Navadarsan Scholarship

Navadarsan public charitable a non-profit organization initiated by the Archdiocese of Verapoly has established scholarship for the beneficiaries of Navadarsan Education Scheme. The purpose of this scholarship is to give better opportunities in the area of higher education, especially for the economically weaker students in the society. snice last 11 years we have given 6,61,13,468 rs of scholarship for 19861 students.

Preliminary condition for scholarship

  • Scholarship is given only to the beneficiaries of the members of Navadarsan Education Scheme.
  • The beneficiary must have passed plus2 and completed one year in the scheme and having an amount of Rs 3600 at their credit during the previous financial year.
  • The member should also be made at least 6 remittances in education scheme during that financial year.
  • Regularity of the remittances in the scheme
  • Educational performances
  • Financial position of the family
  • Nature of the course
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