1. Civil Service Foundation Course 2020-2023 selected students
2. You are requested to remit the course fee for one year on or before 20th August 2020.
3. Failed to remit the fees in time will be considered as cancelled  and the students from the waiting list will be replaced for your seat
4. Please bring a passport size photo and size of the uniform of the student along with the couse fees (with in 20th Aug)
5. Students who have been selected for this course will be required to submit their name, parish and course name to Navadarshan whatapp 9495402030 before paying the fees to ensure your participation.
student_name Parish Mark% course
Joel George Panakal aluva 93 Selected
Merin Boby M aluva 86.6 Selected
Steve Emmanuel Kuria aluva 86 Selected
Delvin Geevarghese ambalamughal 79.6 Selected
Rain jose ambalamughal 78 Selected
Amaleetta mary ambrose araattuvazhy 80.8 Selected
Dinil Dominic bolghatty 70 Selected
Adon Shibu chalickavattom 72.8 Selected
Daniel Sebastian Paul cheranellore (j) 77.2 Selected
Manu Varghese cheranellore (j) 78 Selected
Nidhi Henson cheranellore (j) 77.6 Selected
Sreya K Dinu cheranellore (j) 80.8 Selected
Roshna K A cheranellore (o) 81.2 Selected
Aldrin Vijoy chittoor 73.6 Selected
Andriya Joseph chittoor 75.2 Selected
Sharon K S chittoor 84.8 Selected
Biya Boban choornikkara 76.4 Selected
Reneeta Viji choornikkara 76.4 Selected
Ann Rose Sujith edappally north 92.8 Selected
Alan Dominic edathala 72.8 Selected
Ashil Xavier edathala 88.8 Selected
Joyal Andrews edathala 79.2 Selected
ann saniya T S edavanakad 80 Selected
Annliya shaiju edavanakad 80.4 Selected
Mariya P J edavanakad 80.8 Selected
Andez Ben George elamkulam 81.6 Selected
Aneena Juliet elamkulam 85.6 Selected
Evinta Joseph elamkulam 79.6 Selected
Josphine Maria elamkulam 87.6 Selected
Theja Jumon elamkulam 74 Selected
Santhwana Peter
72.8 Selected
Adheen Dominic eloor 85.6 Selected
Amal Jackson Eloor 78.4 Selected
Laishel Jacob eloor 73.6 Selected
Elsa Mary M T eroor 81.6 Selected
Mariya Treesa eroor 76.4 Selected
Niya K A eroor 75.2 Selected
Varghese Paul K eroor 86 Selected
Aan Treesa gandhinagar 85.6 Selected
Celeena Biju gandhinagar 84.8 Selected
Evelyn Antony gandhinagar 85.2 Selected
Elizabeth Neha Maria kakkanad 89.6 Selected
Kelvin Aloysiu Francis kakkanad 88 Selected
Noel Antony K kakkanad 76.8 Selected
Alwin Joseph kaloor 89.6 Selected
Cindrella Ann Grace kaloor 90 Selected
Theophin Raphael kaloor 85 Selected
Victoria Mary Baiju kaloor 83.2 Selected
Shone Joseph Wilson karthedom 81.2 Selected
Gizel Maria Gilson kongorpilly 86.8 Selected
Jilna Jofin kongorpilly 74.4 Selected
Alna Maria koonammavu 82.8 Selected
Anna Mariya Xavi koonammavu 86.8 Selected
Dyna George koonammavu 87.6 Selected
Edwin Jose koonammavu 83.2 Selected
Frensa Sebastian koonammavu 71.2 Selected
Nora Thobias koonammavu 87.6 Selected
Anna Ayana Shibu kurisinkal 90 Selected
Aroan K S kurisinkal 84.8 Selected
Mary Nisa kurisinkal 75.2 Selected
Sion Antony kurisinkal 76 Selected
Aron Antony kuttikattukara 73.2 Selected
Joel Jibi kuttikattukara 82.4 Selected
Joel Mathew Thomas kuttikattukara 82.4 Selected
Aby George Jacob Biju mamangalam 72 Selected
Ann Grace Baiju mamangalam 82.8 Selected
Jesna E J mamangalam 83.6 Selected
Anamika Shiju manakkapady 88.4 Selected
Evelin Rose manjanakad 70 Selected
Aldriyay Antony manjummel 80.8 Selected
Amal Varghese manjummel 74 Selected
Averin D cruz manjummel 82.4 Selected
Joel Paul manjummel 86 Selected
Josvin Peter manjummel 73.6 Selected
Sona Carolina Saji manjummel 88 Selected
Athul Augustine moolampilly 78.4 Selected
Augustine Deon Rodriguez moolampilly 81.2 Selected
Godson P J moolampilly 84.4 Selected
Mary Sephania Poduthas moolampilly 92.8 Selected
Shanju Daurev moolampilly 84 Selected
Wyotiva Carol D’auravu moolampilly 76.4 Selected
Aleena Maria Jose moothedom 94.8 Selected
Aleena Shaijan moothedom 91.2 Selected
Ashiq A R moothedom 80.4 Selected
Caroline Maria Sebin moothedom 90.8 Selected
Evalis Immanual moothedom 87.2 Selected
Eza Immanual moothedom 86.8 Selected
Jude Melbin moothedom 84 Selected
Liya Maria Shajan moothedom 72.8 Selected
Sharon Joy moothedom 81.2 Selected
Rose Mary Mulanthuruthy 86 Selected
San Luie V J muppathadom 81.6 Selected
Anton Varghese murikumpadam 70.8 Selected
Alisha Maria George neerikode 86 Selected
Efron Rixon neerikode 70 Selected
Stiffina Francis neerikode 85 Selected
Aleta Bel Sequiera nettoor 85 Selected
Femi Philomina M N nettoor 76.4 Selected
Rhitha Mary Teresa nettoor 83.6 Selected
Aasher jacob ochanthuruth 70 Selected
Ann Shifa Jose ochanthuruth 79.6 Selected
Arsha Shaji ochanthuruth 72.8 Selected
Bia Pallavi Thomas ochanthuruth 88 Selected
Savya Norbert ochanthuruth 84 Selected
Sanjo N Thadevus padamughal 76 Selected
Acquilin Grace palarivattom 82.8 Selected
AGNUS RAYMOND palarivattom 74.8 Selected
ALAN.N.B palarivattom 77.6 Selected
Anvitha Maria Sherly palarivattom 87.6 Selected
Bristow Sabu palarivattom 82.4 Selected
Catherin Theresa palarivattom 86.8 Selected
GLENSON BENNY palarivattom 89.6 Selected
Saerah Mariam Ullas Palarivattom 90.8 Selected
Tom Chris John palarivattom 74.4 Selected
Dinoy Dennis Pallurthy 85.2 Selected
Ann Mary Melbin panangad 81.6 Selected
Remin Jude Joseph panangad 78 Selected
Shiyona Lorence panangad 92.4 Selected
Agnes Noel perumanoor 80.8 Selected
Ameera K J perumanoor 86 Selected
Sarang Benet perumanoor 94.8 Selected
Abhinav S Joseph perumpilly 85.6 Selected
Ajna Olivia Antony perumpilly 83.2 Selected
Alan Daniel Titus Perumpilly 76 Selected
Ashmy O S perumpilly 76.4 Selected
Ashna Thomas perumpilly 74.8 Selected
Beon Joseph perumpilly 84.4 Selected
Margret Dhiya pizhala 83.6 Selected
Ann Theresa ponel 84 Selected
Jovanna Lucy ponel 82.8 Selected
Sereena Pius ponel 81.6 Selected
Sharon Shiju ponel 74.4 Selected
Tes N Antony ponel 87.2 Selected
Staniya Oliver
82 Selected
Stenzla Oliver
81.6 Selected
Adorn Antony pottakuzhy 75.4 Selected
Alan A David pottakuzhy 73.2 Selected
Alvin Manoj pottakuzhy 80.8 Selected
Anin V S puthuvaippu 83.2 Selected
Isabell Anna Peter puthuvaippu 87.2 Selected
Roma B Louis thevakal 78.8 Selected
Sara B Louis thevakal 86.4 Selected
Alvin Peter Shine thevara 79.6 Selected
Abin Varghese Thomaspuram 77.6 Selected
Meeval Maria Rose thomaspuram 81.6 Selected
Sandra Maria Antony thomaspuram 77.2 Selected
Anicia David
78.8 Selected
Achsah M J thykoodam 87.2 Selected
Alna Mariya K J thykoodam 91.6 Selected
Benadict K B thykoodam 75.6 Selected
Clatia Antony thykoodam 78 Selected
Dayana thykoodam 80 Selected
Kochu Rani Neha thykoodam 71.6 Selected
Nikitha M Anil thykoodam 77.6 Selected
Niya Antony thykoodam 87.2 Selected
Niya Mol Baiju thykoodam 74.4 Selected
Sravan Prasanth thykoodam 86.8 Selected
Theophine Joel Anto thykoodam 83.6 Selected
Edhna Cyrila Vimcy Unichira 80.8 Selected
Jude Glinsen George unichira 82.8 Selected
Anu Joseph vadel 77.2 Selected
Sharon Renny vadel 73.2 Selected
Alvin antony Vaduthala 72 Selected
Ann Aibhlin Mendez Vaduthala 80 Selected
Ann mary Jennifer vaduthala 79.6 Selected
Anna James vaduthala 83.2 Selected
Chris Teji vaduthala 82 Selected
Eaivin vaduthala 80 Selected
Justin Antony vaduthala 80.8 Selected
Andriya Mariya P a vallarpadom 85.2 Selected
Nehal Joseph vallarpadom 75.6 Selected
Ransom Dhanya O J vallarpadom 93.2 Selected
Aagnes Maria valluvally 70 Selected
Jifna Rose valluvally 73.2 Selected
Rosnamol A R valluvally 74.4 Selected
 graceline Fernandez varapuzha 78.4 Selected
Pearl Jeswina D’cruz varapuzha 85.2 Selected
Shiyon Alex varapuzha 70 Selected
Viyan Linso varapuzha 81.2 Selected
Ann Mariya M A vennala 82 Selected
Waiting List students .

We will  contact you later according to the seat available 

Fiya Duglus Aluva 64.8 Waiting List
Josnehan Jude kothad 67.6 Waiting List
Siyon Antony lourdupuram 66 Waiting List
Aldin Correya manjummel 40.8 Waiting List
Diljin A Jimson manjummel 59.2 Waiting List
Abhishek V.H palarivattom 64 Waiting List
Saniya Benny thomaspuram 65.6 Waiting List
Aiswarya Augnes E.J thykoodam 46.8 Waiting List
Elga Benny vadel 65.6 Waiting List
Fiya Mariy vadel 57.2 Waiting List
Adheena A S vaduthala 66.4 Waiting List
Irene Kurian vaduthala 60 Waiting List
Gilna Elezabeth vaduthala (p) 66.4 Waiting List
Adlin Antony vallarpadom 65.6 Waiting List
Donal M N vallarpadom 62.4 Waiting List