447177589 N013106THOM
thomaspuram Naina viju yes yes Viju K.X(Sebastain Xavier) Female Degree 8921834708 9961948685 N007423THOM
thomaspuram Nevil Sabu yes No C C Sabu P C Male Degree 9746015356 9605849356 N023477THOM
thomaspuram Ridhin Antony yes yes Mini Antony Male Degree 8281921254 9746947310 N023516THOM
thomaspuram Riya Saji yes yes shiny Saji Female Degree 7025960799 N023121THOM
thomaspuram Rony Bexon Raphail yes yes K R Bexon Male MBBS 9995779477 6282368170 N007127THOM
thomaspuram Roshna Shaji yes yes Shaji K J Female Degree 9846244533 9995077502 N023116THOM
thomaspuram Treney Jose yes No C C Joseph V E Female Degree 9349434244 9349434344 N005890THOM
thomaspuram Ujual Roy yes yes P G Roy Male B.Tech / BE 6282838136 9447434781 N005249THOM
thottakattukara Aaron Shibu Antony yes yes Shibu Antony Male Degree 9048708120 8547140710 N018617PALM
thottakattukara Abin Shaji yes yes Shaji Xavier Male Degree 7592896706 9746369591 N005778THOA
thottakattukara Adheena Nixon yes yes Nixon Thomas Female L.L.B 9747045803 9747080901 N010240THOA
thottakattukara Adrinne Rapheal Benny yes yes Raphael Benny Male Degree 8590113650 9496202093 N005775THOA
thottakattukara Akash George M yes yes Lally George Male Degree 8078712611 9495603232 N024238THOA
thottakattukara Akhil Joy yes yes Joy Augustine Male Degree 9947334312 6282297479 N019590THOA
thottakattukara Aleena Paulie yes yes Poly Augustine Female B.Pharm 9447520623 7034968942 N005773THOA
thottakattukara Aleesha Poly yes yes Poly Augustine Female Degree 8590079792 9447520623 N006867THOA
thottakattukara Alwin Antony yes yes Antony Michael Male MD 8884737236 9400606333 N007742THOA
thottakattukara Anakha Jomon yes yes N K Jomon Female Degree 9072051823 8907251823 N007658THOA
thottakattukara Aneena yes yes T J Sebastian Female Degree 9446716351 9496180496 N005444THOA
thottakattukara Angel Lawrence yes No C C P S Lawrence Female Degree 9946367735 9747914529 N005735THOA
thottakattukara Ann Mariya C.F. yes yes Frankline C V Female Degree 9895433071 7907178164 N030039THOA
thottakattukara Ann Mariya Joseph yes yes Joseph N A Female Degree 8157956945 9745736945 N007647THOA
thottakattukara Ann Misheal Cleetus yes yes Prasheela Cleetus Female MBBS 7306811561 7306811561 N009492THOA
thottakattukara Ann Tresa Sebastian yes yes Sebastian Philip Female Integrated Courses 9400234153 9846597991 N005944THOA
thottakattukara Annaselin Nixon yes yes V L Nixon Female 1 Year Certificate Course 7736303409 9495887590 N005957THOA
thottakattukara Anna Sona M A yes yes Alosius M P Female Degree 8281130019 8289800190 N007625THOA
thottakattukara Anne Mary Sacharias yes yes Sacharias K J Female C A Articleship 9895563607 N010351THOA
thottakattukara Antony Christopher yes yes Christopher Antony Male Degree 7293670669 9249976862 N005965THOA
thottakattukara Antony Jose yes yes Joby George Male Integrated Courses 8139053625 9895705932 N027456THOA
thottakattukara Anu Thomas yes yes Thomas Padamattummal Female B.Ed 9496672977 8547307297 N009496THOA
thottakattukara Anupa Rapheal Benny yes yes Raphael Benny Female PG 7306915746 8590113650 N005774THOA
thottakattukara Arsha Ashly yes yes Ashly Joseph Female Degree 7306185032 9446910258 N020422MANL
thottakattukara Ashlin Jose yes yes C M Joseph Female B.Sc Nursing 9496760563 9745641374 N005947THOA
thottakattukara Athul Benny yes yes Sheebha Benny Male Degree 9.19497E+11 9744907003 N020418THOA
thottakattukara Athul C R yes yes Athanasius Robin Male Integrated Courses 9947924681 9447577613 N006860THOA
thottakattukara Austin David yes yes Renny David Male Degree 8089319650 9447397395 N005745THOA
thottakattukara Bejoy Bhaskil yes yes Bhaskil Thomas Male Degree 9447170922 7736392831 N005768THOA
thottakattukara Brighton Xavier yes yes M J Xavier Male BAMS 9349809181 8129036884 N007743THOA
thottakattukara Christina Cleetus yes yes Prasheela Cleetus Female Degree 6238504950 N009493THOA
thottakattukara Delna Shibu yes yes Shibu George Female Degree 9995528113 8590505835 N009513THOA
thottakattukara Don Francis yes yes Lissy Francis Male Degree 9562185319 9605455197 N005968THOA
thottakattukara Dona Theresa yes yes Tiji Alex Female Degree 9633604365 9746322017 N005737THOA
thottakattukara Felix George yes yes George Francis Mendiz Male Degree 9526267692 9495946943 N024434THOA
thottakattukara Helen Maria yes yes Reena  Charley Female B.Tech / BE 9605416482 8547891864 N005963THOA
thottakattukara Hrishik Thomas Roy yes yes Roy Thomas Male Degree 9745609777 N005441THOA
thottakattukara Irine Johnson yes No C C Johnson M P Female Degree 8606372375 7034921598 N024038THOA
thottakattukara Juliet Justin yes yes Justin Mathew Female Degree 8086043037 8943377616 N020357THOA
thottakattukara Sara Joice K yes yes Sacharias K J Female B Arch 9961739792 N010350THOA
thottakattukara Lintu M V yes yes Vincent M P Male B.Tech / BE 8157805074 9895166547 N010346THOA
thottakattukara Lini M V yes yes Vincent M P Female Degree 9539692201 9895166547 N010347THOA
thottakattukara Liya Liyons yes yes LiyonsT P Female Degree 7558036309 9961174474 N010345THOA
thottakattukara Liya Louis yes yes Louis T B Female Degree 9349923409 9562643703 N013913THOA
thottakattukara Liya Theresa yes yes G P John Female Degree 8078542395 9495363020 N005740THOA
thottakattukara Mary Agnes N J yes yes Evelin Johnson Female Degree 9400779838 7736636278 N010986THOA
thottakattukara Midhun Paul T P yes yes Binny Paul Male Degree 8078074255 9400903741 N031893THOA
thottakattukara Arun Thomas yes yes Siji Thomas Male Degree 7012944090 8547307297 N009497THOA
thottakattukara Neena Sabu yes No C C Sabu Meppana Female Degree 9946448617 9947351011 N011440THOA
thottakattukara Nithin Johnson yes yes K Earnest Johnson Male Diploma 9400015237 9447828733 N007635THOA
thottakattukara Nithya Raphel yes yes Raphel N J Female MBBS +91 8113032102 +91 8078838523 N006862THOA
thottakattukara Philip Jos Sebastian yes yes Sebastian Philip Male B.Tech / BE 9567904828 9846597991 N005948THOA
thottakattukara Renjana Raju yes yes Sheena Female Degree 8075602396 7025627307 N010238THOA
thottakattukara Reshma George yes yes George Jashil Female PG 9061696270 9995375905 N020241THOA
thottakattukara Rilna K S yes No C C Jolly Saju Female Degree 9947919265 9746830780 N024039THOA
thottakattukara Riya Sabu yes yes Sabu Meppana Female Degree 9946443827 9947351011 N011441THOA
thottakattukara Shana Mophy M Jose yes No C C M S Joseph Female B.Ed 7994532293 9895410098 N011655THOA
thottakattukara Shern Johnson yes yes P C Johnson Male Diploma 7994276319 9746830133 N017384THOA
thottakattukara Sneha Joseph yes No C C  Joseph N P Female B.Sc Nursing 9744240218 9947621553 N005741THOA
thottakattukara Taniya Babu yes yes Sheeba Babu Female Degree 9447577595 9495012824 N010234THOA
thottakattukara Tresa Chinju C.V. yes No C C Vincent C J Female B.Tech / BE 9496818468 N006865THOA
thripunithura Allen Antony yes No C C P D Antony Male Degree 9605594337 9895107644 N022030THRA
thripunithura Anusha John K yes yes Mary John Thankachan Female PG 9947657061 N022019THRA
thripunithura ELIZABETH DILINA JUSTIN yes yes DEEPA JUSTIN Female BDS 6379360287 9447385370 N024744THRA
thripunithura Febin V V yes yes Vincent V J Male Degree 7907317875 9847587650 N021900THRA
thripunithura Maria Aneena Babu yes yes Babu K C Female B.Sc Nursing 9746487283 7306113884 N022326THRA
thripunithura Mary Leya Albert yes yes Albert P M Female B.Pharm 8129191574 8590203741 N021884THRA
thripunithura Anagha Antony No Bank account yes Antony V J Female Degree 8129333343 8606608347 N021917THRA
thripunithura Praveena Rose yes yes Antony Maria Raj Female CA 8921761554 8129092460 N023151THRA
thripunithura Roshan Joseph yes yes Joseph P George Male Degree 9895006203 9061974730 N022013THRA
thripunithura Sherina Preetha R yes yes Antony Maria Raj Female PG 8921761554 8129092460 N023153THRA
thripunithura Sneha Antony yes No C C Antony N A Female Degree 7736459298 8138040787 N022121THRA
thundathumkadavu Abin Abraham yes No C C Biju Antony Male Diploma 8089081074 8129738690 N015406THUU
thundathumkadavu Adheena Antony yes yes Eliswa Antony Female Degree 9846430226 9846731551 N015680THUU
thundathumkadavu Akshaya Boban yes No C C M G Bobban Female Diploma 8111849563 8136851346 N015373THUU
thundathumkadavu Alan Robert yes yes O P Robert Male Degree 7510208015 7994669499 N015423THUU
thundathumkadavu Aleena Alex yes yes P A Alex Female PG 9567212268 9847885512 N015548THUU
thundathumkadavu Aleena Joseph yes yes Jamuna Toy Female Degree 7034286620 9744236068 N015323THUU
thundathumkadavu Aleena Paul yes yes Paul K J Female Degree 6235285175 7736491392 N015420THUU
thundathumkadavu Alen Peter yes No C C Peter T R Male Diploma 9746367151 9778170491 N015430THUU
thundathumkadavu Alpha Mary Alex yes No C C Antony Alex P B Female B.Ed 9995776520 N015332THUU
thundathumkadavu Alphonsa Kayron Diaz yes yes Manuvel Diaz Female Degree 8075615071 N017370THUU
thundathumkadavu Alwin T Joshy yes yes Joshy T X Male Degree 8848681259 9446355133 N015311THUU
thundathumkadavu Anfrin Joseph yes yes  Joseph E P Male B.Tech / BE 9947731993 9188320736 N009400PIZA
thundathumkadavu Annie Sneeta yes yes Sini Paul Female Degree 9847712072 9387271453 N015344THUU
thundathumkadavu Antony Kiran K David yes yes K J David Male Integrated Courses 9496021185 9497280211 N015301THUU
thundathumkadavu Arun Joseph yes No C C O P Joseph Male Diploma 7025227046 9526584177 N024657THUU
thundathumkadavu Arun K David yes yes K J David Male B.Tech / BE 8129622739 9497280211 N015302THUU
thundathumkadavu Ashbel yes No C C P A Biju Male Diploma 9037886801 9037886801 N021402THUU
thundathumkadavu Ashna Sebastian yes yes Jessy Sebastian Female Degree 8921369744 9544312518 N015354THUU
thundathumkadavu Ayana Joseph yes yes Joseph Xavier Female B.Sc Nursing 7902730845 9961932285 N015316THUU
thundathumkadavu Cilla T S yes yes Sheela Shajan Female Degree 9544577794 N015550THUU
thundathumkadavu Dhanya Grace yes yes Laly Benson Female Degree 7736249316 7356617985 N015342THUU
thundathumkadavu Ebin Simon yes yes T R Simon Male Diploma 7736348774 9744240565 N015275THUU
thundathumkadavu Eloy Manuel yes yes Manuel Diez Male M B A 8281986645 9847797323 N022077THUU
thundathumkadavu Liya Robert yes yes Litha Robert Female B.Sc Nursing 8138804724 8281584494 N020454THUU
thundathumkadavu Fintan Figuerado yes yes Francis Figuerado Male Degree 9746445698 9895171992 N015529THUU
thundathumkadavu Gladwin Geo Titus yes yes Titus Thomas K Male B.Tech / BE 9544349217 9895339456 N016474CHRR
thundathumkadavu Jees Michael yes yes Shibi Michael Male Diploma 8075138440 9847021982 N015428THUU
thundathumkadavu Jefin Shaiju yes yes Jolly Shaiju Male Degree 9567477533 9947495448 N028853THUU
thundathumkadavu Jiffin Antony Paduva yes yes Antony Paduva Male Diploma 9544979405 9605119294 N015365THUU
thundathumkadavu John Joel yes yes Raphael K M Male I.T.I/I.T.C 8281581876 9605644752 N015417THUU
thundathumkadavu Lilly Joemol yes yes Thadevus T G Female M B A 9995033061 N015359THUU
thundathumkadavu Manu Sunil yes No C C Sunil A A Male Degree 9947155360 9847636487 N015352THUU
thundathumkadavu Mary Christy yes yes Rosily T P Female Degree 8078433077 9400261834 N015328THUU
thundathumkadavu Melwin T Joshy yes No C C Joshy T X Male Degree 8921431977 8943423692 N015310THUU
thundathumkadavu Ajith Boban yes No C C M G Bobban Male I.T.I/I.T.C 9995028953 8111849563 N028080THUU
thundathumkadavu Alan Antony yes yes Vincy Antony Male I.T.I/I.T.C 9526843911 6235439714 N015526THUU
thundathumkadavu Navya Sabu yes yes Sabu P A Female PG 9847656856 9847403706 N018824THUU
thundathumkadavu Niroopa Jijo yes yes Rosi Digna Female Degree 9188452882 N028081THUU
thundathumkadavu Ajay Boban No Bank account No C C M G Bobban Male I.T.I/I.T.C 7306643602 8111849563 N028079THUU
thundathumkadavu Antony Vincent yes yes Rani Vincent Male Diploma 9072706950 9847367840 N015404THUU
thundathumkadavu Roma Varghese yes yes T D Varghese Female Ph.D 9847269374 9961114258 N015358THUU
thundathumkadavu Salma P A yes yes Rosily T P Female D.Ed 9961242964 9400261834 N015327THUU
thundathumkadavu Sandra Joy yes yes Kochuthresia Female M.Tech 8129483996 7907210616 N015270THUU
thundathumkadavu Sona Sebastian yes yes Sebastin K J Female Degree 8136809653 N015424THUU
thuthiyoor Akshay K J yes yes Johnson K X Male Degree 9895965790 7356889430 N004060THUR
thuthiyoor Disney Lopez yes yes Joseph Lopez T A Female PG 8086035094 8848201374 N019539THUR
thuthiyoor Dixon Sebastian yes yes Joseph C G Male B.Tech / BE 8281128658 8075667496 N004080THUR
thuthiyoor Emmanuel Steve Benny yes yes Benny K J Male Degree 9847700207 8086747897 N019059THUR
thuthiyoor Merin Xavier yes yes Beena Xavier Female B.Sc Nursing 9895433386 8848774457 N004636THUR
thuthiyoor Simon Joseph yes yes Joseph C S Male Diploma 8075732026 9562289540 N016396THUR
thuthiyoor Sona Xavier yes yes Xavier P J Female Diploma 8590565957 N018854THUR
thykoodam Aaron Josy yes yes Josy K D Male Degree 9567673440 9074017822 N004809THYM
thykoodam Ajex Jacob A F yes yes Francis Xavier A R Male Degree 9895458040 7356835451 N003050THYM
thykoodam Albin Antony yes No C C Antony V A Male Degree 9746734522 9995237850 N003074THYM
thykoodam Aleena Anjali yes yes Nelson K A Female PG 9567387556 9846055144 N015396THYM
thykoodam Alisha Peter yes yes T X Peter Female Degree 9995632616 8078462565 N027629THYM
thykoodam Allen Antony yes yes Nelson K A Male Degree 7907235660 9846055144 N015397THYM
thykoodam Alma Peter yes yes T K Peter Female PG Diploma 9995317365 7012761595 N003061THYM
thykoodam Anaya Babu yes yes Babu Joseph Female B.Tech / BE 9349117474 8943566739 N026998THYM
thykoodam Anita Elizebeth Babu yes yes Babu K M Female L.L.B 9446015978 N004441THYM
thykoodam Anjali Joy yes yes Francis Joy Female PG 9447403505 9446075798 N013912THYM
thykoodam Ashik Antony P S yes yes P V Sabu Male Degree 9961024210 9847229095 N003070THYM
thykoodam Ashly Cicily yes yes Binu T A Female Integrated Courses 9048124419 9946295272 N004798THYM
thykoodam Ashy K A yes yes Antony K M Female B.Ed 8078806416 9947254248 N003077THYM
thykoodam Athul T Peter yes yes T K Peter Male Degree 9995317365 8138028694 N003062THYM
thykoodam Catherine T A yes yes Alex Thannippilly Female B.Tech / BE 9496449655 9495286455 N006499THYM
thykoodam Deby Treasa K M yes yes Melcom Austine Obby K V Female Ph.D 9497556414 9400701313 N002866THYM
thykoodam Ferin James yes yes N V James (Jacob) Male I.T.I/I.T.C 8138864744 8129421795 N003827THYM
thykoodam Geethu Xavier A yes yes Xavier Judi A J Female B.Ed 8075156696 9495813647 N014197THYM
thykoodam Hesten P Alexi yes yes Alexi P G Male B.Tech / BE 9497278487 9446303808 N018210THYM
thykoodam Hridya Maria yes yes Binu George Female B.Sc Nursing 9446220812 8547345466 N022129THYM
thykoodam Jaimon V J yes yes Joy V J Male Degree 9747057270 9633845492 N026995THYM
thykoodam Jeslin George yes yes Jessy George Female M B A 9847768516 7994267487 N019487THYM
thykoodam Jeswin Joseph yes yes Joseph V J Male Degree 9567010546 N003846THYM
thykoodam Joseph Babu yes yes Babu K M Male PG 9446015978 N004442THYM
thykoodam Karina Joseph yes yes P V Joseph Female M B A 9447775489 8547261489 N002845THYM
thykoodam Leema Joseph yes yes Joseph Franklin Female Degree 9.19038E+11 N027000THYM
thykoodam Litty Francis Xavier yes yes Francis Xavier Female Degree 9847218595 9847869358 N029242THYM
thykoodam Mary Merlin K L yes yes K N Lukhas Female MBBS 9746228726 9633915136 N003049THYM
thykoodam Mary Soumya N R yes yes N T Raphel Female Degree 8113084497 9744497010 N019488THYM
thykoodam Megha Mariam K M yes yes Melcom Austine Obby K V Female B.Tech / BE 8330018011 9446042313 N002867THYM
thykoodam Merin Agnes K S yes yes K X Sebastian Female Degree 9847868899 7994495530 N028147THYM
thykoodam Nijo Raphel yes yes Josy Raphael T R Male Degree 9947699134 88488 51721 N003073THYM
thykoodam Albin Antony No Bank account yes Mary Antony Male BPT 9895208385 08891119123 N004820THYM
thykoodam Proby Lilly K M yes yes Melcom Austine Obby K V Female MBBS 8129263358 9446042313 N002868THYM
thykoodam Rahul Rapheal yes yes Rapheal P J Male B.Tech / BE 9847252764 9895886157 N017490THYM
thykoodam Reethu Rapheal yes yes K S Rapheal Female D.Ed 9746446878 9496119063 N004959THYM
thykoodam Remya James yes yes M J James Female Company Secretary 8281871981 9495705809 N002854THYM
thykoodam Rithika Rapheal yes yes K S Rapheal Female B.Sc Nursing 9746446878 9496119063 N004960THYM
thykoodam Rose Catharin yes yes Joseph Antony (Jerry) Female Degree 9349133804 9495886571 N005393THYM
thykoodam Roshini Francis yes yes Francis Gil Roy Female Degree 9846031753 N003828THYM
thykoodam Sachil K X yes yes Xavier Marcily K J Male B.Tech / BE 9495349099 9446206887 N020678THYM
thykoodam Sananth K X yes yes Xavier Marcily K J Male Degree 9495349099 9446206887 N020679THYM
thykoodam Sanio Sony yes yes Beena Sony Male Degree 8113093254 9207297154 N010033THYM
thykoodam Sanjay T M yes yes T A Michael Male Degree 8848437460 9847519952 N006492THYM
thykoodam Sansana Antony yes yes Antony K D Female B.Sc Nursing 9947093389 9895319695 N007347THYM
thykoodam Selma Joseph yes yes Joseph Antony Female Degree 8129087731 9895991541 N007345THYM
thykoodam Sharone George yes No C C V J George Male Degree 9207297496 9447414386 N002862THYM
thykoodam Sheen Xavier A yes yes Xavier Judi A J Male B.Tech / BE 9526489740 9495813647 N014198THYM
thykoodam Shelbin Antony yes yes Mary Antony Male Degree 9895208385 8891119123 N004819THYM
thykoodam Sneha Joseph yes yes Joseph Antony Female Degree 7306986890 9895991541 N007346THYM
thykoodam Veron Alfred yes yes Alfred K Paul Male Degree 7907691126 9142142095 N032178THYM
udayamperur Albin Jose Paul yes yes Paul E R Male Degree 9995676614 N008923UDAR
udayamperur Aleena Treesa yes yes Antony V E Female Diploma 9562077192 9895932534 N019828UDAR
udayamperur Ashal Joseph yes yes Joseph Peter Male B.Tech / BE 9745408360 9746826079 N023026UDAR
udayamperur Christeena Aleena yes yes Avarachan Joseph Female B.Sc Nursing 7356127271 9895572419 N021281UDAR
udayamperur Christy John yes No C C John K J Male Degree 8848876735 9895379775 N015160UDAR
udayamperur Jefy Wilfred yes yes Anna Wilfred Female B.Sc Nursing 9947078533 N005437UDAR
udayamperur Jomon Ambrose yes No C C Annamma Vinu Male Diploma 9947295936 7306445692 N016530UDAR
udayamperur Kiran George yes yes Jinan M G Male B.Tech / BE 8921276157 9496246294 N015037UDAR
udayamperur Lincy Xavier yes yes P A Xavier Female Degree 8921782597 9809967563 N016341UDAR
udayamperur Meera Kennedy yes yes Peter Kennedy V J Female Degree 7994485169 9567210824 N021252UDAR
unichira Agna Joseph yes yes Joseph T A Female Degree 9995051404 9895744153 N008162UNIA
unichira Aiswarya Alphonsa T yes yes T C Francis Female B.Sc Nursing 6238509492 N010872UNIA
unichira Ajil George yes yes George C T Male Degree 9846413138 9633243434 N024692UNIA
unichira Amal George yes yes George C T Male Degree 8281926138 8921181132 N024691UNIA
unichira Anagha Anna Joseph yes yes Joseph A M Female Degree 9447741826 9446441826 N008624UNIA
unichira Anagha M G yes yes Treesa George Female Degree 9388833221 9349211344 N020012UNIA
unichira Anaswara Elsa T F yes yes T C Francis Female Degree 09495559610 N010873UNIA
unichira Aneena Mary I A yes yes Augustine I A Female Degree 7736831776 9061928617 N010466UNIA
unichira Aneeta Paiva yes No C C Mary Sheena Female Degree 7736558925 9846359385 N029478UNIA
unichira Anncelin C Jose yes yes Jose Maria Female Degree 9946406155 9400264655 N008942UNIA
unichira Antony Elrin D’silva yes yes Joseph Melbin D’silva Male Degree 9656801742 9020421182 N010876UNIA
unichira Beneetta Clara Shany yes yes Shany Jacob Female B.Tech / BE 9947239294 9847449294 N010124UNIA
unichira Giji Joseph yes yes Joseph K E Female Degree 9567795857 8129612629 N012979UNIA
unichira Gilsa George yes yes Sheeba George Female Degree 9142739887 N019328UNIA
unichira Jeswin Leopauld yes yes M P Leopauld Male Degree 9.19075E+11 9072639322 N011811UNIA
unichira Jilson Leopauld yes yes M P Leopauld Male Degree 9037311161 9072639322 N011809UNIA
unichira Jiniya Xavier yes yes Xavier T A Female PG 7736411219 9061980501 N023989UNIA
unichira Jithina Xavier yes yes Xavier T A Female Degree 8330088445 9061980501 N023990UNIA
unichira Laveena Wels yes yes Wels P J Female B.Tech / BE 09605291699 9446480108 N008627UNIA
unichira Leya Wels yes yes Wels P J Female B.Tech / BE 8547382082 9446480108 N008628UNIA
unichira Manila T Biju yes No C C Mary Nisha K V Female Degree 9400393589 9645043045 N020852UNIA
unichira Amalekh Antony M B yes yes Baby Francis(Anna) Male Degree 8139892307 9633610721 N014960ELAA
unichira Amalek Antony M B yes yes Babu Joseph M J Male Degree 9446770222 9633610721 N013678UNIA
unichira Monica Deidra Mendez yes yes Joseph Malcom Mendez Female Ph.D 9895220818 9895137520 N012510UNIA
unichira ANNA PIUS yes yes Pius George Female Degree 09446037720 7012916212 N030104UNIA
unichira Neha Eliz Mathew yes yes I A Mathew Female Degree 7510715251 8089369885 N008638UNIA
unichira Priya Jose yes No C C Jose Varghese Female B of Design 7994355583 9388455583 N017327UNIA
unichira Rejo Antony yes yes I A Antony Male I.T.I/I.T.C 8089718336 9388118024 N008637UNIA
unichira Saijo Xavier George yes yes George T X Male Degree 9447435145 N013676UNIA
unichira San John George yes yes George T X Male Degree 9447435145 N013677UNIA
unichira Rosily Soniya yes yes Sneha Female Degree 9895301682 7736267894 N009204UNIA
unichira Stephan Emil D’silva yes No C C Joseph Melbin D’silva Male B.Tech / BE 9567315826 9020421182 N010875UNIA
vadel Abishikth Aphrem Seb yes yes Sebastian Male Diploma 7558936172 9895916947 N001873VADL
vadel Alan Francis yes No C C T J Francis Male B.Tech / BE 9447151662 N026345VADL
vadel Albert P Simon yes yes Simon Jose Male PG 7736524561 N012358MANU
vadel Alfia Gabrial yes No C C Gabrial M J Female Diploma 9846132963 N020278VADL
vadel Amal Thomas yes yes Ambrose A T Male I.T.I/I.T.C 7306763418 N024005VADL
vadel Ambrose Ashwin K V yes yes Varghese K A Male 1 Year Certificate Course 9995587801 N007789VADL
vadel Ambrose Mibin yes yes Tomy M A Male B.Tech / BE 9446867120 8547871202 N024259VADL
vadel Andrews Antony yes yes Ambrose N A Male Diploma 9847169301 N024555VADL
vadel Aneesha yes yes Josemon M D Female PG 9400192808 9447044886 N023899VADL
vadel Anju Maria yes yes Ambrose A T Female PG 9447049297 N024006VADL
vadel Ann Gini Roy yes yes Francis Roy Female Integrated Courses 9744680601 7558864991 N021131VADL
vadel Ann Reni Roy yes yes Francis Roy Female B.Tech / BE 9744680601 8089368712 N021130VADL
vadel Ansan Antony yes yes Antony T V Male I.T.I/I.T.C 9605053948 8848993279 N020675VADL
vadel Ardhra Sebastian yes yes Sebastian K O Female Diploma 7025696590 95444 57017 N004020VADL
vadel Athira Kunjappan yes yes Beena Kunjappan Female Degree 9995107780 9895877856 N028963VADL
vadel Athul Sebastian yes yes Sebastian K J Male B.Tech / BE 8943581609 9744419707 N016161VADL
vadel Ayona yes yes Celina Jose Female B.Sc Nursing 9207279511 N024488PUTM
vadel Clement Anto John yes yes Johny A C Male B.Tech / BE 9847481623 8891675320 N009867VADL
vadel Jacob Nikhil yes No C C James R J Male Diploma 9526204821 N020485VADL
vadel Jerin Antony yes yes Antony T V Male B.Tech / BE 9605053948 8848993279 N020674VADL
vadel Jisna Jhony yes yes Jhony K J Female Degree 7034883652 N018126VADL
vadel Joseph Joel M. B yes yes Biju M D Male B.Tech / BE 9072288083 9447302560 N015470VADL
vadel Joseph Savio Antony yes yes Vimala Rose Antony Male B.Tech / BE 9946936067 N003348VADL
vadel Juliana Johnson yes yes A C Joseph Female Degree 9847329699 97477075548 N021519VADL
vadel Katherin Helois yes yes Bimal Antony Female Degree 9387322135 8590388905 N024262VADL
vadel Libiya P L yes yes Deepa Lisson Female PG 7356569671 N023902VADL
vadel Maria Neveena N.S yes yes Sebastin N J Female M B A 8593032426 8547009138 N015469VADL
vadel Anna Maria Antony yes yes Vimala Rose Antony Female Degree 9447874850 8547784850 N003350VADL
vadel Anna Josna No Bank account yes Biju M D Female B.Tech / BE 7356161545 9447302560 N015472VADL
vadel Rinoy Benny yes yes Jessy Benny Male B.Tech / BE 9495337003 N003343VADL
vadel Ruban Martin yes yes Martin C G Male B.Tech / BE 9745180963 9846292067 N003363VADL
vadel Sajna Das C M yes yes Mariadasan C B Female Degree 9188860511 9446607923 N011707VADL
vadel Sandra Sebastan yes yes Sebastian K O Female Degree 9544457017 9562487017 N033077VADL
vadel Sanjana Rose yes yes M X Kuriachan Female B.Tech / BE 9846820453 7356844007 N013195VADL
vadel Angel Sebastian yes yes Sebastian M A Female Degree 9656286964 N029951VADL
vadel Shebin Ambrose yes yes Ambrose R J Male Diploma 9048068042 N020676VADL
vadel Sherin Ambrose yes yes Ambrose R J Female Degree 8921628032 N020486VADL
vadel Sona Johnson yes No C C Johnson K M Female B.Sc Nursing 9092648370 8606218234 N031360VADL
vadel Soniya Andrews yes yes Andrews K.A Female B.Sc Nursing 9747311878 8590903904 N005351VADL
vadel Taniya Thomas yes yes Thomas K J Female PG 7034073431 9745124744 N002202VADL
vadel Teena Judy yes yes Judy Joseph Female Degree 8330820998 N020279VADL
vadel Tesniya Thomas yes yes Alice Thomas Female Degree 7034073431 9746143473 N027728VADL
vadel Theresa Nileena N.S yes yes Sebastin N J Female B.Tech / BE 7356161469 N015471VADL
vadel Varghese Vineeth A J yes yes Sherry V P Male Degree 8157947712 9447271736 N016456VADL
vadel Vinu Villiams yes yes Villi Joseph Male M B A 8943846807 9747393220 N020671VADL
vaduthala Aadil Antony Mendez yes yes Isteve Mendez Male Degree 8943831630 9847677887 N005473VADA
vaduthala Aaron Antony Biju yes yes Paul Biju Male BPT 7994906991 8921201928 N020118VADA
vaduthala Adheeshya Mary yes No C C Rose Mary Female PG 7907668240 9048318414 N007807VADA
vaduthala Ahiljith Cleetus yes yes Virone Antony Male Diploma 8089873825 N019932VADA
vaduthala Ailin Maria Lopez yes yes Loyd George Lopez Female B.Tech / BE 9895392282 9746686518 N001102VADA
vaduthala Aleena George yes No C C George T A Female B.Sc Nursing 9388672887 N029689VADA
vaduthala Aleena Mary yes yes Francis Franson Female Degree 8891509366 9544648098 N001732VADA
vaduthala Allen Joseph yes yes C X Joseph Male Degree 9496181511 8921669826 N021444VYTA
vaduthala Alphin Antony yes yes  Antony K F Male B.Tech / BE 9746583280 N019670VADA
vaduthala Alvin Antony Lopez yes yes Loyd George Lopez Male B.Tech / BE 9895392282 9746686518 N001103VADA
vaduthala Amala Ann yes yes Augustine K B Female PG 9633505605 N000979VADA
vaduthala Amala Maria yes yes Jolly Varghese Female Degree 9995015240 8281776884 N005279VADA
vaduthala Anagha Antony yes yes  Antony K F Female Degree 9746583280 N019669VADA
vaduthala Anagha Victoria yes yes Virone Antony Female B.Sc Nursing 8714419688 9496168635 N019931VADA
vaduthala Anitta Victoria yes yes Shoby M V Female Degree 8089744251 9847169787 N020120VADA
vaduthala Anoosha John yes yes John P A Female Degree 8289972258 9567742687 N010667VADA
vaduthala Antony Hiran yes No C C Antony Mariya Male Diploma 9995987139 7736317139 N001109VADA
vaduthala Antony Manu yes yes Johnson Male Degree 9048957630 9895533573 N013422VADA
vaduthala Antony Surya yes yes Siju Joseph Male B.Tech / BE 8138993906 N000717VADA
vaduthala Antony Steev Diaz yes yes Dafeni Male Degree 9567729644 8089281933 N019719VADA
vaduthala Aaron Joseph yes yes Paul Tellus Male Diploma 8129984201 7907298370 N001005VADA
vaduthala Arun A S yes yes Shaji Male PG 9746654664 N001084VADA
vaduthala Arun A S yes yes Shaji Male PG 9746654664 8139041149 N001084VADA
vaduthala Ashila Antony yes yes Gigi Antony Female B.Tech / BE 8592881097 7356722149 N019667VADA
vaduthala Ashiq Biju yes yes Biju John Male Degree 9895579421 9539058954 N019754VADA
vaduthala Ashwin Varghese K.A yes No C C Antony K V Male Degree 7356855466 9946557186 N019699VADA
vaduthala Bini Maria (Bini K A yes yes K M Antony Female CA 9249721140 N019941VADA
vaduthala Binoy Thomas yes No C C K V Thomas Male B.Tech / BE 7034192201 N002375VADA
vaduthala Bridgena Battus yes yes John Battus Female Degree 8078978676 9446082676 N002356VADA
vaduthala Carmel Taniya yes yes Mercy Francis Female Degree 7994968478 9961684133 N000709VADA
vaduthala Celine Simna yes yes Pancracious M J Female Degree 9846619149 N000983VADA
vaduthala Christeena Mary yes yes Joseph Selestine K F Female Degree 9447508995 9061694054 N005810VADA
vaduthala Daniel K M yes yes Martin K D Male Degree 9995594569 N019237CHAV
vaduthala Diya Mary yes yes Sebastian K M Female Degree 9388818299 8921871228 N019732VADA
vaduthala  Elsabeth Ninu S yes No C C Simon A X Female PG 8891504978 9562658414 N023723VADA
vaduthala Emmanuel Thomas yes No C C Thomas V V (Tomy) Male B.Tech / BE 6282758368 N004770VADA
vaduthala Femy Judeson yes yes Jude Thathevose E J Female Degree 9895283300 7736949576 N000711VADA
vaduthala Ferdin Francis yes yes Shiney Sebastian Male Degree 8547862685 9495502685 N022652VADA
vaduthala Fiya Sebastian yes yes Shiney Sebastian Female Degree 9495502685 9567431053 N029920VADA
vaduthala Godwin Varghese yes yes Suja Varghese Male B.Tech / BE 8138820218 N019438VADA
vaduthala Heela Mary Andrews yes yes Antony Mariya Female B.Sc Nursing 9995987139 7736317139 N001110VADA
vaduthala Heran Mary yes yes Biju Jaxon K T Female Degree 9.19567E+11 9895947246 N020326VADA
vaduthala Jennifer Antony yes yes Antony Edward Female Degree 7907370093 9947670800 N006085VADA
vaduthala Jenis K J yes yes Johnson Female B.Sc Nursing 9895533573 N013420VADA
vaduthala Jibila Mary Johnson yes No C C  Johnson K V Female PG 7306057347 9495595643 N002345VADA
vaduthala Joel Antony yes yes Jose Antony Male Degree 9567754196 9895145977 N021861VADA
vaduthala Jose Samuel yes yes Margret Aneesh Male B.Tech / BE 7025863797 4842436058 N014964VADA
vaduthala Joseph Antony yes yes Treasa Lawrence Male Degree 9497281193 9400712698 N013183VADA
vaduthala Joseph Firmin N F yes yes  Francis N J Male Degree 8078349423 9495255091 N014144VADA
vaduthala Josphina Milen yes yes Tresa Shaly P A Female B.Sc Nursing 8075995123 9961149390 N000109MOOY
vaduthala Lindiya Sebastine yes yes Sebastian A A Female Degree 9847335101 N027532VADA
vaduthala Lisna Roz yes yes Lazar Rozario V S Female Degree 9497018834 8078859334 N000716VADA
vaduthala Maria Chanchal yes yes Philomina George Female Degree 9074584436 6282814277 N005084VADA
vaduthala Mary Ann yes yes K G Justin Female Degree 9847132846 8301990363 N005464VADA
vaduthala Mary Geethu A R yes yes Rocky Sojan A A Female PG 9447328875 8907797165 N015893VADA
vaduthala Meghna T M yes yes Martin T R Female Degree 9947317666 8129239657 N020708VADA
vaduthala Mishal Varghese yes yes  Varghese Antony Male Degree 8089164806 8714357126 N007374VADA
vaduthala George Alphonse yes yes Paul K G Male B.Tech / BE 8304811669 9447603665 N002357VADA
vaduthala Nimmi Nelson yes yes Roslind Reeni Female B.Tech / BE 9567722594 7558804597 N001755VADA
vaduthala Praveen Antony yes yes Antony Alphy Male B.Tech / BE 7736860512 9995052980 N011640VADA
vaduthala Reshma Jose yes No C C Pushpi Jose Female Degree 9746339619 9946339619 N027880VADA
vaduthala Rincy K J yes yes  Roy K G Female Degree 8281566011 9744240479 N023525VADA
vaduthala Royal Augustine yes yes Joseph V M Male Degree 9778064325 8714270339 N000706VADA
vaduthala Sharon Abraham yes yes V D Abraham Female PG 9605527615 8714367095 N002338VADA
vaduthala Shikhna Shiji yes No C C George Shiji O A Female B.Sc Nursing 8129720041 9249507078 N020161VADA
vaduthala Shinoy Thomas yes yes K F  Thomas Male Degree 9656755582 N019716VADA
vaduthala Sibin Antony Sabu yes yes Antony C P Male Degree 7591974224 9633259369 N007382VADA
vaduthala Sindric Paulson yes No C C Paulson K S Male Diploma 8943627271 8592866772 N001090VADA
vaduthala Solomon John yes yes sebastian I J Male Degree 6282786568 9249355687 N027531VADA
vaduthala Veronica Battus yes yes John Battus Female Degree 9446091676 9446082676 N002355VADA
vaduthala Vincy Antony yes yes Antony Edward Female MBBS 9947670800 7907370093 N006084VADA
vaduthala (p) Abhilash T N yes yes Peter Nelson T A Male BFA 9048775671 N008310VADA
vaduthala (p) Aleena Francis yes yes Francis I P Female Degree 9778004758 9946517061 N019798VADA
vaduthala (p) Amala T N yes yes Peter Nelson T A Female B.Sc Nursing 9745651708 N008309VADA
vaduthala (p) Amrutha Nelson yes yes Nelson T D Female Degree 7592921908 9567392528 N007574VADA
vaduthala (p) ANEETA D SILVA yes No C C JACOB NOBY DSILVA Female B.Sc Nursing 9947148779 9947178082 N014966VADA
vaduthala (p) Ann Varna yes yes Xavier Mohan Female Degree 7034918839 9946277831 N009821VADA
vaduthala (p) Ashmi George yes yes George K S Female PG 09895118592 09656923072 N001086VADA
vaduthala (p) Mary Jisna yes yes C D Johnson Female Diploma 8089981344 9037521926 N018986VADA
vaduthala (p) Mary Stefffini D’cruz yes yes Fany D’cruz Female Degree 9895393195 9895117982 N022775VADA
vaduthala (p) Monica Meghna yes yes Jency Anson Female Degree 9895712319 N019808VADA
vaduthala (p) Varsha Felsy yes yes Xavier Mohan Female PG 8078754975 9946277831 N009820VADA
vaduthala (p) Varun Peet yes yes Xavier Mohan Male I.T.I/I.T.C 9495435883 9946277831 N009819VADA
vaduthala-donbosco Aibel Xavier yes yes Gracy Xavier Male B.Tech / BE 8281691928 8891401466 N023064CHAV
vaduthala-donbosco Alston Paiva yes yes Joseph Paiva Male Degree 7994119017 9895878799 N011001CHAV
vaduthala-donbosco Alwyn Antony yes yes P R Antony Male Degree 7907745025 9847066203 N012971CHAV
vaduthala-donbosco Anica Remin Fernandez yes yes Evugeen Fernandez Female Degree 9207125419 9446433913 N017869CHAV
vaduthala-donbosco Ann Laverene Lopez yes yes Lawrence Bosco Lopez Female B.Tech / BE 9446055271 9446015271 N011076CHAV
vaduthala-donbosco Ashly Rapheal K H yes No C C Princy Hancy Male Diploma 8943311705 9562405548 N029821CHAV
vaduthala-donbosco Darrel Lopez yes yes N Jerold Lopez Male B.Tech / BE 9846901411 89214207187 N018184CHAV
vaduthala-donbosco  Dency Carmel yes yes K X Joseph Frederic Female Degree 9846595703 N011728CHAH
vaduthala-donbosco Leena Mary Carmel yes yes Mary Cisarious Female Degree 9605273300 9745369085 N010576CHAV
vaduthala-donbosco Manisha Sebastian yes yes Betty Sebastian Female Degree 9846166227 N010883CHAH
vaduthala-donbosco Mary Sweeta Luiz yes yes Vincent Luiz Female Degree 6282978076 9847547719 N023695CHAV
vaduthala-donbosco Merine Mary T A yes yes Jessy M J Female B.Tech / BE 8547536236 8921180843 N025366CHEJ
vaduthala-donbosco Stedlin Figerez yes yes Martin Sossimos Figerez Male Hotel Management 3 Year 9037467030 9961834949 N026950CHAV
vaduthala-donbosco Steny Varghese yes yes V M Varghese Female Degree 9895714877 N011357CHAV
vaduthala-donbosco Varna V S yes yes Sebastian V A Female Degree 8848855809 9539564533 N011002CHAV
vallarpadom Aiswarya Elizabeth T.B yes yes Bernard T.P Female Degree 9947084719 9037716670 N006915VALM
vallarpadom Akash Antony yes yes Anitha Antony Male Diploma 9656313992 N007798VALM
vallarpadom Aleena Titus yes yes T P Titus Female PG 8891952542 9388472278 N006446VALM
vallarpadom Aleesha Prince yes No C C Shiny Prince Female B.Ed 7034395439 N006906VALM
vallarpadom Alen Xavier Thomas yes yes Mary Thomas Male Degree 6235388550 9846386431 N006894VALM
vallarpadom Alina Noronha yes yes Edward D’cruz Female PG 8129115929 9745508689 N006429VALM
vallarpadom Amanta D’rose yes yes Jenifer Rozario Female PG 9003633889 8086786787 N007440VALM
vallarpadom Ancy Joseph yes yes Joseph O A Female Degree 8137968385 9567199551 N006908VALM
vallarpadom Aneeta George yes yes George V M Female B.Sc Nursing 9847824106 N007466VALM
vallarpadom Anu Micheal yes yes Gemma Galgani Female Degree 8089449894 9526232289 N023051VALM
vallarpadom Asha Mary K S yes yes Sebastian K V Female Degree 9207994338 7994364463 N025299VALM
vallarpadom Ashna Alex V yes yes Delphy Raphael Female Civil Service Coaching 9.44733E+12 N006078VALM
vallarpadom Augustine Jeeson Ant yes yes Antony A A Male Degree 9744916848 9745721235 N024136VALM
vallarpadom Avin Micheal yes yes Mary Thomas Male B.Sc Nursing 6235388550 9744887133 N006895VALM
vallarpadom Carmala Sindhya O J yes No C C Ani Jasmine Female PG 9633241950 9995251177 N023436VALM
vallarpadom Casper Ronnel Rodrigues yes yes Sonia Rodrigues Male Degree 8943956568 9745106184 N030187VALM
vallarpadom Celestina Antoniette yes yes John Clydeson Rebello Female Degree 9446128133 9895765374 N020088VALM
vallarpadom Chrisby Joseph yes yes T X Joseph Female PG 9249657408 9539473044 N006431VALM
vallarpadom Daniel Issac yes yes Laby Issac Male Degree 8943286684 9400014240 N013203VALM
vallarpadom Deena Florence Gomez yes yes Dixon Gomez Female Degree 9947955692 9847808073 N010492VALM
vallarpadom Feba Baby James yes yes Leelamma Joseph Female B.Sc Nursing 09446866259 09640996551 N006913VALM
vallarpadom Felix Joseph yes yes Leelamma Joseph Male B.Sc Nursing 09446866259 07736218665 N006914VALM
vallarpadom Gilsa Treasa K G yes No C C Sheeba George Female PG 9497328176 8129103298 N006436VALM
vallarpadom Gioia Bella yes yes Francis Rustom Female PG 8113890975 9745625300 N006918VALM
vallarpadom Gioruman Rustom yes yes Marykutty Rustom Male Degree 9946811992 97456253008 N006919VALM
vallarpadom Hanna Thomas yes yes Thomas Alex Female Degree 9746795114 9447766646 N023107VALM
vallarpadom Hereena Maria Morris yes yes Haneetta Morris Female BAMS 8921150424 9746949101 N006917VALM
vallarpadom Leona Joseph yes yes Joseph O A Female BPT 8129838550 9567199551 N006907VALM
vallarpadom Shania John yes yes Margret John Female Degree 9746755976 9895623773 N006901VALM
vallarpadom Monika Antony yes No C C Antony A A Female BPT 8590172276 N024137VALM
vallarpadom Nevin Milton Fernandez yes yes Jacquiline Milton Male Degree 9497582803 8714248803 N007449VALM
vallarpadom Nidhiya Roy yes yes Xavier Roy Female B.Tech / BE 9388463455 9388630530 N011582VALM
vallarpadom Nima Milton Fernandez yes yes Jacquiline Milton Female B.Sc Nursing 8848573956 8714248803 N007448VALM
vallarpadom Alen Manuel Pinhero No Bank account yes Alocious Malcom Pinhero Male Degree 9846521383 9747101171 N013725VALM
vallarpadom Leander D’rose yes yes Jenifer Rozario Male B.Tech / BE 9744663033 8086786787 N007439VALM
vallarpadom Reneeta Vinu yes yes Vinu Gratious Female L.L.B 9496595047 9847005047 N024547VALM
vallarpadom Risna Rose P A yes yes Anson Antony Female B.Sc Nursing 9645028676 9645028674 N010491VALM
vallarpadom Sanoj Roshy yes No C C Solly Roshy Female Diploma 9995578692 9562724853 N007450VALM
vallarpadom Steve Luiz yes yes Paulson Luiz Male B.Tech / BE 9447583260 9847233912 N023742VALM
vallarpadom Tania Thomas yes yes Lissy Thomas Female Degree 9846735260 8281609699 N006892VALM
vallarpadom Treesa Sandra yes No C C Cecily T R Female B.Sc Nursing 7356769129 7902284824 N024402VALM
valluvally Maria Julie yes yes Babu Antony Female B.Sc Nursing 8137942911 9249990997 N024225VALY
valluvally Abishek V Y yes No C C V A Yesudas Male Degree 8547167670 9947970455 N025241VALY
valluvally Alan Sebastian yes yes Sebastian V A Male B.Tech / BE 7306520227 9961097941 N021797VALY
valluvally Aleena Kurian George yes yes Kurian George Female B.Tech / BE 9645880667 9633372930 N027915VALY
valluvally Alen Thomas yes yes Thomas M.A Male Integrated Courses 8921643216 8590725386 N023008VALY
valluvally Angel Mary yes yes Antony V A(Andrews) Female M Pharm 7025869460 9288604784 N017058VALY
valluvally Anugraha V A yes yes Antony V A (Andrews) Female Degree 8157097941 N017121VALY
valluvally Ashik  Sabu yes yes Jessy Sabu Male Degree 9539008399 9961447657 N019603VALY
valluvally Midhun Joseph yes yes Joseph V F Male B.Tech / BE 9544415262 7306244377 N025936VALY
valluvally P T Nithya yes yes P M Tenson Female Degree 9074858198 9387841370 N015834VALY
valluvally Pravin John yes No C C Johnson P M Male B.Pharm 8281512749 9846204443 N015024VALY
valluvally Rose Maria yes No C C Benni K N Female BPT 9495155140 9495015640 N022418VALY
valluvally Stefna Jose yes yes Martin Jose Female Degree 9947112596 7025268083 N029968VALY
valluvally Vivek Shaju yes yes Shaina Shaju Male B.Tech / BE 7994889551 8547568703 N017059VALY
varapuzha Abin K Antony yes yes K X Antony Male B.Tech / BE 7510201405 8547021378 N004177VARA
varapuzha Alina Rose yes yes Sushama Shaju Female Degree 9947759008 9526585175 N005258VARA
varapuzha Alister Augustine D’cruz yes yes Hysil D’cruz Male B.Tech / BE 8281239902 9249347351 N004586VARA
varapuzha Allwyn Antony D’cunh yes yes Fablin D’cunha Male Degree 7736165263 9961188812 N004909VARA
varapuzha Amanda Mary D’cruz yes yes Shalet Paul D’cruz Female Degree 9947351103 9745585295 N004197VARA
varapuzha Ancita Correya yes yes Margret Correya Female B.Tech / BE 8156854993 9447329083 N004208VARA
varapuzha Anishma Xavier yes yes Raji Xavier Female Diploma 8848256760 9847670609 N004610VARA
varapuzha Anns K Francis yes yes Mr K V Francis Female PG 9400514993 9447991228 N006098VARA
varapuzha Arnet Cleetus yes yes C S Cleetus Male M.Tech 9847887889 9847097141 N004609VARA
varapuzha Ashna Paiva yes yes Peter Paiva Female PG 9746037201 9847268813 N010998CHAV
varapuzha Diana Mendez yes yes Dana Mendez Female Degree 7902415014 9744416126 N030166VARA
varapuzha Elma Rosmary Furtado yes yes Francis Xavier Furtado Female Degree 7994241403 9633668353 N018280VARA
varapuzha Emmanuvel Gavin Fernandez yes yes Roodson Fernandez Male B.Tech / BE 9744080792 9995138564 N004916VARA
varapuzha Agnes Jeethu Joshy yes yes George Joshy V V Female B.Tech / BE 7306767589 9656286554 N004589VARA
varapuzha Jiya George yes yes M M George Female CMA 9847930523 7025939873 N004550VARA
varapuzha Lavrin Fernandez yes yes Julian Fernandez Male Degree 8848438348 9526219453 N004244VARA
varapuzha Maria Sajna yes No C C Benilde K S Female PG 9995807650 9995800750 N004555VARA
varapuzha Mary Steny Joseph yes yes Joseph P P Female PG 9895459963 7510164627 N005262VARA
varapuzha Melgreeta D’cruz yes yes Shaila D’cruz Female Degree 8592008483 9846014353 N005559VARA
varapuzha Merlin Gomez yes yes Blessy Gomez Female B.Tech / BE 9847358396 9744557223 N004560VARA
varapuzha Sebin D’cunja yes yes Annet Francis D’Cunja Male Diploma 9847650597 N004246VARA
varapuzha Shaun Jose yes No C C Xavier Sherin I J Male MBBS 9847733479 9744134969 N004195VARA
varapuzha Trissa Shini Shaji yes yes Shaji M X Female Degree 6235096572 9744420971 N004225VARA
varapuzha Rossy Shintu Shaji yes yes Shaji M X Female PG 6235096572 9744420971 N004226VARA
varapuzha Smithy D’cruz yes yes Pious D’cruz Female Degree 9446740565 9400813885 N004613VARA
venduruthy Alan Sibichan yes yes Sibichan T A Male Degree 8921580090 9495425768 N029533VENY
venduruthy Alphin Joseph yes yes Joseph K J Male Degree 8848679408 9645148459 N029799VENY
venduruthy Anita K A yes yes Austin K S Female Degree 9072016328 8086378492 N023025VENY
venduruthy Ashlin K A yes No C C Austin K S Male PG 8086378492 9072016328 N012396VENY
venduruthy K Y Aleena yes yes K J Yesudas Female Degree 9446068259 7293508336 N031623VENY
venduruthy P J  Treasa Steffi yes yes Vironi Juliet Female Degree 9446092207 9447962207 N029538VENY
vennala Able Antonia George yes yes T P George Female Degree 9400568989 9447074499 N012072VENA
vennala Amala Mathew yes No C C Metty Mathew Female PG 8907148808 N023706VENA
vennala Amith Leo James yes yes James K L Male Integrated Courses 9188368683 9447736683 N013191VENA
vennala Angel Mariya yes yes Juju Ansal Female MBBS 8547108806 N012100VENA
vennala Henil Emmanuel yes yes Tony K P Male B.Tech / BE 9544480948 7994237762 N012066VENA
vennala Lijin Joseph E S yes yes Shaji E A Male Degree 9645827515 8129562235 N019194VENA
vennala Luxy Paul yes No C C Jancy Paul Female Degree 7736709494 9745973080 N012389VENA
vennala Nithun Wilson yes No C C Wilson S S Male B.Tech / BE 9746495973 9567371241 N012067VENA
vennala Robitha Boban yes yes K G Boban Female D.Ed 8089507800 9447391701 N012088VENA
vennala Roncy K J yes yes Jolly K M Female Degree 7559943033 8089112479 N012069VENA
vennala Steny Joseph yes yes C R Joseph Female PG 9495733265 9995308721 N012068VENA
vennala Varghees Sebastin yes yes Ansalin p j Male B.Tech / BE 9847155168 6282924796 N012102VENA
vytila Adrin Samson yes No C C Samson P John Male B.Pharm 9847178379 9947154399 N030292THYM
vytila Ann Mary Thomas yes yes  Thomas M P Female Degree 9526251357 9072783245 N021424VYTA
vytila Ann Philip yes yes Philip P P Female B.Tech / BE 8078260246 9496753698 N018891THYM
vytila Anson Philip yes yes Philip P P Male Degree 9496753698 8078270246 N018892THYM
vytila Ashli Philomina V.G. yes yes V P George Female PG 7356473202 9895508816 N021568VYTA
vytila Christy George P yes yes George P P Male Degree 8086368859 7012532913 N013445ELAM
vytila Irene Ansia Patrick yes yes Shimmy Patrick K M Female Degree 7736483731 9895085967 N003840THYM
vytila Jeffin Joseph yes yes Joseph  U  F Male B.Tech / BE 9447714111 9249792812 N031734VYTA
vytila Jesna Jose yes yes  C J Jose Female Degree 8075369887 9562219967 N026558VYTA
vytila Jubin Jolly yes yes Jolly K R Male B.Tech / BE 9995630173 9746321917 N010861THYM
vytila Martin Antony P.J. yes yes Joshy Joseph Male Diploma 9447397445 9188829769 N021550VYTA
vytila Mary Jerina P.J. yes yes Joshy Joseph Female PG 9447397445 9188829769 N021551VYTA
vytila Siyana Bijju yes yes Francis Bijju M M Female B.Tech / BE 9497237890 8547436616 N021447VYTA
vytila Sneha Maria Jose yes yes Lali Xavier Female Degree 9847819041 9847808640 N021619VYTA