Navadarsan Education scheme

Navadarsan Education Scheme is intended for promoting thrifting mentality among financially backward people. A parent who wishes to make monthly deposit to meet the higher education expenses of his/her child, can enroll in this scheme through parish Education Forum. The eligibility for the admission to the scheme is below 13 years of old. Minimum monthly deposit in the scheme is Rs 50/-. And its multiplication.


Details about Education Scheme

A member can withdraw 90% of the amount at his credit as on the date of application to meet the higher education expenses of the beneficiary after passing plus two. The period of withdrawal is from April to October. Every year a credit statement as on 31st March, will be given to the member for his information. Membership can be closed at any time for which an application to be submitted through parish Education Forum. Within 7 days on receipt of application for closure the amount deposited in the scheme with its nominal incentives will be given to the member by way of cheque. One who closes his account in this scheme prematurally, cannot be readmitted in the scheme.

The student who is registered as the beneficiary of the scheme is eligible for scholarship for every year till he/she continues his/her higher education after passing plus two. If the conditions stipulated for the scholarship are fulfilled. The scholarship will be given only to the beneficiary by way of cheque.

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